Guaranteed C-Section fears

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I was terrified of giving birth in ALL the ways, lol. I think I started a thread on here even. 

I ended up having an emergency c-section and I would honestly have an elected c -section if we have another child. I found labour very stressful and I liked that the c-section was the quickest way to get my baby out safely. They gave me some lovely drugs which helped me to relax and next minute bubs was here! 

I can imagine that anticipating it might be worse – for me I had 2 mins warning so no time to get anxious about it. All I will say is I felt very well taken care of, my baby had a lovely round head with no bruising, the recovery was manageable and the scar minimal. 

Can you pinpoint what you are feeling worried about? The procedure itself? Recovery? Missing out on natural labour? 

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I haven’t had a c-section, but I know plenty of people to have. Without fail, those who had a planned c-section loved it. The issues came with emergency c-sections. I had a vaginal birth with vacuum assist 12 months ago. My recovery was awful because after 36 hours of labor and 4+ hours of pushing, I felt like I had been hit by a truck. 

I know it’s easier said than done, but I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m planning to ask for a scheduled c section with my next baby now that we know my body isn’t great at giving birth (apparently I have a “lazy uterus”)  

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I had a planned C-section and it was awesome! My daughter was breech from 22 weeks on so it was brought up early that it would be a possibility and was made a concrete plan around 31/32 weeks.  She was delivered at 37+6 due to pre-eclampsia and IUGR.  I LOVED my c-section.  I got to walk into the OR, get my spinal (it is NOT the same as an epidural, there’s no way it can be patchy- you will be completely numb from like the chest down), and literally 5 minutes later the baby was out.  I didn’t have a single contraction lol. Compared to my friends that had vaginal delivery I think a c-section was a piece of cake.  Due to having two uteruses (surprise!) I will deliver all of our kids via c-section and I’m just fine with it.  Recovery wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I psyched myself up for…the first 2-3 days were pretty painful but after that it felt more like I did an intense ab workout and I had to learn how to move differently but I had no complications or anything. PM if you have any other questions! 

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I’ve had two emergency deliveries, both after  botched induction. 

One ended in foreceps delivery, the other in an emerg csec. Neither were glorious and both were scary. Both times I had a baby with no heartbeat. Once my blood pressure crashed. 

A planned delivery of any kind would put me much more at ease. All you want is a healthy momma and baby. You will go into focus mode when it’s happening, the reality doesn’t hit until later. Lol. 


Also, don’t worry about the scar or sensation. It’s a big trauma, but surgeons are pretty  darn skilled. My csec isn’t even noticeable naked.  And the numbness and hardness will mostly go away within 2 years, you’ll never think about it. 


Best of luck. 

 Oh and on the first I had an epidural but labour and delivery took sooo long it wore off. And on the second I had a spinal block because it was life or death urgency. 


I’ve also had a dual pelvic fracture in an mva post kids , so I know the pain n fears associated with that. 


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I’ve had two c-sections (one emergent, one planned) and will delivery my third baby in July via scheduled C. I haven’t had a vaginal birth so I have nothing to compare to, but I had a great experience both times. They will not botch your spinal (especially if it’s scheduled), and for me, the recovery was really pretty easy.  I did find that I had a bit of a reaction to duramorph (a long acting injectable given at the end of the section), so I’ll just avoid that this time around. Honestly- a planned, scheduled, controlled birth experience is really pretty nice. You’ll do great!!

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betab22 :  I have had 3 csections, I’m about to have my 4th. I have never ever labored. I truly don’t know what a real contraction feels like. I have negative and positive opinions on csections but every person and birth are different. I have had some long term complications.

