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slomotion :  that’s impressively cheap for formula and diapers/wipes! any tips? we do subscribe and save on amazon.

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For the two of us, we spend $500-800 ($125-200 per week) depending on the month (including eating out and household items from the grocery store). We cook dinner most nights and pack all our lunches. My Boyfriend is always eating, so I keep snacky stuff on hand, usually cheese sticks and cured meats. We have been doing HelloFresh but I’m realizing that I’ve been throwing out at least one meal for the past few weeks because we didn’t use it, so I’ve stopped and it’s saving us $60 a week. I actually find online grocery delivery and pickup is helping me keep my budget down. I’m not buying random things anymore. 

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slomotion :  oh man, I’m jealous of this. We spent $200-300 CAD on formula a month for the first year of DS’s life. Baby allergies suck.

LilliV :  We spend $600-700 CAD on grocery and household a month. This includes all toiletries, cleaning supplies, and cat food/litter. My son is only 1, but he eats a TON. Now that he’s eating exclusively real food he easily eats as much or more meat than me for dinner. I also spend a little more on precut frozen fruits and veggies for his lunches because it cuts down a lot on my stress. My husband also eats a lot and needs snacks in between meals, so that contributes to it. It feels way too high, but we also spend less than $50 a month eating out so this really covers everything. I try to shop sales and not waste anything, but I also try to balance being frugal/prepping everything myself with not putting too much stress on myself. 

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We spend around £30/35 a week on groceries and then I would guess an additional £20 per week on a takeaway or extra shop on the weekend. So averaging about £200 per month for two adults, which is $260 USD. We could do it a lot cheaper, but that would be quite restrictive and involve a lot of prep, we also have two cats and a dog to feed. Food in the UK is a lot cheaper than in the US, we can get a loaf of bread for 55p and enough dry spaghetti to feed 8 for 21p for example. 

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LilliV : 

Single: $80-100 / month

With boyfriend: $200-250 on groceries, going out to eat depends on the month but generally it’s about $100-200 on top of groceries

I live outside of DC

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This thread just blows my mind. $100/month as a single? How the heck is that possible. Wow. I leave the grocery store with 2 half empty bags here for that much. I can’t live on pasta and jar sauce though :/ or 5 eggs to feed an entire family. We would all be hangry. 

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Lol I do eat more than pasta, but that was a good example.  Another example I had for dinner yesterday was an English muffin, 1/2 cup egg whites (I buy the store brand carton), and two pieces of turkey bacon.  I have a really easy time eating on the cheap and I’m not sure how other people spend so much to be honest!  I am pretty petite, though, so I imagine it would be harder if I was bigger/taller person. 

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We probably spend around 700 as a family of four in the US (Midwest) with a 5th baby on the way. We order bulk stuff from Amazon for the discount (diapers, wipes, paper towels, formula, etc) but probably spend most of our money on grocery related purchases. We cook a lot, and often have people for dinner…so we could probably trim that a little if we wanted to.  

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lifeisbeeutiful :  I was going through some rough times. Like I forgot to cancel my Netflix one time and I had to sell some stuff to pay for gas to get to work. I have gotten royally fucked because of $10 and there were times when no joke I went to bed without eating, sometimes I only ate once a day.

My routine was:

I bought $5 worth of Tupperware at the Dollar Tree, went to a budget grocery store and bought a few dollars worth of canned vegetables ($0.40-0.60 per can), got four pounds of chicken breast on sale for $1.99 each, bought a bag of rice for $2-3, cooked all that, and rationed it out. One ladle of rice, one scoop of veggies, and one scoop of chicken cooked in salt and pepper with cheap olive oil. I was able to get about 30 meals from that shopping trip, and it lasted me two weeks or so. I calculated the per-meal cost and it was between $0.65-1.25 depending on which veggies I used. Sometimes I could find ground beef on sale, so I ate that.

The only reason I wasn’t eating off paper plates was because my mom moved across the country and gave me her dishes.

I lived like this for months.

I literally can survive on less than $20.

ETA that I got a new job and doubled my income, so I’m all good now! I’m not starving anymore lol I think it built character though.


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She eats 1 container of formula every week to week and a half and we use the store brand (HEB) that’s $15 a container.

Wipes are $1.97 a package, I usually buy two which lasts me a month to month and a half.

Sometimes I buy a case of $25 Pampers/Huggies and that last about a month. I also buy diapers at TJ Maxx and Ross when they have her size in the Honest brand. 

I do buy baby food pouches – the last two trips we were able to buy 6 Sprout brand packages of baby food and got $3 off each six we bought at $1.18

throughthelookingglass87 :  

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sarfin914 :  Me too! We’re in Atlanta and I’m in the exact same boat as you, closer to $700 per month than $300 for a couple and a cat, eating mostly low-carb and mostly home-cooked. We eat a lot of fresh produce every week, including some more-expensive items like raspberries. And we both love cheese; hubby likes aged shaved parmesan and I like goat cheese. My husband eats a lot of meat (including more expensive stuff like steak pretty often). Going low-carb has helped us lose a lot of weight (over 100 pounds between the two of us in the last year!), but it means we’re no longer eating the “cheap filler” food (pasta, rice, beans, etc), so our budget went way up even though we’re eating fewer calories. And we’re splurging on fancier items every week to make our diet enjoyable.

I really want to cut down on our grocery budget, but I hate shopping, so my husband (who cares very little about prices) is almost always the one who shops. If I’m not willing to put in the effort to cut the coupons, or even be the one to go to the store, then I don’t feel like I can complain about the costs of what he buys. (But I can sure think it sometimes, haha!)

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In Boston with two adults and a toddler, and we probably spend $500-600/month on groceries, including household items and diapers/wipes. My husband likes to buy expensive sushi-grade fish, but otherwise we don’t buy meat. I buy mostly organic produce and all organic dairy, which definitely drives the prices up. We shop mainly at Stop & Shop, Wegman’s, and BJ’s. I know I could save a lot of money by shopping at Aldi or Market Basket, but I never have cash or a debit card for Aldi, and we’re not very close to Market Basket. Plus I can’t handle going to any more stores! 

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Hmm, we spend anywhere from $400-700 a month on groceries for the 2 of us and anywhere from $400-$800 a month eating out on top of that. I would say that we cook at home a lot, but also eat out a lot, so it adds up. Eating out is my favorite activity besides cooking. Lol.  

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