(Closed) Guilt tripped by SO to exercise. Im confused.

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sylwia212:  “Do you think I could handle it without exhausting myself?”

You are going to be MORE tired when you first start.  But after a month or so, it will start giving you more energy.

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heputaringonit:  this. 

Also, try to take naps even if it’s just 30 minutes if you have the chance. Good luck!!!

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I totally took my gym bag to work and went streight to the gym. Only way I would go! Its so much easier going streight to the gym than home first.

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Have you ever considered getting a treadmill or elliptical machine instead? I’ve always found it much easier to fit in a work out when I can just do it whenever I have 30-45 min free on a machine at home, then spending the extra time to drag myself to a gym. 

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sylwia212:  I agree with Tina…

I do not enjoy working out. I dont know anyone who does.  You cannot depend on your feelings for motivation else you will never go.lol

Honestly, I go because I am way too vain not to. I like looking a certain way more than the pain of working out.lol  So yeah, my  motivation stems from that.  You have to be disciplined to do it. You dont have to like it.  However, there are things you can do to make the experience much more tolerable (like group classes for instance).

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Okay, I know he’s comibg from a place of caring, but he needs to back off. 

First of all, how does he not realize that housework, when done right, is exercise? Vacuuming, scrubbing, and climbing up and down four freaking flights of stairs is a type of workout. besides walking and hiking, it’s the only exercise I enjoy doing. The gym smells bad, is boring, and is full of creepy guys who stare at my boobs while I’m using the machinery. I’m a medium build bee witha good figure, but would I get a gym membership to make my Darling Husband happy? hell to the no. 

Do what you want and don’t let him make you feel bad about it. I fought my depression through diet. I reduced the amount of high GI starches (for example, making mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes and eating rye crackers with my cheese instead of wheat) and made veggie and fruit smoothies daily. I also take vitamins with extra niacin. Good luck battling depression!

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sylwia212:  I change at work and head right out from there to the gym. It helps me make sure I go.

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I don’t have time to read this whole thread now, so apologies if repeating other posters, but please, please get more sleep. there is evidence to suggest that you will literally go insane being that sleep deprived. Also, few things are less conducive to weight-loss than tiredness.

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sylwia212:  I totally hate the gym, and never go even though we have a gym in our building! But I knew I needed to do something or I would start gaining weight, so I signed up for Zumba classes 2 times a week, and I take 40 minute walks during lunch time (at work) 2 times a week.  I think you might really enjoy the Zumba class, i find it really fun, and I can’t always follow all the steps and be on top of it throughout the whole hour but I do my best and as long as I am moving its all good.

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I’ve so been there and I’m sure that I’ve wasted thousands in gym fee’s (thru the years) by not going. So you need to find out what makes you happy, it doesn’t have to be a gym, it could be yoga, dance classes, cycling outside. You don’t need a “gym” to get in shape. The think is to move your body. 

I will say working out helps my depression. That business of endorphins is real. I can totally deal with the stresses of life better when I’m working out. These past few months and my workouts pretty much came to a halt and I was getting more and more depressed. And I realized that when I was doing my yoga or running that I wasn’t spending as much a time in a negative headspace.

<br />It’s very easy to fall into a routine of work, school, work, school etc. But working forces me to put myself to put back on the list. It’s not just about health, it’s my selfish space. I get to focus on myself and not worry about my other obligations.

So recently, I’ve been slowing getting back into working out on a more consistent basis. I made a conscious choice to be kinder to myself and with that managing my health, is once again a priority.

And I rarely enjoy it. I probably spend the bulk of my time complaining before I get there & as I’m working out I’m cusing up a storm. But when I’m done. The I appreciate the sense of accomplishment. 

And I’m a personally a steam room girl. That’s my guilty pleasure and post workout fun.

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I am sure he loves you, but he wants you to lose weight.  He sees the benefits

of working out and probably other slimmer, fit women. This is the harsh truth.

Here is the thing… you don’t have to go to the gym to lose weight. Start eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. Being over weight does not contribute to higher energy levels. I think he would respond a lot better if you worked on a healthier eating habit! 

As for your hubby, I would totally talk to him about helping around the house. I am in the same boat sometimes. I have said, I will do XYZ, but you need to start helping more with ABC. He seems understanding and supportive so I am sure this conversation will go well as long as you don’t attack him, ex “YOU NEVER DO LAUNDR!” … Ask… “I would really appreciate if you helped with this and I would have more time to improve my lifestyle”.

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sylwia212:  I am sure you do! We all have great partners but at times want to strangle them!

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sylwia212:  absolutely you could handle some of those classes without exhausting yourself. Just start slow – go to one class and go up the back and take it easy – and build up. Be open to enjoying it and it’ll come. very few bounce out of bed wanting to work out but once you’re there it can be enjoyable. 

and stick to that 50/50 housework! I grew up with a single mum but she did everushing for her parents and then my dad. That’s no life and luckily times have changed so we don’t have to do that any more. Embrace it!

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I’ve lost 62 lbs in three years without a gym membership. I do workout videos at home with my Fiance 6 days a week and take long daily walks with the dog (I lost 50 of those lbs before I met FI). 

I hate working out! BUT doing it together with my Fiance makes it a tiny bit better because on days I don’t want to work out he does, and vice versa so we motivate each other. And I love the results after I’m done. I too struggle with anxiety and depression and working out is huge for my mental health. Do you think there’s any way you guys could work out together at the end of the day? Make working out part of your quality time together? 

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