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I’ve had luck with keeping constant polish on them. I am also a biter and for the 6 months before my wedding I had gel nail mainicurs every 3-4 weeks. I’d highly recommend dip (SNS) manicures instead of gel, though. Much less damage to your natural nail. 

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roseandcoil :  i was a child nail biter and it was awful. I remember there used to be this polish (that tasted really terrible) to catch yourself at biting. Maybe an option? (All the gel stuff etc. even many many years later ‘reactivated’ my nail biting. I was always “chewing” and fiddling with the edges etc. Bigtime ick. ) 

good luck! 

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I also found that keeping nail polish on them ALL THE TIME made a difference.

What really ended the habit for me was wearing those aweful plastic stick-on nails for 2-3 weeks straight. I didn’t like chewing on the plastic and my nails grew out underneath them. Win-win!
After that I never chewed them again (except when stressed).

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Long post, as I am on a bit of a nail journey myself! 

I was never really a biter, but I had awfully weak, bendy nails that would split all the time. I could never grow them, and all the breakages made the areas around my nails swell and look even worse. 
Like you, I was very embarrassed by them and hated anyone looking at my hands. 

I started to get Shellac manicures earlier this year and it did wonders for my nails. They’re hard and strong, and grew lots. 
Be sure you get the Shellac professionally removed, as I tried it at home after my last one, and I found it difficult to remove and ended up scraping off part  of the top layers of the nail :/ I think when people say that their nails are in bad condition after Shellac, it is mostly due to picking at it or removing it incorrectly.
The Shellac is very strong, so might help prevent damage even if you do bite, and will help strengthen the nail too. 

Since my discovery of Shellac (and getting engaged not long after!) I have been on a mission to look after my nails better. The top tip that I got from the salon was to use a cuticle oil to keep the nails hydrated and nourished. They reccomended the Shellac one, but said that anything like almond oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil would also work. 

I did a bit of my own research to confirm, and kept coming across Vitamin E oil (and the fact that all the above oils contain high amounts of Vit E) so I decided to keep my eye open for something cheap to test it out. I have quite oily skin anyways so was a bit skeptical of putting more oil anywhere, even my hands! 
I happened to spot a Vitamin E ‘Super Balm’ for cheap as part of a skincare range I already use on a buy 1 get 1 1/2 price deal a few days later so picked it up. 
It is reccomended for “dry skin, nails, cuticles and lips” and contains a natural mix of all of the plant oils I had read about and  shea butter. This stuff is AMAZING! I use it on my nails and lips daily. I leave it on the coffee table so I can apply it while watching TV in the evening. 
I’d definitely reccomed picking up something similar (or if you are already a coconut oil fanatic, try that!)

I used the balm with my last Shellac manicure for about 2 weeks until it grew out. I then removed the Shellac, and have been DIYing my nails since, about 6 weeks. I have had ONE breakage, and that was because I was camping and hit my thumb with a mallet. Even so, it was only the tiniest crack (maybe 2 mm) and the nail is still intact. No split nails, no peeling.
My nails are growing long, hard and strong, although not as quickly as when the Shellac is on.

What I am currently doing is; daily use of the VitE balm, and giving my nails a day or two break between polishes as many are non-porous and don’t allow the nail to ‘breathe’. (FYI Shellac is porous so this is not an issue, but the CND Vinylux is non-porous).
I also file them everytime I take off the polish. I never really did this before as my nails were short and crappy anyways. Filing helps prevent the splitting and raw edges. 
They say to file in one direction rather than back and forth. I’m still working on this part and learning how to shape!  

Another factor to consider is diet; they say that our hair, skin and nails tell a lot about how good our diets are! Vitamins B and E are important for this, as are minerals like Zinc and Selenium. 
Vit D is one which is often difficult to get enough of from diet alone and really helps strengthen nails – you may notice your nails get stronger and harder on holidays, Vit D from the sunshine is why. 
If you think you may be lacking in one or more of these, consider a multivitamin or supplement.  

I hope some of this helps, Bee! Have faith and persevere, my nails were awful back in March. I never thought I’d have strong, healthy nails 🙂 I can even do a sexy nail clacky thing on my desk 😉 

My last Shellac:
A chipped DIY attempt from last week ft. the thumb I hit with a mallet:


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I have always been bad at keeping my nails long too. Like the pp’s I try to keep a gel polish on them as it’s puts me off messing with them. Just be careful with how you remove it though as doing it incorrectly can weaken them. Best to do it professionally if you are unsure.

havent used it for a while but you can also get a clear polish which has a deliberate bad taste to remind you/put you off biting. 

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Shellac will work wonders for your nails, you just need to make sure you’re seeing someone who will remove it correctly (soak it off, no peeling), because it WILL damage your nails if it’s done wrong. I was a nail biter for years and shellac and acrylic are the only things that would stop me. I’m a nail tech and it’s what I recommend to almost everyone. I wish I had a good “before” picture, but the pink glitter is from not too long after I started getting it done, and the purple is my current, natural nails with shellac (it’s a little messy, I’m teaching one of the girls I work with how to do it.) Sorry for the massive pics, I’m on my phone😬

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I was a really, really terrible nail biter for 30 years. Gel manicures are the only thing that saved me. I didn’t specify a brand (shellac or cdc or whatever) but I religiously got them done every 2 weeks. Luckily it’s pretty cheap here (about $30) but I know it can be pricey in other places, so I don’t know how realistic that is, but my nails are total crap from years of biting them and regular polish peels right off. They are super thin and would rip off catching on a towel folding laundry. I stick with gel now… someday I’ll have to stop and I imagine they’re all rip off again and I’ll be back to square one, but for now I’m happy with the gel!  My only issue is picking a color I know I’ll like for two weeks, which means I almost always go with nude or light pink (which is boring.) I hope maybe at home non-UV products advance enough so I can someday use a product at home and change the color more often!

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roseandcoil :  what helped me was keeping them polished, but also keeping a nail file on hand in case there was a chip or a break in the nail so I could smooth it immediately 

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Be careful- SNS can also really mess up your nails as bad as gel depending on how much they sand/file your nail. I get SNS regularly, but whenever I take a break, my nails are SO weak. Also, look into rejuvacote nail “polish”- it saves my nails every time and helps them get a lot stronger

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Used to be a biter! Now, I do the nexgen/dip and my nails are so long!! They are so healthy as well! I suggest you try it out!

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