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I have pretty good grammar but I haven’t always. It’s something I’ve put effort into over the years,  as my husband’s grammar is amazing. 

I agree and I don’t think people should correct other people’s grammar over the internet.  It’s rude.

However grammar is slipping. I’ve seen pitch documents at work, presented to multi million dollar potential clients with errors. They did get proofreaders but clearly not good enough. Then at work the other day,  a coworker sent a presentation through to 100 internal staff with errors. The CEO contacted her and told her she needed to proofread it again!

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Helper bee

People can be annoyed with grammatical errors without commenting on them and without discounting the message. Noticing poor grammar and wishing it were correct doesn’t necessarily equate to being a grammar snob. 

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Bumble bee

missviolet92 :  


‘Gotten’ is a word. It’s the past participle of ‘got’. Though you say you don’t like American English, which it mainly is, but it’s still a word. 

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Bumble bee

elderbee :  in text speak and internet, I don’t  care. It’s casual and like shorthand. In emails and real world documents is where I care about proper grammer, punctuation, etc. 

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rez123 :  

I’m so thankful that the most I have to write at work is in short hand and incomplete sentences. 

Creative writing is my hobby/maybesomedayfuturecareer and I have worked on my grammar a lot and I’m still awful at it in the day to day. 

Auto-correct is it’s own awful beast, or typing on a phone in general. I always end up sending an “m” instead of a question mark. 

Something else to consider is who decided what is proper and who put those people in charge? 

Why isn’t the habitual be considered proper?


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Busy bee
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I’m a lot more forgiving of grammar on this site because I’ve seen how many times the text editor software has changed words on me to completely nonsensical things. I find it very unprofessional in a career or school setting to use improper grammar and have spelling mistakes but online it’s not an issues unless I can’t decipher the message they’re trying to convey. 

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Apostrophes showing possession with words ending in s. At school it was drummed into us that it should be James’ not James’s. Now it seems the latter is acceptable. I think it might be British vs American. 

I hate seeing American spellings in the UK. Missing out u all over the place and using z instead of s. 

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Honey bee

Loose vs. Lose (“Help me loose weight…”)

Rediculous (You aren’t being diculous again. That red squiggly line is telling you rediculous isn’t a word.)  

Borrow vs. Lend (“Can you borrow me $5?”)

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Busy bee

I like what PP said when they referred to message boards as “short hand”. When it comes to settings such as this, I’m pretty lenient when it comes to common typos, since we’re all human so we’re all guilty of it (things like adding/missing apostrophes, affect/effect/lose/loose/etc. improper punctuation, and so on). I’ll often read back one of my posts after posting and realize I’ve used an apostraphe inappropriately. I absolutely know better, but I honestly can’t be bothered 99% of the time to go back to edit a tiny smudge out, as long as my intended point is still clear. 

And that’s what’s beautiful about language, and something I’ve learned from studying linguistics that I’ll always carry with me…it’s changed my view of grammar snobbery completely: If you can understand what the person is intending to say, they’re succeeding in using the language. There comes a point where grammar is somewhat arbitrary. Of course, when it comes to sentences such as “Let’s eat grandma!” vs. “Let’s eat, grandma!”, grammar completely changes the context…but when it comes to accidental plurals compared to ownership,  misuse of a semicolon or whatnot, you can usually look past it if you can ignore your English teacher screaming in your head.

The same applies to: “That’s not a word!” If you can understand what it means, it’s technically a word. “Funner”, grammatically speaking, isn’t a word…but we all know what someone means when they say: “Jumprope is funner than hopscotch”. That being said, I do think it’s important to instill traditional/proper grammar as it helps  to identify intent and how to make our own communication as accurate as possible, however those who are snobs about it should relax a bit because breaking grammar rules are how languages and cultures evolve. 

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Helper bee

One nice thing about having a thread dedicated to frustrating grammar mistakes is that I can get it out of my system HERE instead of wanting to correct it as it happens in other posts! (Which I don’t. But I really want to.)

Alter vs altar. You alter your dress so it stays on when you walk to the altar.

Isle vs aisle. If you have a destination wedding, your aisle might be on the Isle of Crete!

Could care less. I’m glad to hear you care some!

Apostrophe’s where they don’t belong.

Me vs I.

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This doesn’t bother me alot. Maybe just alittle.

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I understand the social constructs that lead to bad grammar in the US, like classism. Shutting someone down because their sentence is poorly constructed due to lack of proper education can be damaging, as we miss out on the opinions of minorities or the less advantaged. I would rather call people out on the substance of their idea if they present logical fallacies, gross generalizations, etc. Basically I think grammar shaming is yucky and elitist.

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Honey bee

Me and my fiance drives me crazy. It’s my fiance and I. But if the poster has English as a 2nd language then I let it all go. After all, my Français is far from parfait.

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