A csection is better than a refactured pelvis. As for the spinal, every time they do mine it goes to the right. I can feel the numbing shots going one way. I have to tell them it is and they are able to fix the issue. The only time I had an issue with a spinal not working was my first emergency csection. They couldn’t place it correctly, and they couldn’t keep trying because my baby lost her heartbeat. They shocked my leg and asked if I could feel it and I said yes and they said “we have to put you under”. I was put under general and was in a ton of pain after (I had a morphine drip) because I didn’t get a true spinal. That’s a worst case scenario though. A planned csection is much better. I didn’t even know they started cutting into me. It’s just pressure. It’s actually kind of relaxing Haha because they put warm blankets on you.

Csections are not the end of the world. And vaginal birth isn’t all rainbows and butterflies either. It has it’s own drawbacks and some people will tell you they would have 100 csections over a vaginal birth again. You don’t know what your story will be. In the end, you just want a healthy baby, and for you to get the best birth you can given your own individual circumstances.

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Due to a lower back spinal fusion I’ve also always known any babies would have to be via c-section. now I’m 23.5 weeks with our first and a c-section was initially scheduled for 38 weeks but has been moved up to 37 due to some unrelated complications. I’m glad we have a plan in place… I’m excited I get to meet our little guy a few weeks early and that I don’t have to go through those last few weeks (which everyone says are the most uncomfortable!) but I’m still scared. I’ve done my research and we also signed up for a c-section delivery class for those who know they will be having a c-section and want to be as prepared as possible. I’m sorry you’re faced with no having an option but to me a fractured vertebrae will be a far worse recovery than a c-section and I just want our baby to get here in the safest way possible for both of us. Good luck!

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I just had my baby 8 months ago. After having had her I would say I wish they had just given me a c section. It was awful and traumatic and very nearly ended up with one anyway because I could not push my baby out past a certain point and both the baby and I were distressed. It would have been safer for us both. 

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I’ve never had a c section, but my friend had an emergency emergency one under a general. She had a placental abruption so was a true life or death situation. She had the quickest recovery from a section I’ve ever seen. 3 weeks later she was driving again. Perhaps you could look at a general if you have concerns about the spinal? 

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Twizbe :  I’m pretty sure they save general for last resort, not elective, because it supresses vitals of the baby. 

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betab22 :  I had a c section after a day and a half of labor. Believe me when I say they drug you up realllllly well. They also do not start the surgery until they are sure you can’t feel a thing. When the c section is scheduled versus an emergency, it can also make a really big difference. The doctor can take their time, and the environment is fairly calm. The worst part for me was that I get very nauseous from the meds, so I did throw up, but not until it was over. The recovery was also very easy. I did not have any trouble walking around or taking care of my son. I was even at target buying thousands of breast feeding accessories the day after I returned from the hospital. I also only stayed in the hospital for two days…I was cleared for four, but just wanted to be home.

A few things that really helped me with such a good recovery were walking right away. The nurses only wanted me to try standing at first, but I said I wanted to do more and I’m so glad I did. The other thing was the compression band they give you in the hospital. I wore it all the time and it helped me feel secure. I also highly recommend staying on the pain meds and slowly weaning off of them. At first I didn’t want any, because they made me nauseous, but they are very helpful for those first few days, and as long as you eat when you take them, you should feel fine. Good luck!

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I had an emergency c section with my son and will be having an elective c section this July with my 2nd baby. The recovery is tough but there is recovery with any form of birth. They definitely drug you very well so I wouldn’t worry. I am actually feeling much better about my second birth being a planned c-section because I will know the date and time ahead, and will be able to better plan. Trust me it’s definitely better than an emergency c section. I labored for 16 hours, got to 5 cm and had to have an emergency c section. It was very upsetting and frustrating. I was also knocked out completely and didn’t wake up for 2 hours after the birth of my son. Needless to say, i’m excited to have a planned, hopefully calmer, c section this go-around. 

I actually know someone who’s epidural started to slide out and they started to cut her and she could feel it. They immediately stopped and knocked her out, she woke up and had her baby and didn’t feel anything after that second of pain in the beginning. So I wouldn’t worry, they won’t proceed if your pain meds for some reason fail. 

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