(Closed) Guns- do you/your SO have them?

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fh has like a million and we are putting them on our homeowners insurance! I will learn how to shoot….eventually. Embarassed

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I realize this thread is super old, but the hubby and I just got back from the shooting range so I felt a need to reply. 🙂


I own 1 gun and my husband has several. I have a 380 and had a .40 cal, but our home was broken into and they stole my .40 (this was right before the gun safe arrived). 


I was not raised with guns, but my husband has been shooting since he was 3. My fear of guns came out of ignorance. It took a good year of constantly shooting and handling them before I was truly comfortable with them, enough so to get my own and to get my concealed carry permit. I feel much safer now.

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DH believes in the right to bear arms, though he thinks there’s no need for semi-automatic weapons etc. I personally think the right to bear arms is an antiquated law that goes back to the colonial times when we were constantly afraid of the British or wild animals etc on the frontier. Maybe I’m just too liberal. But I think that if we only allowed guns to the police/military and perhaps for rental at shooting ranges etc, we’d have far fewer shooting sprees (like the high school one, or the one in Pittsburgh recently), accidental shooting deaths, suicides or murder/suicides and the like. I’ve seen one too many suicide attempts and murder/suicide attempts related to guns in my profession (and I imagine most go right to the coroner). And unfortunately, screen/regulate all you want, there’s no good– let alone perfect– way to predict who’ll eventually go crazy and go on a shooting spree. Gun proponents cite their desire to fight crime or protect themselves with guns. But statistically speaking, gun owners are far more likely to die of a suicidal shooting than be in the situation of successfully fighting off a crime. When’s the last time any of us have heard of this scenario in the news, anyway? Also if we simploy said “civilians can’t have them at home period,” why would anyone need them to begin with? If someone comes at you with a knife, knife’em back. Have a big dog. Take up martial arts. But don’t say you need a gun to ward off another person with a gun because, at least to me, the other person never needed that gun to begin with. Guns just make things a bit too easy as far as killing goes. Statistics from across the world are consistent with this. I’ll shut my mouth now before I piss off more people. 🙂

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@pfinarffle:  I’ve recently started thinking that I would like to carry a concealed weapon. I don’t have kids, don’t plan on kids, no kids visit my house, and I would get plenty of training in handling a weapon and encourage my Fiance to do the same.

I have many different jobs right now, but one of them requires me to meet people in their home for an inspection/survey. They must be home at the time and they have to accompany me from room to room. Recently I went to a home where a guy was pretty damn creepy and gave off weird vibes. Stood too close, kept inviting me to sit down and fill out my paperwork on his bed, etc, etc. Everything was ok though and I left safely.

I went home and checked the sex offender registry and what do you know! He was on it for what amounts to forcible rape. (There is no rape charge in PA.)

I agree that a gun should be a last resort, and even in that situation, I would probably be much better off with martial arts training as a first way to respond to a potential attacker. But I don’t think you can say that there is “no need” for guns. Its not my house, I can be overpowered by a much larger man that would easily be able to knock a knife out of my hands, I can’t bring my pit bull to work with me…(not that she’d help, anyway!)

I don’t know about you, but the sight of a gun scares the piss out of me, even when I see it in a police officer’s holster. I doubt firing a weapon would be necessary in most cases of a possible attack, but someone seeing the visual of a gun may be enough to make them back off.

Even in my real estate job, I’m taking people I don’t know very well into vacant houses, alone. It can be an unsafe situation.

I’m for the strictest gun laws that we can get, but I still think that we should be able to own them if we pass all the qualifications. (like, mental health check, gun safety training required, crimal background check, no gun show loopholes, etc.)


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I am in Canada, and I am amazed at how normal it seems to have a gun in the states. I don’t totally disagree with owning a gun. In fact I would like to own one if I were to live in the woods and there were bears and cougars around, but I think Canada has MUCH better rules about gun safelty and concealing them.

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@Candace From BC:  I agree, I had NO idea that it was so common to have/carry a gun in the US!  Not against it, either. Just super shocked/surprised!

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@Roe:  always trust your intuition! I can’t imagine the chills you would get when you find out that kind of information!

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@pfinarffle:  “Also if we simploy said “civilians can’t have them at home period,” why would anyone need them to begin with?”

Because criminals can still get them from the black market/streets/drug lords.  Because they may be family heirlooms passed down from generations past.  Because they are cool tools that are fun to use safely on a gun range.  Lots of reasons!

No matter what the law is, there is no way on EARTH the government can recover all firearms floating out there.  Sure, lots of people abuse them or die from suicide/accidents, and that’s sad.  But, if the bad guys can always get them illegally, I sure as hell want to have one legally!!

We had a partial break in several months ago while we were sleeping.  Nothing ended up happening, but I was sure glad for the handgun my DH was prepared to use if necessary…

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My husband has MANY! We recently bought a safe since we are TTC and I don’t want guns around with a baby. I actually bought my first gun today! Weather is awful and range was packed so I have yet to shoot it.

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Of course I own guns! We have a safe that’s full, and there are usually guns and gun parts found in most areas of the house. (No, we never have kids around the house. If we did, we’d put them up.) He also reloads ammo, so we have a big bench set up for that in the basement office.

Actually, my guy’s first gift to me was a .22 rifle so I could train more new shooters. It’s love. 🙂

I also carry concealed from time-to-time. I used to do it all the time, but with him always armed, I don’t worry about it for myself quite as much. We also set up an airgun range in the house for a while. That was fun.

Before we decided that Hawaii was a better destination location for a wedding, we were considering Montpelier, James Madison’s estate. When we took a tour of it and they took us to the library where they believe Madison wrote the Bill of Rights, he looked at me and said we should get married there. It was so sweet.

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