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Honey bee
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Nobody NEEDS to have an expensive wedding, just like nobody needs to have a wedding at all!  If the financials aren’t going to hurt anyone, do not feel guilty about this.  Your parents are excited about this, I’m assuming your fiance is excited, you should be excited too!!  Try and look at it this way (which is how I’ve been justifying our wedding which is of course, not something we “need” and more expensive than what it “should” be) – this is one of the biggest events of your life.  When else are you going to get a gathering of all the people you love from ALL the corners of your life, get to treat all of these people including yourself to a wonderful day, and celebrate yourself and your new husband?  

Nobody needs any of this stuff, but everyone deserves it, including you!

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Bee Keeper
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Well, think of it this way. If you accept the money, you get to make them feel good. You get to make FI’s parents proud. You’re providing work for what will probably be a small army, once wait staff, florists and their assistants, etc. are hired. You’re stimulating the economy, and you’re showing your friends and the rest of your family one hell of a good time. I’m certainly not saying you NEED to spend that much for a good time, but let’s face it–usually, it helps.

You’re also saving yourself the insanity of the many months of furious DIY that some of us  with … less fortunate financial situations are going to have to undertake in order to have a wedding as pretty. You get to show up and just be the bride, and relax with your guests because you know you hired competent professionals to take care of everything else.

Not trying to minimize your feelings on this, but IMO it’s a win-win. Your parents want to provide this and can afford to comfortably, so why not let them?

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Buzzing bee
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@wilfred:  Good for you for having a realistic and pretty awesome outlook on the whole situation. It’s not your fault that your parents are capable, willing, and quite frankly, excited about throwing you a dream wedding. I would say to plan the wedding that you want, and as long as it fits into the budget, don’t feel bad. You got wrangled into having a larger wedding than you’d like, and with that comes a larger budget than you’d expect. 

Be reasonable, pick things you love, and make this a dream wedding! If you like the idea of picnic/bbq food, why not make it a fun affair with sliders and mini pulled pork sandwiches, a french fry bar, etc.? Or, you could do a late night snack of all the fun foods if you wanted to keep the reception formal. 

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Helper bee

You’re lucky for being gifted so much; one thing that helps me when I feel overly-spoiled (which has been brought on from things as big as being gifted an all-expenses paid european vacation or as small as me buying myself a (superfluous) new pair of boots) is giving back. whether that’s giving money to someone in the streets, or adopting a local family (or two) for christmas, paying it forward can help you to feel “worthy” of such generosity. i find it’s even better when you get other people involved: go to the soup kitchen with a friend, get people at your work to come together to do christmas shoeboxes for children in third-world countries, or go with your fiance to help renovate houses with the local habitat for humanity. 

*just wanted to add that i don’t just give of my time/money when i’m feeling guilty – it’s always an enriching experience, but i do find myself doing a bit extra when i feel like life is exceptionally good. ie. your wedding’s paid for thanks to the time and money of your parents, so now you have the luxury of putting some of the time and money you’d carved out for your wedding towards someone else’s well-being/happiness. 

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Honey bee
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@wilfred:  I’m having this trouble, and I’m probably only working with 15k. It’s still like 12k more than I feel comfortable spending on one day.. then again it’s my WEDDING. Ugh. I would say, make your families happy, I like the perspective above. Be grateful, and use the funds to make this your style. I know it sounds like it has to be over the top to spend that much, but it doesn’t, sadly. So stick to what’s true to you, and you will have an amazing wedding. 

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You’re helping the economy? lol And your memories and pictures will last forever and I’m sure it will make your parents proud.  Besides, $60k is marginally over the average wedding in NY, so rallym it’s not that expensive.

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Buzzing bee
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I can understand… our wedding budget is quite large since both of our parents have given us very sizable “donations” – my parents (esp MOB) is very active in planning and will have a decent size say in most of the wedding planning (ie she totally vetoed my get married near us in NYC idea bc her friends from Boston would have a hard time getting down her – but we were able to compromise on the berkshires – 2.5 hrs from each of us!. His parents are totally hands off with the only condition being that all of our Out of Town guests must be invited to the rehersal dinner (which is totally ok w me… we are actually going to do a very small early dinner then a big cocktail reception as everyone arrives at the inn) 

my parents really wanted to pay for “all” of the wedding bc it was really important to them to throw me a big wedding (like they did for my sister) – I have a lot of guilt over the fact that its going to be like a YEARS! salary (ughh even saying that makes me gag) but it is absolutely making them so happy – seriously I think my mom and her friends are having more fun with it than I am! They have been takig weekend trips out to visit the venue with all thier friends to show it off! Some people like to travel, some buy expensive cars, some gamble, whatever… my parents like to throw amazing weddings so as long as it isn’t against my vision (ie original plan for fancy hotel in boston which we were dead set against since that is what my sister had) 


my advice would be to still be wise with your spending bc while $50K seems like a lot trust me it isn’t (assuming you are also having 150 -200 ish guests like we will be) – dinner along for 200 ppl will be able $40,000 (then you need a band, photog, flowers etc), have fun with the planning, be kind and conscious of other brides who may not have the same budget, use your money for good (like supporting cool indie artists) and make sure to stand up for your wants (ie don’t let mom and dad do all the planning just bc they are paying)

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@wilfred:  If you had it somewhere cheaper, all you would be doing is distributing the cost (of transportation) to your guests.  Everyone will have a much better time if you do it close to them, even if it does cost you more, being that you can afford it.  Don’t feel guilty, everyone deserves to indulge themselves every once in a while. 

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Sugar bee
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@EffieTrinket:  THIS.

I would definitely have a brief conversation with your parents about this topic, so that they’re aware of your discomfort and can hopefully reassure you that you don’t need to feel bad about this. You obviously have your priorities straight and you sound like a kind, understanding person. It is okay to have a beautiful, costly wedding! (It’s also okay to choose to downscale it in some places if that helps you feel better.) Would it help to consider cutting a few corners and then making a donation to a local homeless shelter or animal shelter or something like that? Assuming your parents would go for it… which I sort of think they would, since they’ve done such a great job raising you, clearly.

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I completely understand how you feel. My budget may be smaller (it’s now gone up to 10K GBP, or about 15K USD) but the feelings are the same. I feel horribly guilty about the whole thing. We are paying for it ourselves, but I will have to use some money I inherited to make up the balance… I keep feeling that this money should not have been spent on something so frivolous, and I worry that the person who left it to me would not have approved of this.

The thing is that weddings are about hospitality… good food, good drink, and good company. I think that the receptions are mainly for your guests. As long as nobody is going into debt, you want to make your guests happy, right? Sometimes then things just cost what they cost… there’s no getting around it because that’s just the way it is.

For example, I wanted a really stylish menu… something I couldn’t make myself. And I just can’t get that for under a certain amount where I am, so I just have to suck it up.

Anyway, you’re totally not alone!

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