(Closed) Guests inviting themselves? Anyone else have this problem??

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You need to call her and politely explain to her that the invitation was extended ONLY to herself and her husband and that you regret that you absolutely cannot accommodate any additional guests.  Then, after giving her a few seconds to absorb what you said, you could then say that you do hope she and her husband are still able to attend under these circumstances.

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OMG! She included an extra piece of paper! That’s some nerve she’s got…I’ve experienced this too — “Can my daughter bring her boyfriend?” “I’m going to bring my new girlfriend, ok? I already bought her a place ticket from California so you can’t really say no!” “Yeah, I gotta try to find a date…the last two weddings I went to, my dates bailed at the last minute.” I shit you not.

I’m in the same place regarding limited space — we invited 160, have room for 148 maximum, and we’ve already had 60 people RSVP yes and only 2 “no”s. Yikes! I’ve been saying the following:

“Oh, I’m so sorry, but we really just don’t have space.” (And then I tell them how many we invted and how many we have room for. To my friend from California, I told him I’d get back to him and let him know if a space opened up…but I wish I’d kept firm!)

“Oh, I’m so sorry, but we’re actually not inviting dates for any of our cousins or family members unless they’re married or engaged.” (AKA, NO your 17 year old daughter can’t bring her stupid boyfriend.)

Hopefully we’ll both get some “NO” RSVPs closer to our wedding dates! And in regards to that aunt, could you get FI’s mom to call her and tell her hell no?

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I hear these stories ALL the time but I still CANNOT believe people actually do this! SO RUDE!  We just got a STD for my Fiance cousin’s wedding.  The STD was only addressed to Fiance (but it was a postcard style STD with a very small line for the name).  However, if the invite comes with no name on it I would NEVER assume I was invited nor would I invite myself (even though we are inviting this cousin and his fiance both to our wedding).  FI will simply go without me (if he wants but he says he won’t go if I am not invited!) But, regardless if I am not invited and Fiance doesn’t want to go alone we just won’t go!

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This is an aunt?  Enlist FI’s mother to call her and handle this. 

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@Brielle:  I agree, but I think that the Fiance should call since it is his aunt.

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Call that girl up!!  Use the space excuse.  “Due to space constraints in our venue we are unable to accommodate extra guests at this time.”

We had a similiar situation where my Mother-In-Law wrote out an extensive guest list with lots of single people on them.  So that’s who we invited.  Mr. Tom Cruise.  Well, lo and behold he writes back plus 2 guests.  Turns out he wanted to bring his current girlfriend and his ADULT son.  MIL refused to call them as she was embarassed.  Uh…  Your +2 is costing us an extra $300!!!  At that point I could care less.  And most of his family was not coming so I just added them.  I know exactly what you are going through.  Put your foot down cause once word spreads you let so and so in than everyone will think they are entitled.  I did use the phrase “This is not a hoedown!!”

And By The Way Fiance had NEVER met any of them.  In fact he was MIL’s 3rd cousin!!  And for that we got a $75 check.  Awesome…

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Have Fiance call aunt when he gets home from work, nip it in the bud!

(OMG the NERVE of some people! I’m stunned!)

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Wow, that’s one for the books. I think you have every right to let her know they can’t come. I like the idea of maybe having your FI’s Mom call her, but parents can sometimes be a little thin skinned about things and will end up saying, oh it’s fine if they come whats the harm. So it might be better coming from you or your Fiance. 

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@CEtoSAHM:  Yes, you’re right.  I guess I read and responded to the thread so quickly that I did not really take time to absorb the fact that it was her FI’s aunt who had done this.  Good call! 🙂

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My FI’s sister (who is in the wedding) is throwing a fit because we invited her with a guest (thinking she’d bring her boyfriend) and now she wants to bring her boyfriend and another guest who is just a girl friend she’d like to have there to hang out with.  We tried to politely explain that we are already over our guest limit (invited 170 hoping for 140) and we just can’t let her bring two guests.  She is not happy about it, but we are laying our foot down on this one.  She’ll understand one day when she’s planning her own wedding…Good luck!

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I just can’t wrap my head around people who do this. It makes me so cross!

The last wedding I went to, two people just rocked up for the reception (hadn’t even gone to the ceremony, and were in no way invited) and sat in two other people’s seats. From what I hear it was madness trying to get rid of them – though I am really impressed that noone (except the people on the table they’d sat at, and the bride’s father) was any the wiser – we only found out a few weeks later.


I suggest that you just stay firm. Don’t say anything about finances, don’t give a reason for your descision (which gives them space to argue), just tell the aunt that they can not come.

Start with an ‘I’m sorry, but that will not be possible.’ If she persists, drop the ‘sorry’ and just repeat ‘That will not be possible’ until she gets the message.

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i just shake my head when i read about things like this.  why don’t people read the envelope that states exactly who is invited to the wedding.  that many people can’t be unaware of wedding etiquette (or any function for that matter).

i think your fi should call his aunt and explain that the venue is at capicity with your current guest list.

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About five years ago I think I may have done this to a cousin….I don’t know for sure if I for sure did not have a plus one, but I now suspect that I didn’t. No one ever said anything to me for bringing my boyfriend at the time, but looking back now it makes me cringe so bad!

Sometimes well intentioned people assume. I was young and stupid, and my parents didn’t know any better I don’t think. And you know what happens when you assume….you make an a** out of you and me! 

5 months out from my own wedding, I’m already starting to deal with this. It seems that everybody expects a plus one! And it doesn’t help that Future Mother-In-Law keeps insisting on inviting going ahead and inviting more and more of her old friends/neighbors.

But I have to agree that adding in a slip of paper with an address of someone you don’t know, bascially TELLING you to send them an invitation is pretty obtuse. 

Have your fiance or your Future Mother-In-Law call your aunt and use the space excuse.  

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