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Not lactose, but I found out last month that I have celiac disease and can’t have any kind of gluten.  I was having horrible stomach pains and breaking out in hives everyday.  It’s definitely been an adjustment!

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Yup.  It came on like…seriously in the span of a week.  It was my first semester in college and I was living in the dorms/eating at the dining hall.  They had a chocolate milk dispenser and i LOVED it.  Drank WHOLE chocolate milk ALL the time.  Then for some reaon, I got hooked on orange-guava juice for a week, so I stopped having milk for a week.  When I finally decided I wanted a glass of milk, BAM.  Too late.  Lactose intolerant.  I’m Asian, so I’m sure it was already written in my genes and I’d probably been mildly intolerant before but never noticed it.  It was a sad discovery.

7 years later and I’ve discovered Lactaid (lactose-free) milk.  It’s not EXACTLY the same taste as milk, but it’s pretty close.  It’s basically milk with the proprietary lactaid (lactase) enzyme added in.  It’s got kind of a sweet overtone to it, but once you get used it, it’s really quite nice.  I get little to no LI side-effects with it. 

I’m like you where I can eat a pound of cheese and have no problems.  Yogurt is actually not a problem either.  It’s really only milk, ice creams and related products like milkshakes and soft-serve.   

It’s not the end of the world.  The only thing that annoys me and is hard to deal with is when I want to cook things that involve Heavy Whipping Cream.  I can’t seem to find a lactose-free alternative that has the same thickening action when cooked.  Silk claims to make a lactose-free heavy cream, but no place in Memphis, TN seems to carry it.  Big surprise (NOT). 


ETA: What sucks about my case, though, is that my degree of intolerance has increased in the last 3 years or so.  I used to just get gas (sorry if TMI) and if I didn’t have any lactaid on hand, it wasn’t really a problem if I was willing to put up with the rumbly stomach and gas later.  I was never really that uncomfortable.  But in the last year, I find that I will have real GI distress (ahem, if you know what I mean) if I’m not careful.  I’m at the point that I won’t order macaroni and cheese at restaurants because they usually put heavy cream in it and I’ll end up spending an hour+ on the toilet later.  AND if I order lattes from Starbucks, if they screw up and don’t make it with soy milk and I don’t realize it, I’m pretty much home-bound for at least 3 hours.  Lame.  Keep lactaid with you.  At all times.  Everywhere you go.  Hide it in your shoe if you have to.  Not worth the strife. 

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I’m lactose intolerant and cheese, milk, ice cream does not agree with me at all! i just take lactaid pills with me everywhere, and i can eat what i want with no issues. if you feel self conscious about it, keep them in a tiny mint tin or altoids box in your purse.

I don’t like the taste of lactaid milk, so I put a little vanilla in it. But chocolate lactaid milk is awesome and you’d never know it was lactose free.

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The reason lactose intolerance can be aquired or increased when you don’t have dairy for a long time is because your body will stop producing lactase, the enzyme needed to digest it for anyone who doesnt know, because it does not need it.  So when people just don’t drink milk they kind of induce their own lactose intolerance. 

But there is always soy and almond milk!  Plus the lactaid, which i’ve never tried.

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I can’t have lactose or gluten!!! Eating has been such a chore, I am so sick of label reading I just stick to unprocessed foods. The plus side I’ve lost about 8 lbs since I’ve cut it all out starting just before Christmas and I feel soooooo much better.

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I too am lactose intolerant, but very mildly now. I figured it out in high school. I drank lactaid and took lots of the lactaid tabs. Ice cream bothers me a bit. Yogurt and cheese aren’t so bad because the bacteria in it has chowed down on the lactose before I got there. If you absolutely cannot give up cheese, pick something that is well aged so the bacteria will do some of the work for you.

Funny thing, I can have milk now, BUT only if it is local. If I drink from the big gallon jug from the grocery store, it’s terrible. I’ll be sick all day. There is a dairy about 3 hours away, and their milk never bothers my tummy. I tried it on a recommendation from a lactose intolerant classmate.

Recommendation: Kefir! It has like 1% lactose in it, and is freakin’ delicious. It’s like yogurt, but drinkable and a tad more tangy.

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Welcome to the club! I also can’t digest garlic…and eat it by the bucket loads anyway.

I -ended up developing an itolerance for soy after consuming such large quantities. I Just switched over to almond milk.


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@MrsRugbee:  it snuck up on me too. i eat cheese pizza and other dairy products but i never drink milk on its own. i havent bought a carton of milk in years. at my house i do soy milk for coffee. well, a couple weeks ago i was on vacation and all that was in the house was whole milk. so i made some coffee w/ splenda and put in 1/2 a cup of milk. sorry to be tmi but i was on the toilet ALL DAY. ugh! i know i need to cut out all diary products–like i probably shouldnt have ordered that pizza yesterday. i bet my allergies would be so much better!!!


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I found out I was a “lactard” because I was getting a stomachache from drinking lattes and mochas in grad school.  At first I thought it was upset stomach from too much sugar.

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@MrsRugbee:  It took the doctors 2 years to figure out what the hell was wrong me with and of course it was that I am lactose intolerant also. I am African American and it turns out that 90% of black folks cant handle milk fat. I wish my parents would have known that since we grew up on whole milk. I take lactid pills and eat cheese that is from skim milk. It took me a few years to get use to the fat free milk and my pills help me.

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Goat dairy (cheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream etc) does not contain Lactose, so you could always switch to that.

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