(Closed) Graduates of the 6 month/1 year + TTC threads – how are you??!

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@hamikay:  I’m so happy you’re a graduate. xxx

How far along are you/EDD: I’m 29 weeks + 3 days. 30 weeks on Monday!

Boy/Girl/Team Green/Too early to tell: Team PINK. Crazypants.

How are you feeling?: Really good! Yep, I have typical tired preggo symptoms but I’ve had a lovely pregnancy & I’ve enjoyed every second of it – even the scary ones.

Most exciting moment so far: Baby moving and rolling around in my belly. πŸ™‚

Strangest symptom so far: Hrmmm. I don’t know if this is Too Much Information, but getting used to feeling constantly ‘damp’ is weird. o_0

How long did it take to ‘sink in’? It felt bizarre until that first ultrasound & seeing a heartbeat. And some days I STILL have to pinch myself to feel like it’s real.

And how is all the other stuff going – hubby, home, work? Hubby is great, we’re enjoying going to hospital classes once a week & he’s finally starting to accept that the due date is fast approaching. (He was always really casual and ‘we have PLENTY of time’ before.. now he’s changing his tune!) Home is good, busy cleaning and nesting and washing bebe clothes while I have the energy – and I’m lucky enough to be having a pre-baby break from work, so I have time. Good, considering I have shocking back aches right now, and NO concentration whatsoever. And still 10 more weeks to go!

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I’m hoping it’s okay if I play too. πŸ™‚

How far along are you/EDD: 20 weeks + 5 days, EDD is 6/22/13

Boy/Girl/Team Green/Too early to tell: OMG Team PINK!!! I still marvel over that. πŸ™‚

How are you feeling?: Pretty great actually. I have some typical trouble sleeping and stuff, but overall I’m doing great. I’m kind of a ridiculously happy pregnant lady, all in all.

Most exciting moment so far: I think it’s a tie between finding out we’re having a daughter and the first time I really felt her kick.

Strangest symptom so far: The food stuff is really odd. Apparently I have issues eating steak and bacon now. How rude!

How long did it take to ‘sink in’? Honestly? In some ways it still hasn’t despite how long we waited and how hard we tried, I’m still surprised that it’s really happening and we’re going to have a daughter. I’m thrilled, but a little amazed every single day. I did finally get over it enough to start getting ready for her though. So that’s something!

And how is all the other stuff going – hubby, home, work? Everything is really going great. Right now Mr. Lox and I are just excited to be heading out on a cruise soon for our “babymoon”. 

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@hamikay:  So happy to see you positing=) It’ll get more real, I swear =)

How far along are you/EDD: 33.5 weeks (but measuring 36!)- going in for an ultrasound next week to see if baby is just ginormous big or if I should expect to go early.  EDD for now is 3/25

Boy/Girl/Team Green/Too early to tell: Team Blue

How are you feeling?: Different day by day.  Today I feel great.  Others, I’m kind over the whole pregnancy thing.  Main issues are lower back pain, burning/stretching pain under my boobs, and the fact that baby boy LOVES to dance in the middle of the night in my belly- super fun, but keeps me up all night!

Most exciting moment so far: Really, I’ve enjoyed each milestone- getting the BFP, making it past the last MC date, getting to hear the heartbeat, seeing him no an ultrasound, making it to 20 weeks, maing it to 24 (viability), making it to 32 weeks (baby usually won’t need to be on a ventilator if born), etc. Each time I pass a “milestone” it feels more and more real and I let myself fall more in love with him

Strangest symptom so far: Sorry for the Too Much Information but SO. MUCH. GAS.  For real, it’s been a fart extravaganza in our house since July =)

How long did it take to ‘sink in’? Like i said above, it didn’t happen all at once, and I know that all of us that have struggled or had MC’s/failed IVF rounds/lost hope have our guard up and have a hard time allowing ourselves to get too happy (yeah right!) or believe it’s actually happening. But little by little it’s becoming mroe real!

And how is all the other stuff going – hubby, home, work? GOOD! We moved back to my home town in December, Darling Husband got a great promtion- only bad thing is he is traveling a lot (he’ll slow down in the next couple weeks).  Work is great, just hired my temp and am strarting to train her now! I have gotten spoiled getting to work from home=)

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@hamikay:  I will eat your chocolate! Craving chocolate sooooo bad! lol


How far along are you/EDD: 17w5d, July 13th

Boy/Girl/Team Green/Too early to tell: Go Feb 19th! 12 days!!! Can’t wait!

How are you feeling?: Like crap, MS was a little here and there in the beginning but hit around 10 weeks and is still here. Along with lovely migraines.

Most exciting moment so far: Seeing how excited our DS is about the baby in mom’s belly

Strangest symptom so far: Occular migraines, never had migraines before nor the weird light show I get sometimes

How long did it take to ‘sink in’? After my bloodwork showed my HCG levels were doubling like they should and the first u/s

And how is all the other stuff going – hubby, home, work? Eh, normal I guess

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I love having a place for all the graduates to get together!!!

