Great News – I got an interview!!! Give me tips!

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Buzzing bee

Approach the interviewing with a COLLABORATIVE mindset. 

Most people go into interviews with the mindset that it’s them against the company. They have to impress. They are on trial. The interviewers may not like them. They have a hill to climb. Etc.

Instead, think:

– They already love me and we’re on the same team
– We are working together toward the common goal of getting me hired
– Technical skills got me the interview, my personality will get me the job
– Do I like them and the workplace culture they are presenting?
– Pretend you are interviewing them

Reframing in this way should help cut down on your jitters and make you come across as more relaxed and personable.

I agree with pp – ask plenty of questions, and be sure to practice speakly slowly and calmly.

DURING the interview, speak even more slowly than you think you should. Adrenaline speeds up our mind, and thus our processing time and speech. 

You will have adrenaline in your system, your interviewers will not.

So speak extra slowly.

Also, be comfortable with long silences. When asked a question, don’t rush to answer for fear of a long period of silence. Take your time, it’s ok. Let there be a long silence, take your time to fully think through all your options and articulate your complete answer before you start speaking.

Good Luck!

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happiekrappie :  I favor handwritten thank you notes to each individual. It shows you’re willing to go the extra mile!

use a real weakness when they ask. Not a fluffy one like “i take on too much, or I’m a perfectionist.  Use a real weakness and then show an example of how you manage it. 

Im not detail oriented. But intake excellent notes and keep organized records so while I won’t always be able to pull answered out of my head, I can find the answer quickly. 

Don’t assume they know anything about you.  Even if they have your resume.   Use examples to show what you have done in a given situation, not what you would do. 

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happiekrappie :  

Whoa, Bee!  That is incredibly awesome, especially now.

It’s been awhile since I did an interview, but I wanted to comment on voice control.  Definitely record yourself.  It’s usually rather startling the first few times.

Drop all slang and “fillers”, um, you know, like—they make you sound very unsure of yourself.

Sit up and enunciate.  That seems to be a lost art in the US.  You’ll be a standout on that alone.

When you listen to your recordings, note your tone.  Is in monotone and in need of some energy or too fast and in need of more calm?

Try really, really hard not to say “yeah”.  You sound a lot more professional saying “yes”.

And absolutely crucial for women:  pay close attention to how you end your sentences.  Many, many women raise their pitch at the end of some, or most of their sentences, especially when anxious.  Unfortunately, that makes your statement sound like a question.  And the women who do this sound uncertain of themselves.

 And, be yourself.  You got this!

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sassy411 :  The pitch shift issue is a great one to point out. I had realized I was doing it several years ago after playing back a voicemail I had left. I get very anxious talking on the phone; I was also talking fast because I didn’t want the message to cut off. Those things together made the pitch shift very pronounced. After that I got into the habit of speaking more slowly and being extra conscientious when I am nervous.

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happiekrappie :  In  your case, since it is an internal position and you can conceivably drop off a handwritten note directly, this might be ok to do. Normally, I am very wary of mailed notes because it might take several days to get there and they might have already made a decision by that time. Also, if they’re like me, they might not check their mailbox every day. So personally, I would only do a handwritten note if you can easily drop it off in person and make sure they will see it within a day or two of your interview. When that isn’t the case, I always recommend email, to make sure it gets there quickly.

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Bumble bee

Congratulations on getting an interview!! That’s so exciting!! I don’t have much to offer in the way of advice, but I just wanted to congratulate you!

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happiekrappie :  I might opt for pants personally but I have worn the classic black pencil skirt plus a matching blazer and I always throw in a pop of color under all the neautrals. Keep accessories simple and minimal. If you have a habit of playing with your hair like I do you might want to wear it back, if you feel more confident wearing it down try a bracelett with a charm so you can fiddle with it and not dirstract your interviewers.

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Not sure of your industry, but in my experience on both sides of the table, a well put-together portfolio can really set you apart. 

Good luck!

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