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I am really sorry you are going through this.  I am also very glad you told your fiance and that he is supportive and will help you get the help you need.  This is not something that you should be embarrassed about, frankly your old Dr. should because of his indifference. I sincerely wish you the best of luck and I hope they can figure out what your symptoms mean and a course of treatment.  I have been there (the pain) and I sympathize with you totally.  You are NOT alone!

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I am glad to hear your Fiance was so supportive! That is what you need and a doctor who takes you seriously!

Wishing you all the best! Let us know how everything goes (I mean we don’t need a play by play (unless you wyou want to give us one) but hopefully you get a better doc and get some answers!)

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As someone with endometriosis a lot of your symptoms sound like endo.  I would def talk to your gyn about this and request an ultrasound. The pain with urination (assuming this isn’t a UTI but more of pain when you have a full bladder) is a symptom I’ve had when I’ve have really large cystis on my ovary that were pressing on my bladder. But what those symptoms almost match more perfectly than endo is a Fibroid.  If you research it painful sex, fatigue and long periods, urinary symptoms and back pain can all be associated with that as well. An abdominal ultrasound would tell you if you have a fibroid on your uterus or a endometioma. But if it is just endometriosis without a cyst then an ultrasound wouldn’t pick that up. As far as the discharge.. are you very familiar with cervical mucous? A lot of girls that haven’t gotten into the world of TTC aren’t that educated on the normalcy of it and often feel like something is wrong with them when it is perfectly normal and healthy. As for the dark brown/blackish- that is old blood. Sometimes endo has that problem.  I would recommend going to an acupuncturist. That really helps move the blood along so you wont have that and really helps with the pain.  I am really sorry you are going through this. I know it is terrible and “girl problems” often get overlooked as “oh its normal to have cramps when you have your period” but when there is more going on it can really affect your daily life. I hope you get answers soon. Just be very confident when you talk to your doctor and do some research. The more you know about whats going on the more serious they will take your symptoms and do somethng about it.

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I am so glad you are seeing someone! I spent YEARS with different doctors trying to figure out what the pain I had was. I was diagnosed with IBS, then food allergies and ultimately endometriosis. 

I had surgery to remove most of it, and even though I still have painful periods I dont live in pain constantly now which is so freeing.

I would keep trying with doctors until you get an answer – dont give up because one doctor brushes you off. 

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I agree with this; another condition which sprung to mind is ovarian cysts/PCOS. My main reasons for this is that often women with endo have fairly regular cycles; whereas women with fibroids or cysts tend to be more irregular. The dark discharge is also not an endo symptom, but would tie in with a cyst or fibroid (incidentally, a clear (it might look white on underwear when it dries) odourless discharge is pretty normal; it’s nothing to worry about).

To get a diagnosis of PCOS or fibroids, you should have blood tests (these should be taken at two different points in your cycle to measure hormone levels) and a scan; ideally, a transvaginal (internal) one. If these tests come back clear, they pretty much rule out cysts or a fibroid as in almost all cases these show on scans; however, clear scans and bloods do not rule out endo, which can only be definitively diagnosed through a surgical procedure called a laparoscopy.

I’ve had endo from the age of 11, and was diagnosed 5 years ago; if you’d like any advice, or have any questions, please let me know, as I’d be happy to help 🙂

Good luck, and keep us posted x

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