How far along are you/EDD: 30 weeks 5 days due April 13

Boy/Girl/Team Green/Too early to tell: Sweet baby BOY

How are you feeling?: Fabulous and nervous and tired and excited and fabulous and nervous

Most exciting moment so far: Feeling him move like crazy in my belly.  And the look on DH’s face when we saw the first heartbeat and the look on his face when we found out we’re having a son

Strangest symptom so far:  the insanely dry sinuses coupled with a stuff nose.  How can i be dry and stuff at the same time?!

How long did it take to ‘sink in’? you know, it’s still sinking in.  I just can’t believe we actually got pregnant finally and now that he’s almost here!

And how is all the other stuff going – hubby, home, work?  It’s all going great.  My sweet hubby has been so insanely supportive and sweet and just plain adorable with this whole thing.  He’s amazing.  I”m a bit stressed now that we’re in the home stretch – money, daycare, maternity leave, all the logistical stuff.

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I LOVE this thread!!! πŸ™‚  Now I can check in on all my favorite ladies on one thread instead of 20 πŸ˜‰ 

Miss you guys bunches!! Can’t wait to join you lovelies one day… XOXOXO

@jaguar:  @MRSLMA:  @Candy_Nee:  Can’t believe how close you guys are to seeing your sweet LO’s!! Eek! πŸ™‚

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@hamikay:  i love this!!! ive been thinking about these things in the shower the past few days and im so glad you must have been too! thanks for starting it!! πŸ™‚

@Yellow.Clover:  you my dear, just never get old. love you to pieces!! xxo

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Not pregnant yet but have been trying for 2+ years and need to hear some success stories! So excited for you all!

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How far along are you/EDD: 16w3d – originally due 7/23 but i saw a note in my chart from the NT scan that says new EDD is 7/18 based on crown to rump length. wondering if they’ll actually mention that to me at our 20w scan or just keep it as 7/23?

Boy/Girl/Team Green/Too early to tell: BOY! according to our 13w NT scan. so some might say too early to tell… but then we show the picture, and everyone seems to be in agreement!

How are you feeling?: fan.tas.tic. if i wasnt smart enough to know every pregnancy is different, id be okay being pregnant for the next 6 years! lol

Most exciting moment so far: oh man. i dont know. im really anxious to feel the babe move, but that hasnt happened yet. i think the 13w NT scan. out of the 5 ultrasounds we had between week 5-13, that was just incredible to see how much he had grown and how hyper he was inside my belly.

Strangest symptom so far: all of the bloody noses. ive never had one in my 25 years of life. but being pregnant? theres never a time i blow my nose without the bloody boogies! my boobs have already grown 2 sizes. i was in maternity pants at 6w, and couldnt sleep on my belly anymore after 6w πŸ™ didnt think those things would happen SO soon! boy do i miss belly sleeping!

How long did it take to ‘sink in’? its still sinking in. it feels so real each time i get to see him for an ultrasound or hear his heartbeat at an appointment… but i am so symptomless that i literally forget im pregnant sometimes during the days. i cant wait to POP!

And how is all the other stuff going – hubby, home, work? hubby is so wonderful. i love that man. home is boring, i am so over this stay at home wife thing and so ready to be a stay at home mom! our 2 pups definitely know something is going on and adore snuggling next to my belly as much as possible. every morning i wake up and say “say good morning to the baby!” and theyll hop up on the bed to sniff my belly. i typically miss hubby all day long while hes at work BUT, were leaving for a babymoon to florida on the 18th! 

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@Mrs. Lox:  a cruise!!!! oh man. that is my most favorite thing ever. Darling Husband and i just went on one for our honeymoon at the end of sept and i was so hoping we could make it work again for a babymoon. but we cant. settling for florida tho, so im happy we still get to go somewhere! where are you going?! do you cruise often?! eeep! have so much fun! 

@Candy_Nee:  the dry & stuffiness, YES! so strange to me!

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How far along are you/EDD: 20.5 weeks. 6/11/2013.

Boy/Girl/Team Green/Too early to tell: suprisingly and wonderfully, a girl!

How are you feeling?: other than back and boob pain, and the occasional headache, i feel pretty great.

Most exciting moment so far: finally starting to feel some movement in the past week or so!

Strangest symptom so far:  bleeding gums. disgusting!

How long did it take to ‘sink in’? after over a year of ttc with the help of an RE, and a miscarriage at 10.5 weeks, we still can’t let it sink in. 

And how is all the other stuff going – hubby, home, work? overwhelming but great! we’re in the process of buying a house and i am planning our sock monkey themed nursery every night in bed.

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@wifegoodman:  For what it’s worth, we were able to tell our little guy is in fact a little guy at 14.5 weeks.  We re-confirmed at our 18 week anatomy scan.  Then again at 26 weeks when we had to go back for a re-check of something they saw.  But, usually a boy is definitely a boy and easier to tell early I’d think.

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@thesaurus rex:  i love sock monkey! youll have to share that reveal with us!! congrats on the new house!

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