(Closed) Guilty wedding admissions – whats yours?

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  • Wedding: September 2013

@sparklerunner:  I ran into this SAME issue!!!! My Fiance (now husband!!!!) and I got engaged in June and have been together for 4 years.  They got enaged in December and were together for not even 2 years.

Our wedding date: September 14th 

Theirs: August 31st

Annoyed the crap out of me!!! But, in the end, we both had great weddings and we’re married.   

(Though our reception was one of those epic parties that everyone and their mother was at and ranked in the top ten of the familie’s weddings according to the Aunt’s and Uncles) :D!

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  • Wedding: September 2013

I ADMIT THAT – I cannot wait for it to be over 8 days left on the clock
– I hate my one bridesmaid shes a princess and shes really only in for lack of option(she b*tches incessantly ruined my bachelorette by not giving me one because”she cant afford to split a mani pedi 3 ways”, she was added last minute when i let my first maid of honor go as she was too busy to be maid of honor. on a side note i had to kick out a great friend of many years and stop speaking to her because she was in charge of my shower and chose not to plan it but lie and say she did plan it but nobody could come… she didnt call anyone i found out.
i am not left with 2 bridesmaids 1 whom is getting married on sunday adn the one who feels”the maid of honor is responsible for showers and everything bridesmiads just show up”
if i never speak to this woman again after the wedding itll be too soon.
– i still don;t like my soon to be father in law or my soon to be brother in law and i’m pretty sure they dont like me
-i hate talking to my soon to be Mother-In-Law through this process – “lets do all sorts of coloured belly dancing scarves for your back drop i have this teal that would be a great for your fall theme”
– i wanted 20 people at a cottage on the lake i got 90 people at a hotel in the city
– Fiance and i have been together 7 years lived together 6 and have 2 children 4 and 5 yrs old. ive been getting bugged that my registry isnt long enough…. excus me but if i need it i have it i can assure you… everything on my registry is stuff i’d like to have… other wise we need cash. flat out i really hope that all i get at the wedding… we live in a small apartement and dont have room for more mixing bowl sets!
– in keeping with an apartment we want to be in a house next year
– no i’m not doing open bar – why? because  could afford paying for booze for 20 people for a night not 90- why do i have 90 you ask? because my soon to be Father-In-Law decided to start INVITING PEOPLE TO MY WEDDING TELLING THEM THEIR INIVITATIONS SHOULD BE ARRIVING SHORTLY!!!!!
that it my admission long but true! 


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  • Wedding: September 2013

What annoyed me the most is that 10 people said to us the Wednesday before the wedding “See you there! So excited!” then not show up!!! Thats over $1000 we could’ve saved!! Seriously people…. not cool 🙁

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  • Wedding: September 2013

@mscuppycake:  I went to Michael’s and got a bunch of coloring books, crayons, Mad Libs, and other kid stuff to keep them entertained. It was $40 well spent!

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  • Wedding: October 2014

@ForeverBirds:  Haha it makes me feel bad because that’s the most expensive place we’ve looked at so far :O

We have other pretty solid big ticket stuff though, like $300 for grooms suit (buying) $400 for flowers, $70 for all our centrepieces (borrowing some things, other bits gifted to us, only thing we need to buy are some vases), $1800 (about) for catering, free cake (thank god)

The more I type the more I realise our budget is probably working its self out, other than things that I have no idea what to expect cost-wise.

Im always thinking im forgetting something though, none of the lists I can find online are thorough enough for my forgetful mind!

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My guilty wedding admission?  Not feeling guilty about cutting my sister and two of her grown daughters out of the guest list!  We have a very strong dislike for each other, I was not invited to her daughter’s wedding, she spreads false rumors about me to other family members, so…more fun, less drama!

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Oh my gosh, I love this thread. 

– I secretly resent that it’s expected I plan the whole thing. I’m not a planner and I’m absolutely terrified I’m going to forget something important and it will be an epic failure. 

– I hate that I’m the last sibling to get married (I’m the oldest). It’s made me cry quite a bit. 

– I hate it’s taken this long for him to get his butt in gear. I feel like if we had done this earlier when we were young and had energy (and I had a good paying permanent job) I wouldn’t resent the wedding so much. 

– While I love and adore my niece, I (very secretly and desparately wish I didn’t feel this way) resent her as I’ve wanted kids longer than my sis and yet she’s the one married, with a house and daughter. 

– I feel so very very very old. 

That’s mine!

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@FutureMrsHallam:   In that case, I can help! I have a 2+ page list of items for a wedding. I think I used about four different online lists and combined them. There are a lot of items on there that you may not need (like I remember putting heaters/fans if it’s a really cold/really hot outdoor wedding, but those could be scrapped easily). If you’d like it, PM me your email address because I can’t fit it all in a wedding bee message and I can’t attach it as a file (found this out trying to send it to another bee)

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  • Wedding: April 2013

-I wish I would have went ahead and planned the intimate Destination Wedding I originally wanted for April 2014. DH and my mom wanted the wedding sooner and DH wanted a big wedding so his family could be present. Funny thing is most of his family didn’t show and the ones that did left within the first hour of it! Also, the Destination Wedding was supposed to have served as a honeymoon too. We spent so much money on the wedding we were dead broke after it so no money left to go on a honeymoon and DH and I have been together over 5 yrs and we have never taken a trip anywhere together. DH has never taken a trip at all!

 – I wish I could have had DH’s mom thrown out of my bridal suite. She was absolutely negative the day of, cursing at my photographer and just sulking around my family members (she was the only one on DH side up there).

 -I wish I would have used the guy I hired for my photo booth as my photographer and videographer also 

-I wish I would have NEVER hired a wedding planner. She only helped the day of the wedding anyways and my vision for the wedding was not at all what she executed! And the vendors SHE hired were a SUPER disappointment. I hated the cake, the photographer, the DJ and the videographer

-I wish at least ONE guest would have purchased SOMETHING from our registry. Our registry was very budget friendly. There were tons of $20 and under gifts and only a few higher priced items but there were only 2 items that went above $100. What was the point of me even making a registry and OBSESSING over it if no one was going to buy anything from it?
  (rant/vent/confession over!)








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  • Wedding: July 2011

I saw my Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law in a whole new light while planning. I can not get over the way we were manipulated into things we didnt want just so Mother-In-Law could have exactly what she wanted. 

I also dont love my wedding band and really want a new one.

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  • Wedding: January 2014

@Peather2013: Exactly! In the grand scheme of things of course all that matters i you get married, but I’m totally shooting for the epic amazing party reception as well 🙂

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  • Wedding: January 2014

1. I’ve started using my new to be surname already on things. Yup, I know. Lame.

2. I’m worried about how we cannot afford this even though we are only having 60 people to the wedding. Weddings just aren’t cheap. And our car is about to break down. Even the mechanic has said get rid of it but we just can’t afford it. And yes, I’ve tried to elope. We were in Fiji with the kids last year and I was like “Let’s do it now! Kids are the witnesses!” but that idea was shot down. 

3. If people don’t use the bridal registry I’ll be pissed. We have lived together for years. I’d rather no presents than have something shitty or ill thought of. And I’ve factored in nice things from $15…

Just saying. 

Oh and the amount of time it takes to plan this and sort things out. I’ve got to study in the evenings and I can’t plan at work. I just want to snap my fingers and be done with it. I’ve other stuff to do.

I’ll sure I’ll have fun on the day 🙂

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