(Closed) Grad school and working while pregnant/new baby?

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I would turn it down. I also work for a university (though I already have a MS) with similar tuition benefits, so I understand the cost effectiveness of the program, but as someone who has already gotten their Masters, the advice I give to everyone who is considering it: make sure you’re doing what you love, otherwise you will hate it. 

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I would turn it down. I work 50+ hour weeks and go to grad school part time and I cannot fathom trying to care for an infant at the same time. I can see how the tuition break is tempting but I think you need to be passionate about the program you’re entering to try and juggle work/school/baby.

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Do you have the option of deferring admission until next year? That way you would have already had the baby and may be able to focus more on your studies. You should also think about the economic benefits of this degree. How much of a salary increase can you reasonably expect from the degree? How many more job opportunities will realistically be open to you?

Passion is important, but if this is something will have serious career/financial benefits, then it’s worth it to slog through even if you don’t love the program.

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do you have family support to help you with baby while going to school?  its doable, just make sure you have a plan and really want to do it. its hard enough to go to school and maintain your life – personally, i prefer to spend time with Fiance even though i know there are papers to write.  that’s before baby, and only in undergrad.


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As someone who has been in grad school for 5 years doing a PhD and had 2 different MA/MSc roomates, I will echo MissHobbit: don’t do it. 

Grad school is a lot of work without a lot of reward (or even positive reinforcement). You need to have a goal like “I need this degree because ___” to get through it in good mental health. Just “because I should” is a recipe for stress, even ignoring the additional pregnancy + newborn stressors. 

It can be done, but you won’t want to do it unless you have a really good reason. 

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@LizTheProcrastinator:  Agreed on grad school being lots of work and little reward or even encouragement.  I’m also in a PhD program and it has been a painful process both mentally and emotionally. 

It depends on the MA program whether it would be worth it monetarily.  Is it an MBA, or a public health or other professional-type program?  It miiigghhhht be worth it.  My MA is worth about as much as a warm bucket of hamster vomit.

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I don’t see how you can start an MA program while working 50 hours a week and taking clases and being pregnant.  Maybe if it is a part time work while you learn program since those have more flexibility, or if it simply isn’t that rigorous.  You could always stay in your job and have your baby and take advantage of this program two years from now, or defer admission to when you have had the baby (though can you afford child care?). 

Good Luck! I am in a PhD program (from hell, lol!) and we just started NTNT/TTC.  But I would never have done it with coursework left. 

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I would turn it down as well.

I have a 1 year old, work 40 hours a week and take ONE course online and I’m struggling. I seriously don’t know how people do it!

Take that first year of your childs’ life and enjoy it. SO much happens, and you’re both getting to know eachother. I wouldn’t further complicate things by going to grad school.

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I’m 5 weeks pregnant and I will be working full-time and going to grad shool when I have the baby. Like you, my tuition is paid for by the university I work for. I don’t think it will be too much for me, but that’s because when work is slow I can get homework done, and the classes are online. I only work 40 hours a week. The degree I’m getting should lead to a significant pay increase when I’m done, so for me, it is completely worth it. But, I’m not you. You have to weigh the benefits of this additional degree with the negatives of the extra stress. If it will benefit your family in the long run, then do it. If all it will do is make you crazy for two years, then don’t! 🙂

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i would defintely see if you could defer your admission. i’m finishing up my mba right now (two more weeks!!), working full time, and am 36 weeks pregnant. it’s a lot to take on, i can’t imagine having a newborn and doing all the stuff i’m doing now. in fact, me posting here is actually just a distraction from working on homework 🙂

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I worked full time and took 3 graduate classes during the first 7 weeks of my first pregnancy (ended in mc) and initial 9-10 weeks of my current pregnancy. I was nauseous 24-7 and throwing up 5-6x/day with both pregnancies, so it was challenging to say the least… but I got through it. 

To be honest, I really underestimated how tired and sick I would feel. I wouldn’t recommend grad school + full time job + pregnancy to anyone, sorry! Maybe if it was just for one semester, like in my case, but I think it would be near impossible to start a new program, work full time, and tdeal with pregnancy/taking care of a newborn.  

I don’t know how far along you are… if you are 6-7 weeks or more, that may be far enough to know whether you’re going to have bad nausea or not… if you’re not that far, could you wait a couple weeks to the make the decision? The first 16 weeks were terrible for me, but the 2nd tri was great. The third tri has been okay but I have been WAY more tired than even the first trimester.


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1) If you have balanced work, school, and a new baby, could you tell me how you did it and if its a decision you’d make again?

Hell no. Again, hell no. I teach Pre-K and have a 1 year old. No school, finished my Master’s 2yrs before she was born. Work, a baby and home is no joke. If i could do it all again, I would not work until she was older. it’s just too much stress. At least for me it was.

2) For those of you with an MA degree, have you found it has made a discernable difference on your career or earning potential? Nope, in fact, right now it’s keeping me from finding a job in a school system. I’ve paid off my student loans, but I wish I had never gotten my Master’s and I’d still have the money I used to pay it off.

Hope I don’t sound like a downer.

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I worked and was pregnant and had my son during my undergraduate degree. That was hard enough then. I made all my classes two days a week just so I could have more time with him.

The decision really is up to you, but I will say this: You only get to experience those moments with your child once – you can never turn back the clock. 

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