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Sugar bee
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I had the same issues when I started, and I still sometimes feel insecure while working out.  The best thing I did for myself was to not only ask for help, but to share my insecurity with the trainer.  I told them I had gym phobia and they were very encouraging.  They have definately heard the same things from other beginners, so don’t be shy.  They know what will work best for you, so use them!

Best of Luck!  You will do GREAT!

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Busy Beekeeper
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Have the gym folks show you around.  It is so scary, but so empowering.  At my gym they gave me a card to keep track of some goals and progress.  Plus, now I know some friendly faces from going through the orientation. 

Each person’s needs are vastly different, so what I do might not work for someone else.  For example, I don’t lift *any* weights… most people do, I just happen to have different needs.

In the words of the Nike slogan "Just do it!"

You know, as a side note… there is a woman in my yoga class who is probably 100 lbs overweight.  Yoga is such a challenge for her, but man, she is an inspiration to me!  I’m so proud of her, and every time I think of not going to class, I think, "Ah, Michelle is going to be there… I’m going!"  She said she was incredibly nervous at first, but that everyone has been so welcoming and positive.  She did this as a New Year’s resolution, and she’s already down 15 lbs!  Amazing!

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Busy bee
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Good for you!  Does your gym offer one-off personal training sessions?  I know at my gym, you can buy and hour for around $60.  I did it once just to get a set routine.  I still mix it up a little bit, but by explaining to a trainer exactly what I wanted to target, what my goals were, etc., they were able to customize a workout for me.  It is worth the investment, in my opinion!

Here is a workout (lately, at least) for me:

30 minutes on the eliptical machine

3 x 10 reps of these arm exercises

3 x 10 reps on each (push out, squeeze in) of the Hip Abduction machines

3 x 30 reps on the Calve toning machine (very easy, you push on a plate with the balls of your feet)

60 situps with a 2 lb. medicine ball

30 pushups

All in all, it takes about an hour & I try to do it 2 or 3 times per week.



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Helper bee
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When I joined the gym, first thing they did is to weigh me and take my measurements and wrote them down. I was also given a sheet where I need to record everything I eat everyday. My goal was to lose 10 lbs.

The trainer said don’t expect immediate results, sometimes it takes up to 2-3 months before major results will show.

For three months I did this routine:
Monday – one hour weights with trainer
Wednesday – one hour cardio – running or elliptical
Saturday – one hour weights with trainer

In three months I lost about 7-8lbs.

Later on I went on one month no carb diet and continued to run and do weights three times a week without a trainer and lost another 7lbs.

So in a total of 6 months, I lost about 15 lbs.


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Bumble bee
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Good for you for joining a gym!  I definitely second the idea to have someone who works there show you around, to help you set the machines properly.  Form is very important, and you don’t want to get an injury that will slow your momentum. 

I do a strength training class at my gym called "Body Pump," and it’s a great workout.  I’d look into if they offer a similar group class at your gym.  Also, check out http://www.sparkpeople.com— in the fitness section, there are many exercise demonstrations and pages such as this: http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/exercise_demos.asp?exercise_type=upper that will help you build a workout program for yourself.

 I’d also recommend checking out a current issue of SELF magazine, or browse through their website.

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Busy bee
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Well I am quite a gym goer and I love BODYPUMP and SPINNING. I think that classes are great for burning fat and doing a little bit of weights (BodyPump) for tonight. Classes are also great bc you just follow what the instructor tells you to do and won’t allow yourselves the "I can’ts" and you won’t have to wonder what to do bc you are being old what to do so that’s great! Good luck!

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Good work joining a gym!  I actually joined one near me yesterday.  I definitely recommend sparkpeople.com – they have a whole section for brides to be.  I found a great group of women on there last summer and we motivated each other through weekly challenges.  The resources on sparkpeople are great, especially when you’re just starting out and need some help figuring out how it all works. 

PM me if you want to be "workout buddies" and hold each other to workouts via email!  :o)

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Helper bee
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I would even recommend going out and buying some magazine that has some exercises in it if you want to really be economical. I know Women’s Health has had an "ab guide" that has lots of exercise and changing your diet advice. I think prevention magazine sometimes has some things, too.

If all else fails, could you hire a personal trainer to help you once just to show you what to do?  

Good luck!

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Worker bee
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Does your gym have classes?  That might be the best way for you to get ideas without the cost of a personal trainer.  Or like the previous poster said, hire a trainer for a few sessions, just to get a plan down.

 Insecurities are hard to get over, but try not to think of people at the gym as the enemy, they are on the road to a healthier lifestyle just like you are!!

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Sometimes trainers will let you get a group of a few people and then you just each pay your portion of the price.  This might work if you have a few other girlfriends who have the same goals of just general toning etc.  Good luck with the weight loss..the most important thing is finding something you’ll ENJOY so you keep going.  One thing that has worked for me is that I only let myself watch tv (other than the news) if I’ve put in that much time at the gym today.  When I was first starting working out, this really helped me stay motiviated so I could watch wedding shows. 🙂  Now, I work out at least an hour a day, 6 days a week, regardless of if I want to watch something or not.  It sounds stupid, but it worked for me!

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Blushing bee
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congrats on joining a gym!  Everyone had great suggestions… one additional thing that was helpful for me was outlining a home exercise plan too.  Especially when I started out, I found it a lot easier to go and do cardio every other day at the gym, alternating with strength training exercises at home.  There may be some days when you just don’t feel like going, but having something to do at home made me feel like I wasn’t falling off the wagon completely, and kept me motivated through the slow spots.

My favorite piece of equipment at the gym is actually the body ball– one of those giant ones that’s a few feet in diameter.  I use it for crunches, back extensions, lunges, and so much more, since it helps stabilize your core instead of isolating muscles like a machine does.  (If you want one for home, you can get them for about $10-20 anywhere; target or walmart, etc.)

Check out exercises online that have modified versions of exercises for beginner, regular, and advanced.  Those are also helpful in feeling comfortable exercising without overreaching yourself all at once.

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Worker bee
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I second doing some classes – that’s a good way to learn how to do some free weights.

For cardio – I always do intervals no matter what machine I’m using. I find that that gives me faster results than if I just get on the cardio machine and go at a steady pace.

Also, while the weight room can be intimidating, remember that most of the other people there are too focused on what they’re doing to notice what you’re doing… so don’t be shy! Good luck!

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I love taking the gym classes. And it helps if you’ve got a gym buddy to encourage you!

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