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@jo.lee: ah, someone who apparently knows me really well. I hate going to future in laws for holidays because of FSILs small children that I inadvertently end up having to hang out with.  Awkward when you have never been around little kids and don’t know how to talk to them!  thanks for the article!

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@missmidcentury: me too! when I met my Fiance, my neice and nephew were still school age children. he bonded with them in a way that I never did. I always felt kind of dorky around them.  I felt so bad, he was automatically a better relative than I ever was, and they just met! I’m totally convinced their dogs love him more than me too.

sometimes I feel like some people are just naturally better with children 🙂

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I work with kids and I definitely agree with the talking to them like they’re adults part. So many people talk down to kids and they pick up on it immediately. Kids usually respond better when you just talk to them normally!

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Future Sister-In-Law is GREAT with kids. She is a preschool teacher. I mean we will be at a family get together and she will be with them all day. I feel like I should be playing and teasing them too but I really have no desire. Maybe it’s because she is so ready to have kids and her biological clock is ticking.

I find those tips to be useful. That when I do have to talk to kids i don’t have to worry about dumbing down my words and acting excited over a drawing they made.


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Good tips. I don’t have kids yet, and I haven’t been around kids a lot, so I never really know what to do with kids.

I do hate when people “baby talk” to babies/kids.

I will say that occasionally I do “correct” other people’s kids, even in front of the parents sometimes if the parents are obviously not going to do it. Such as when my cousin started kicking my little 10-pound dog. In his parents eyes, he can do no wrong; I’m not going to sit there and watch my dog get abused. The previous visit the same kid had kicked my parents’ 5-pound dog off the porch, a 4-foot drop!

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I’m a preschool teacher and this article is very interesting! lol It’s basically the story of my life.  I spend all day with 16 three year olds (yes, it IS exausting as it sounds :))  I do find that talking to them without the “baby voice” and having a problem-solving meeting whenever there is an issue with another child or just themselves really helps (we pull them to the side, ask them how they feel/why they feel that way, and what they can do to feel better…chills out some of the temper tantrums).

With that said, I come home from work and normally do not want to be around most kids for the rest of the afternoon/evening.  Seriously, Fiance and I went to chick-fil-a last week on “kids night” and I wanted to scream because I had the urge to be teacher-like but obviously couldn’t and I just had to deal with the crazy children lol.  I guess whenever that wears off, I know I’ll be ready for some babies of my own 🙂

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i always just talk to kids the way i would an adult.  obviously not with the content or vocabulary, but with my tone.  except if i’m cuddling them (mostly referring to my niece and nephew). then i’m all “CMERE MY LITTLE MUFFIN FACE GIMME KISSIES” lol

when i see obnoxious children in public, i automatically blame the parents.

funny story:

one time i was at the grocery store and this mother was in line in front of me with 2 young kids.  the little girl (probably around 5 or 6) said she wanted a candy bar and the mom said “no” and she started throwing a tantrum right there so the mom quickly gave in and said, “ok fine, pick something out but hurry!” and so the girl picked out a candy bar (with the most obnxious bratty/pouting face i’ve ever seen) and slammed it down on the counter in front of the cashier like a little fucking brat.  and the mom paid for it!!!

i was so full of rage. holy shit if that was my kid, she would have gotten nothing and i would have marched her ass home and immediately put her in bed for the night without bedtime routine activities like reading  books, etc.. i would have made her apologize for being a snot to the cashier too.  god parents are so damn lazy.


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