(Closed) Ground Zero Mosque? just curious

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Sugar bee
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i see no problem with it personally. most of the people who will worship in that mosque are good people…. not crazy radicals like the ones involved in 9/11. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

I respect their freedom to build a mosque, and I respect that they are allowed to follow Islam. I am not one to stereotype all of a race/culture because of the actions of a few.

I do, however, think it is a slap in the face to the families of those who were killed on 9/11.

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Bumble bee

I want to know if these same peole would be so against it if a group of Catholics or Lutherans hijakced the planes and were the reason behind September 11th and then wanted to be a Christian community center at Ground Zero. I have a feeling that thing would be built in a heartbeat. Some people just really want to hate Muslims and that’s why they are fighting so hard against this. 

Just don’t get me started on the people who think the President is Muslim. I might flip a lid. I haven’t heard anyone saying he supports it because he is Muslim, but I am sure it is out there.

Needless to say, I am all for the community center with the mosque attached.

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Honey bee
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I respect their freedom to build and freedom to religion. I respect their desire to “enlighten” the community about their muslim faith. I have no issues with muslims, I know some, I love all… 

I do however think it’s in poor taste… especially given that they “could” have built elsewhere but it HAD to be at Ground Zero. I heard this analogy the other day… “No one hates Germans or has a problem with Germans… but if they built a german cultural center at Auschwitz, you bet people would feel like they were slapped across the face.” That’s how I feel about this. I’ve been to Auschwitz and other concentration camps in Poland. Crazy radical people were responsible for it and that is who I hold accountable, not the German citizens. However, I would not want to see a german cultural center there either.

So, it’s complicated. I respect the right to religion and their freedoms… and as a Catholic Conservative who is frequently the butt of many jokes and laughter… I get religious prejudice. I don’t think we have a right to try and stop them (eta, nor do I think we should be able to), however, if they want to “bridge” our nation together and promote peace and healing, I don’t think this is the way to accomplish it, and for those who lost family and friends it will likely make the wound deeper. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

@KLP2010: You said exactly what I was thinking…. you just did it much more eloquently than I did.

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Worker bee

I was watching a story about this on some news show, and there’s already a mosque that is like a block away or something from Ground Zero. Why aren’t people clammering to shut that one down?

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Busy bee
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I don’t understand why it’s insensitive.  The people who flew planes into the towers were radical extremists, they aren’t the majority of Islam followers.  Let them build their mosque and go about their relgious practices in peace.

@In the media:  I agree…I don’t even understand why it matters if the president IS Muslim.  So what?  We have freedom of religion in this country, don’t we?

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Helper bee

The community center(it’s not actually a mosque)  isn’t actually AT Ground Zero.  It’s blocks away, and not visible AT ALL from Ground Zero.

As a native NYC gal, I have no problem with them building it.  It’s not like it’s going to inlcude an homage to the terrorists.

From the article linked to below:

?In addition, the building planned for 45 Park Place is a cultural center with a prayer room — not a single-purpose house of worship for Muslims, which is probably what we should reserve the word “mosque” for. As Haberman also explains, “That it may even be called a mosque is debatable. It is designed as a multi-use complex with a space set aside for prayer — no minarets, no muezzin calls to prayer blaring onto Park Place.”

The 92nd Street Y, on which the Cordoba House is explicitly modeled, has a whole host of Jewish events take place inside of it, but no one calls it a synagogue. There’s no good reason why Cordoba House should be misleadingly called a “mosque.” I’ve been guilty of using this word too, in conversation and in writing, but it’s inaccurate. Muslims already read the Quran and pray at 45 Park Place, but that does not and will not turn it into a “mosque.”


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Sugar bee
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i do not think its a slap in the face to anyone… just because someone happens to worship the muslim religion, that should not connect them (in a negative way) to 9/11.  like the pp said… no one would make a fuss if it were a christian church there.  i was raised catholic but i do not practice, i consider myself a very openminded and well rounded person, and i dont think that its anyones business telling them where they can and cannot build their place of prayer. for all we know, (and it is very likely) there were people who practiced the muslim religion who were killed in 9/11 (innocent people just like all the others).  as far as uniting our nation and promoting healing… i think it may help open some minds… which is what this country needs.

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Sugar bee
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It’s only a slap in the face if you think a mosque and the attacks both symbolize muslims, and put them under one umbrella. A mosque is a building of faith, a house of worship for god, no different than a church or synagogue. The attackers were a combination of crazies and politically manipulated pawns. Nothing to do with Islam, just a horrible misinterpretation of it. Building a mosque in that spot is not a bad idea, if only to clear this misconception and to demostrate people unity and understanding across faiths. I think people who take it as an insult are those who oversimplify things, just like people thinking Obama is Muslim because his dad was, and he must be a terrorist lover because he is Muslim.

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Bumble bee
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That is such a good example. I agree with everything you said! 

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Blushing bee
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@Ms. MoxieMonkey: perfectly said.

Another thing people don’t realize is Muslims worship the same God Christians and Jews do. They just believe that, like the Jewish, Jesus was a prophet.

I don’t affiliate myself with any religion as I am spiritual. Just so you know 😉

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Buzzing bee

I, like many others, agree that they have every right in the world to build a community center, but, initally I, too, thought it somwhat insensitive to build a muslim community center so close to Ground Zero. Then, I investigated the issue further. If you look into the owner of the location, he has started two nonprofit organizations to help educate “the West” about Islam in an attempt to combat the stigma created by the extremists. This commnity center was an etension of that goal; however, I think they realize that they’re engendering increased Islamophobia instead of eraticating it.


So, although I think ideas are noble, and think that they have every right to build a community center where they plan to, the amount of xenophobia and prejudice that have resulted from it terrifies me.  

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Bee Keeper

When I heard about this story my only thought was: “Couldn’t they do this a different day?  That’s just not right.”

But then I did a little research.

I don’t have a problem with the location.  It’s actually four blocks away, not right across the street.  There is no line of sight from one to another.

It is not a Mosque, it is a Muslim Community Center, intended for use by everyone.

I could not find ONE source citing their inauguration date as 9/11/11.  NOT ONE.  Besides Newt Gingrich.  And you can see why that citation would be shady.

When I first found out about this I was pretty ticked off.  Then I actually researched it.  And now I feel like the victim of a hoax e-mail.  I fell for it hook, line, and sinker.  When in actuality this was only based PARTLY in SOME truth.  Boo.

(But if there were a Mosque being built within view of ground zero and being inaugurated on 9/11/11, I wouldn’t blame anyone for spitting at it.  But there isn’t.  So…moot point.)

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