Guy needs help – will she ever take me back?

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I just read all 6 pages, and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I love seeing all the bees come together for a common cause. [Comment moderated for TOS violation]. 

*moderated* Amanda will never take you back because she knows what we all know, the moment someone else hotter comes along and gives you a need to figure out your feelings (these are all feelings in your Johnson to be clear), you will dump her again. You only want her because you can’t have her. Otherwise, you would have been ready for the I Love You, the commitment talk would have not freaked you out, and the thought of going back to a terrible relationship would have been obscene at the very least. 

Please leave Amanda alone. Let someone who deserves her find her. If you really love her how you are claiming here, you can finally prove it by giving her a chance to be happy. 

As for yourself, get into therapy and figure your shit out. That is the only way you will find your way to happiness. 

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I wouldn’t take someone like you back. I doubt I could trust you ever. 

She is not being mean or rude. I am surprised she didn’t block your number sooner. She is under no obligation to let you explain yourself. When people break up they are not required to spend time with each other anymore and she doesn’t owe you ANYTHING when it comes to explaining why you were pursuing another woman as a friend as cover.

I hope she finds someone who is not looking for the “better deal “ to come along who will rip her heart open and betray her trust so he can make sure that no one else better wants him.


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mikejoneswho :  Just here to join the dogpile… leave Amanda alone, she deserves a lot better than what you have given her.

Waiting until a year in to start talking about stepping up the relationship is not unreasonable or too fast at all, and if you freaked out because of that you were clearly not that into her. You started having second thoughts and “what if” feelings about your ex, so you were cleary not that into her. You hung out with your ex before you broke up with your girlfriend and didn’t even feel bad about it, so you were clearly not that into her. You broke up with your girlfriend so you were clearly not that into her. In fact, nothing you described suggests you were that into your girlfriend at all until your little jaunt with the ex fell through and you realized you were alone. Calling her over and over when she has asked you to stop contacting her is not acting out of love and respect for her, nor does it show any sense of self-awareness or remorse. SHOWING UP AT HER APARTMENT, BY THE WAY, WHEN SHE HAS ALREADY ASKED YOU NOT TO CONTACT HER AGAIN, SOUNDS BAD BECAUSE IT IS BAD. Jesus Christ.

You’re 37, stop acting like a 20 year old who lacks the emotional intelligence to carry a stable relationship. You made so many bad choices along the way, and then you topped it all off by saying she is the one being ridiculous for setting and standing by extremely reasonable boundaries. Time to live with the consequences of your actions! Amanda actually sounds awesome and like someone who knows better than to waste any more time on you.

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