Had my ring checked and my “diamonds” = moissanite. Limited communication now…

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I’m really sorry for all this trouble.  At this point I’d seek to get my money back and not even deal with them anymore.

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I would file with your bank for a refund since the vendor is now not communicating with you. 

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I’m sorry this is happening to you, but like a PP said, get the charges reversed on your CC and get your money back.

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Well, the plot thickens.

Maybe your thread will wake people up to the fact that Moissanitco is perfectly comfortable with shady behavior. I don’t believe for one hot second that they didn’t know your ring was moissy. They were either deliberately trying to trick you or they have absolutely no one in quality control. Obviously neither option is going to instill faith in the company.

What a mess, but. I’m sure they’ll find a way to spin it that makes it not their fault. They could take a page out of Bill Clinton’s book: “It all depends on your definition of diamond”. Or Trump’s: “We have the absolute best sidestones anywhere. No one can tell what they are!”. Blaming the supplier? Please. They’re insulting your intelligence. I wonder how many others have unknowingly had this occur. Time for a full refund or contest the charge on your credit card.

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And the MoCo crap continues.  I remember the first post by @hissoon and all the drama that created.  It was all I needed to decide that I would never want to do business with them and now here is more confirmation.  I’m very sorry you’re dealing with this, and hope your able to find satisfactory resolution.

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acg90 :  I’m so sorry you’re having this experience.

Is there a number you can call so you can talk to someone directly and get immediate answers?  I’d probably just ask for my money back if I were you, order a loose stone (from another vendor probably, due to the bad taste I’d have in my mouth, but a loose moissy from MoCo if that’s still your preference) and then have a different, more reputable, company set the stone in a diamond setting.

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acg90 :  oh man, that really sucks!

Can you contact your credit card and tell them the story, if you continue to get no reply?

Cus I mean, the bare points as I see it are:

– they sold you diamonds but send you moissanites.

– they claimed it was a mistake when YOU discovered the lie, so you agreed to return the ring for an exchange.

– It has been 3 months and you have no ring, no refund.. and with some googling you’ve realized that this is not a one time mistake: they make it common practice to send moissanites despite selling “diamonds”.  They only fix the “mistake” when someone calls them out, otherwise they get away with the scam.  You told them given the delay and the new information you no longer feel comfortable working with them and would like a refund.

– You have waited X days for them to respond to your request for a refund and they’ve gone completely silent on you.  You are very nervous now.  


And then just.. see what your credit card says.  (Paypal also has a dispute system for this).  I don’t know what a CC will do but I know paypal would contact MoCo, give them a set amount of time to respond (a few weeks I think?) and if they don’t respond, or cannot respond satisfactorily, paypal will give you a full refund.  CC, I assume, would do something similar.

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acg90 :  I am so sorry you’re going through this. I’m sure you saw my posts from the other thread, and I actually started 2 of my own that I managed to get shut down. LOL. I hope they resolve the issue by fixing the ring in a timely manner or refunding your money if you prefer. I’d try calling them directly and asking what’s going on. If that doesn’t work, I second disputing it with your credit card company. I emailed them back and forth for weeks continually and never had an issue with my Yahoo account, so that sounds like a load of bull in my opinion. If they had problems with their server or something, that’s one thing, but to blame it on your email domain? Get real. 

Again, I am so sorry and please keep us posted on what happens! I’m sure this thread will help a lot of others too so thank you for starting it! They troll this site so don’t be surprised if they contact you now. Might even offer something for you to delete the thread. I heard this is common for them unfortunately. 

ETA: Wait, they don’t have a phone number????? I seriously can’t with them. Ridiculous. 

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acg90 :  I’m going to say this to you as one of the customers that had issues with them. THEY’LL ONLY CARE ABOUT YOU IF YOU MAKE A THREAD ON A POPULAR SITE. Plan and simple. I had issues with my engagement ring. The stone was much darker in the center than I’ve seen on other stones. I contacted them before making any thread. They seem helpful at first then the communication slowed down or non-existence. The only way I got a reply back was when I made a thread about it on WB. They were much more helpful after that. But the helpfulness level depends on if you’re willing to delete the thread and how much attention is coming to your thread. I could not delete my thread. I even warned them to watch their customer service because we can no longer delete our threads willy nelly on here. They were still willing to help, but you could tell the eagerness wasn’t as before.

I saw HISSOON’s topic came on about her side stones. At that point, they had my ring and I was in the process of getting my main stone changed. I asked them about my side stones. Granted, I didn’t have my ring with me at the time so I couldn’t take them to go get tested. But my sidestones were supposed to be diamonds. They explained to me they are REAL DIAMONDS, just LAB diamonds. But I told them that was pretty much lying by omission because no one is assuming them to be LAB diamonds, but REAL mined diamonds. At the end I just asked for my entire refund back. It wouldn’t have matter to me if the side stones were fake or real IF I HAD KNOWN PRIOR TO. But I had my fiance purchased it thinking they were real and thinking the company was on the up and up. I didn’t like that I was lied to and I didn’t like that what was supposed to be a special symbol in my relationship has now been tainted. I was already tired with dealing with my MAIN stone issue and now I didn’t want to deal with my SIDE stones issue as well. So I flat out asked for a full refund. I’ll give them credit that they did agree and gave us our full refund back. BUT AGAIN, I don’t know if they did that because of all the hoopla happening with HISSOON’s thread or if they truly would have done so if I wasn’t a member of this board. 

I had no intention of saying any of this about MoissaniteCo because we resolved our issue and I have been pretty silence about it til now, but it’s getting ridiculous of how their customer service is if they’re ignoring you. Like, did they NOT LEARN?

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acg90 :  I’d probably write them a detailed email of the ordeal and request a refund. You are fully within your rights to get a refund on a product that was not as delivered. If they refuse, I’d start a chargeback complaint with your credit card company.

Then, I would get a new ring from elsewhere. There are plenty of moissanite dealers and jewelers who work with moissanite that aren’t shady AF.

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