(Closed) Gun control due to terrorism

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sweetdee89 :  I don’t see how your answer to Horseradish : was also in response to my comment but okay. 

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I live in the UK. My grandad has guns. Multiple. He used to hunt. He is checked every year and has to reapply for his licence. Ammunition is stored separately to the guns and the guns are in a secure safe. He had the guns before Dunblane and nobody took his guns from him. They just asked him to do more paperwork. He hasn’t shot a gun in YEARS but he keeps them for nostalgic purposes. He still does the paperwork every year because a few hours of paperwork is stopping another Dunblane. Maybe there will be another mass shooting in the UK but we have gone many years without one. When ny grandad dies, we will probably sell the guns as some are quite valuable. They’ll all be sold through legal channels but nobody in our family will then have a gun. 

I also live in the country. Really rural. Like, the fair folk of London release “wild” foxes in my back garden kind of rural. We do gun dog training at dog training and my dog is not even slightly phased by the sound of gun shots. Neither am I. They go off regularly during shooting season. In the middle of the day, you’ll be walking the dog and hear gunshots. And it’s not a big deal.

However, I do not feel the need to carry a gun. These gunshots are more than likely rabbit control, occasionally deer and in shooting season – birds. I do NOT fear being mugged when I walk to the shops or walk the dog. I do not fear being mugged when I’m in a city. More to the point it doesn’t even cross my mind to carry a weapon as self defence because even if I am mugged the chances of the mugger having a gun are ridiculously low. Plus the sense of proportion for it to be a viable self defence case is lost. It does not cross my mind that the hundreds of people near me with guns would actually use them on anything other than rabbits, deer and birds. Self defence is not a privilege but feeling safe is something everyone should feel. I genuinely do not feel like I need a weapon to feel safe. Any weapon. If everyone around me carried a gun to “feel safe” then I admit, I’d probably need a gun because how can you actually feel safe when everyone walking down the street is carrying? However, carrying a gun because everyone else is, I’d feel a lot less safe than I do now, with no gun.

As some other bees have mentioned there are other things are still used by criminals. Of course there are, knife crime is a problem in the UK at the moment. Knives are easily accessible, easily hidden and deadly. They pose a huge problem in gangs at the moment and in cities. But our politicians are looking at knife crimes. There are knife amnesties frequently. There has also been a rise in acid attacks. Legislation has been reviewed and made stricter to reflect the growing concern of acid attacks. Acid attacks can now carry a much more severe prison sentence than previously. Again it’s also something politicians have worked on, done a lot of work with charities and communities to try and reduce the numbers. Sadly, we’ve still had terrorist attacks in the last few years – bombs and vehicles have been used. In the instance of vehicles being used – we obviously can’t ban cars or even stop people with an agenda using them. But what London has done is they’ve implemented barriers at both ends of every bridge, to stop vehicles being used to hit pedestrians on the bridge as with the Westminster attack of 2017.

Believe me, the UK is far from perfect but this is something I think our politicians have done right. They see a rise in something being used as a weapon and they identify a way to make it less accessible, make it harder for these things to occur AND work with the communities these events are happening in. Our mental health services are still shit. Our mental health services are being cut drastically and they weren’t that great to begin with. The UK has its fair share of people suffering from mental health issues – so sorry it’s not just down to lack of mental health provisions.

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Proud of New Zealand right now. 

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Horseradish :  Yep. Not that different from tobacco lobby fighting & delaying regulations on cigarette advertising & warning labels, etc. Aided by our current Vice President.  And like the NRA now. 

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purplepixel :  You should be.  I wish we could experience strong leadership and bold action after these emotionally devastating events.  

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llevinso :  Wow… just wow. I’ve started to become scared visiting the US as a tourist now.

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Here’s my biggest problem with “the good guy with a gun” argument. You’re assuming that being trained to safely handle a firearm = being trained to respond effectively to an active shooter situation. IT IS NOT THE SAME THING. Even people who have been trained to respond to active shooters can freeze up and fail to respond when actually confronted with the reality in front of them. 


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llevinso :  

I was about to comment on that and you beat me to it.  The whole “good guy with a gun” argument is rife with problems especially with regards to dark skin.

Chris Rock had a joke that resonates with me.   “You don’t need no gun control, you know what you need? We need some bullet control. Man, we need to control the bullets, that’s right. I think all bullets should cost five thousand dollars… five thousand dollars per bullet… You know why? Cause if a bullet cost five thousand dollars there would be no more innocent bystanders. “

Now as ridiculous as this joke was (and hilariously funny when you hear the whole thing), something about it resonates.  We need to think differently and take a more nuanced approach to gun violence.   

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LilliV :  SO true. I’ve done ALICE training at work (I work at a college) and the instructor states this every time he does the training. Just because you know how to use a gun, doesn’t mean you know how to use it effectively in a high-stress and chaotic situation.

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wineosaur :  We have ALICE training too. I haven’t done it yet but I know many people who have and I have spoken with the instructors before. They say the same thing. 

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I think the same thing has been said by me and others on this thread and every thread after a mass shooting but people wilfully ignore it. If you are keeping your gun properly locked away what likelihood do you have of reaching it and shooting the intruder before they get to you, especially in the middle of the night. You don’t get a ten minute warning.

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Ok  I stepped away and came back to like 50 flags for this thread, so I’m going to close it now and will have to moderate the comments tonight. 

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