Gripe water?

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I tried gripe water and gas drops.  They did not really help my second baby.  You said discomfort.  What does this mean?  Is he colicky or just squirming and trying to pas gas?  I would be cautious of overthinking the whole “what you ate” thing because for the majority of women and babies what you eat doesn’t really have an affect.  And sometimes babies are just fussy randomally but are fine the next night.  You would drive yourself crazy trying to figure out  a reason.  If baby is just gassy but otherwise happy and has no other warning signs (not gaining weight, blood or mucusy diapers) I would carry on as normal.

Do you normally consume dairy?  Dairy does not clear your system in 24 hours FWIW.  So if you normally eat dairy and just ate more than normal it would not be out of your system that fast.  However, if you consume zero dairy then it may be worth paying attention to. 

I did give up dairy for over 6months for my second and it did seem to help his reflux.  However he was colicky and he also projectile vomitted (like he would nurse until he puked to try to soothe his tummy).  He gained weight but he dropped many percentiles (from ~50% at birth to 14% by 4mo).  He is 2 and has been stable at 40-45% for awhile now.  And he does fine with cows milk now.

I did have oversupply but block fed very early on.  Oversupply or foremilk/hindmilk imbalance can also have similar effects and cause colicky or fussy/uncomfortable babies.

Either way, gripe water is worthless.

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I’m with the others who used the other gas drops. We used the store brand version of mylicon drops. It helped alot. We spent her first two weeks with her basically screaming most of the time. I always had her in sleepers with no waistband. I used special bottles. We tried burping and moving her legs in bicycles but nothing seemed to help and finally we called the hospital and a nurse suggested we try it. We still use gas drops sometimes but now that she is 8 months she rarely needs them. Definitely run it by your doctor first though to make sure it’s safe though!

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It only worked for us for hiccups, and I think it’s just because it tasted yummy and he sucked it down, not because of any magic ingredient.

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