(Closed) Guys, I've been lying to my fiance :( …

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I’m so bad at lying to him. Anyone else, I’m a pro…but with Darling Husband it’s written all over my face. 

I remember we agreed to wait to watch a show together…… I ended up bored at home and watched it by myself. So we’re watching the show together and I end up accidentally telling him what is going to happen and admitting I had already watched it. 

He just laughed at me but I got a glare or two… 

-insert cone of shame-

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I do this sometimes. Ever since we got engaged, my Fiance has amped up his obsession with the gym and while he never says anything negative about my weight gain, he says that he wants me to be “healthy.” I, like you, just have zero motivation. I totally let myself go and gained close to 55lbs over the past two years and I honestly can’t be chuffed to lose it. So sometimes, while my Fiance is at one gym, I’ll lie and say I’m going to my gym…but really I’m going to Target or Goodwill. Or even worse, ACTUALLY going to the gym, but trotting on the treadmill for ten minutes, leaving, and then rewarding myself with a cupcake. He’s never come right out and asked me, but I feel I can only keep this up for so long before he notices I’m GAINING weight, no losing it. 

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Hahaha, this thread is the best. I especially love the caught red handed in the closet eating chocolates one.

I don’t lie about purchases and stuff (our finances are still seperate since we’re not married and don’t live together yet so he has no say in where my money goes!) but I have definitely fibbed about what I ate for meals or how productive I was.

Just this week I told him I was getting all my laundry done but what I meant was I was staring at a pile of my laundry while watching netflix in my pajamas. I have to get it done tonight now so that he isn’t like “uhhh…” when he comes over, haha.

I’m also totally guilty of pretending I was eating something unembarrassing for dinner when really I ate something trashy like frozen mini tacos or bagel bites with a side of microwave popcorn. lol

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Ohh my gosh I can relate to sooo many of these and I love you ladies for sharing!

I don’t usually lie about the gym cuz I NEED to burn calories due to my love of food and we have this health insentive plan where when we workout daily we get points towards cool stuff like iPads, DSLR cameras, etc so I make myself go. 

BUT I have a serious love affair with chips and lots of foods that Darling Husband actually despises and won’t tolerate being around so basically he forces me to eat them in secret!

He won’t get near me if my breath smells like chips/hummus/vinegar so I definitely love eating them when he’s gone and this indulgence goes hand in hand with other guilty pleasures like Kardashians, Fashion Police and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills…

Bless those lonely hours!

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This is hilarious. I CF, but I can proudly say I don’t post on FB about it. I completely understand how that can be annoying as I work out with plenty of people who only post about CF on their page.

Okay, so here’s mine. Pathetic. I have lied before about having to stay an extra day in the town I CF because I was scared he’d think I was obsessed.

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@Sunfire:  I do the “food confessional” too! Though I’m actually looking for absolution from my ‘sins;’ it’s my chance to fess up. Whew. A few Hail Marys and I’m on my way. 

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Haha this thread cracks me up! You ladies are too much

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Hahahahaha!!! This is soooo hilarious!!!! I don’t lie about going to the gym, buttttt…. snicker pods are my weakness and I can’t help myself and Fiance being my conscience would give me the lecture about how I shouldn’t soooo I don’t exactly I just don’t go in to the topic that I ate a whole bag of snicker pods while he was at work haha 

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This reminds me of when my mother and I go shopping together and ALWAYS have lunch out. We get back to my parents house and everytime my father asks if we had lunch out we lie and say “oh we just had a jacked potato”. reality is we have a 3 course meal!

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@Rainstorm77:  “What? This ring? It was like $150$20! I know right? Bargain!

@NekoKitten:  “These shoes? Sweetheart, I’ve had them ages

I definitely do this. Wanna go shopping girls?

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@Mischka:  LOL I’d be banned from ever seeing you again if we went shopping!  I think we’d all be terrible influences on each other. 

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I’ve got a slight head cold but I’ve been pretending to feel much worse than I actually do. This makes me feel less guilty for doing absolutely nothing but lay around all day while he’s been at work. It’s also giving me an excuse to not go with him to a birthday party tonight when he gets home.

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@Rainstorm77:  Terrible, but fashionable, gorgeous and happy!

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My mom told me once when I was younger that if my dad ever asked how much something cost, to say $15. now I use it on Fiance all the time! New shoes? $15! New lamp? $15! one time Fiance goes “$15 must be your unconcious budget because you never buy anything that costs more” haha, yup, you know me!

i also used to do the white lies about eating a healthy lunch….but now we work together, so that’s out!

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