Gripe water?

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feedthebeags :  I know some moms swear by it, but my pediatrician said it isn’t really effective. At that age I noticed that waistbands were a huge part of my daughter’s gas. She was fine so long as I kept her in onesie and sleepers so I gave up on the cutesy outfits and just did that. 

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feedthebeags :  we didn’t use gripe water but we had at least three bottles of mylicon gas drops on hand at all times, the living room, the bedroom, and the diaper bag. When she got a little older, she started to lose weight so the doctor put her on Zantac for her reflux. When we started the Zantac, she didn’t need the gas drops anymore and she eventually grew out of it all together 

I would check with the pediatrician about using mylicon gas drops

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I used gripe water many to cure hiccups. Didn’t do anything for gas.

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feedthebeags :  Eh, we tried gripe water because I heard so many other moms talking about it, but honestly I don’t think it did anything at all. Your baby could have gas, or they could just prefer being held. My son seemed to only be happy in my arms for the first 2 months. It was really challenging. But thankfully it was a phase and eventually he learned to sleep on his own. 

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We never used it. Apparently it only used to work because it had alcohol in it … now it obviously doesn’t. 

My son has CMPA and he was fine with breast milk even if I ate dairy. That said I don’t eat a lot of dairy. He would be very sick if he had formula though. 

There are some exercises you can do to help. Moving their legs about for example. 

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Gripe water didn’t do anything.

Simenthicone drops were effective.

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We used it and it was somewhat effective. We also did lots of bicycle kicks and some tummy massage – I think it was called I LOVE U massage. Good luck. it is so hard when they are fussy and in pain. 

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Newborns are just gassy, it’s all part of their digestive system developing…might not necessarily have anything to do with what you’re eating, although I’m sure it’s worth looking in to 🙂 

I’ve used gripe water a few times and it *seemed* to help, but it could have just been a coincidence. Couldn’t hurt to try, just be sure to feed it to him very slowly…the first time I fed it to my dd, I squeezed it out of the dropper too fast and she started coughing on it—woops! 

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I have a friend who used it and swore by it. We tried the drops. I’m not sure that anything but time really was effective. As our kids got older, the gas issues seemed to subside. If you’re Boyfriend or Best Friend, your diet for sure can have an impact (crociferous veggies, dairy, etc). You can try to limit it and see if it improves! Good luck. 

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My son had bad gas but only overnight from about 5 weeks to 2 months, on and off. He didn’t seem super bothered by it when he was younger but he used to grunt all night and it drove me crazy because I couldn’t sleep through it. Then around 2 months he started to wake up crying because of it. I’m pretty sure he just outgrew it, because I tried gas drops and gripe water for him, I tried beano for me, I cut out dairy for a week, but by 2.5 months it just went away. Some nurses seemed to jump right to the dairy allergy possibility, which technically it could be but I read about that and it said the chances of your baby having it are fairly low and the chances of it being a problem in breastfed babies even lower. 

One thing I did read was about lactose overload and overfeeding – it was the only place I saw the all night grunting mentioned, plus a baby that seems to have gas etc but is gaining lots of weight (typically with a true allergy the baby would be slower to gain apparently. My son was above the average weight gain ranges for ages) – anyway it gave some practical advice that did seem to help (combined with growing up I’m sure), which was to make sure you aren’t switching breasts too often, so that the baby gets enough higher fat milk and not too much low fat/high lactose milk, which may give them gas. 

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We used it but didn’t see much difference. We tried harder with burping her and she did get better with gas by about 6 weeks. She is 11 weeks old now and it helps that she can burp herself much easier so she gets less gas. We worried it could be dairy but were told that its extremely rare for breastfed babies to have intolerance to their mothers milk and as long as baby is gaining, to just wait it out a few weeks. I would definitely bring it up with your doctor if you are concerned though. 

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I tried it and it just made my son look high! His eyes would get all glassy, he’d act confused, and he’d still cry. Some swear by it though. Dairy was the source of the issue for us, and my BFF also had to go gluten and dairy free to keep her babe comfortable while breastfeeding. It’s crazy how many babies seem to be dairy sensitive.

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