Had my ring checked and my “diamonds” = moissanite. Limited communication now…

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acg90 :  I’m so sorry you’re going through this. File a charge back with your credit card. They do not need anyone else’s hard earned money. What they are doing is INTENTIONAL AND SHADY AS HELL. If you’re still thinking of moissanite after this, I highly highly recommend Joseph Schubach Jewelers. 

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Start cc’ing your fiance on your emails so you have proof that the emails go out and are received elsewhere. The whole spam folder schtick is fake news. 

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acg90 :  I’m not saying all the negative reviews got deleted. But a lot of bees on here have suspicious they get delete for whatever reasons. I know I did my research on here before making the purchase and I BARELY saw any. 

I’m sorry you’re having a negative feelings toward it now. I was in the same boat. It’s one thing if a company cheated just me. But I was the one who told my Fiance about the company and I was the one putting his hard earn money at risk. So I felt even worse that they he might be getting lie to as well.

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It really is a shame because the customer service I initially received was fantastic. I wouldn’t have given it a second thought had they disclosed the whole “lab created diamonds.” I’m fine with that, just be up front. The fact is it’s a lie by omission.

But this whole deal with everyone getting moissanite instead of even lab diamonds, blows my mind. So…the invoice says diamonds. You got moissanite. That’s 2 steps below what you initially thought you would be getting. And they blamed the diamond supplier? Are you freaking kidding me??? This isn’t the first time they’ve not accepted blame for something that is so obviously their fault.

I don’t know if you read about my experience with getting quotes from them, but to make a long story short, I had them clarify TWICE that the ring would be “all diamonds” which in my mind equals earth mined. They verified that was correct. Twice. Even stated the color and clarity just like your invoice. Had I given them my money and started the process like I was about to (luckily I never got a response to the email I sent regarding the down payment/CAD fee) I would’ve been enraged. Again, lies by deception and omission.

I’d be quite concerned the ring I got back still didn’t have what the invoice says…natural earth mined diamonds. I don’t think I’m the only one that reads “diamonds” and assumes they’re natural. So the whole excuse of “they are diamonds, just created in a lab” is an absolute cop out. Have they clarified if that is what you will, in fact receive? Or are you going to get lab created side stones even though the invoice never specified anything of the sort?

Geez they get my blood boiling so I cannot imagine how you must feel. Another life changing proposal that’s supposed to be so exciting, ruined by the #moissanitemafia. I am so very sorry!!!

Saw your tag, btw. LOVE IT! Haha!!!! That was one of my finer moments. 

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acg90 :  Oh my gosh, the SAME thing happened to me with the tags! I have absolutely no idea how they got on my thread!!! That’s really weird. As far as I knew only the OP could add tags. 

That’s great that they’re making it right and using what you originally were invoiced for. I hope you get it and love it, and if you don’t I hope they honor the refund request if you choose that route! Sounds like you’re having an easier time thatn some of the others. Good for you, but not so good for them 🙁 It just all makes me wonder how many people are walking around with something different than what they paid for and they don’t even know. Only a minute fraction of their customers frequent these forums. Can you imagine if they go to sell it one day! 

Did they provide an ETA for the new ring? 

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danaberries :  I don’t even understand why they would try to maximise their profit by such a small margin. If you look at eBay you can by bags of fairly ok quality  tiny melee diamonds for $100 and the bags contain like 200 plus diamonds. Honestly at that pricing a ring will cost 10 to 20 dollars more at the most to make if they use diamonds as they state they do. It’s such a negligible amount that most people will happily pay $1510 instead of $1500 for a ring. They’ve been deceptive to literally save pennies to the point that now they’ve actually harmed their business irreparably. A lot of people may seek refunds now based on dodgy deceptive practices or seek a fix for the ring which will now cost MCo more than the $10 they deceptively tried to save originally.😕

Ironically the fact that they use lab grown side stones could have been used as a positive and didn’t require the level of  underhanded deception that they’ve utilized. Many people who buy moissy do so because they don’t want to buy into the negatives of the diamond industry. They could also have optioned up for an inflated cost if a customer wanted natural diamonds. It’s really a win win situation in that case. It costs them $20 more to use diamond side stones instead of lab and they charge a diamond wanting customer $200 more thereby making a $180 increased profit.

The whole situation is a disgrace and MCo should be penalised for their deceptive and outright dodgy practices!!!!.

OP, I hope you get your ring back to your specification ASAP. I personally would dispute this with my CC company because I wouldn’t want to deal or give money to such a disgusting company even if it means sacrificing the sentimental value of the ring. 

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acg90 :  “I do email them sometimes and don’t get a reply or they tell me my stuff went to spam.”

Don’t let them fob you off with that excuse. If they said they repeatedly didn’t see your email because their computer was broken, would you accept that? No, it would just mean they are unprofessional. Same if they won’t fix their email problem.

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I knew I couldn’t have been the only one out there going through this Moissanite instead of diamond issue! We got our rings the same week too. I just received my new one and it’s supposed to have been changed to natural diamonds as well. I’ll have to wait til the weekend to get them checked again. But natural diamonds should have no reason whatsoever to test as anything other than diamonds I think. 

I hope it works out for you. I completely understand the feelings toward your ering now. Even with the issues I was completely in love with my old ring because that’s the one my fiancé proposed with. It was just special. So far I’ve only felt sad about this new one. It’s not the same as the prior one. Minor details are changed but I noticed them right away. It’s just a different ring 🙁 hopefully I’ll get used to it, love it and not see chaos. 

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GET YOUR MONEY BACK if they offer it.  Just steer clear.  I am SO disappointed to hear yet another side stone bait and switch story about them.  I will no longer defend them for quality or product.

go go #moissanitemafia [great tag btw @michellelynn9175]

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marriedalready69 :  Haha! Glad you appreciate that 😆 

To the OP, I so hope you get it and love it! I also hope there’s no stigma attached to it and you can move on. 

To the 3 Bees in here that have had issues…what style rings did you all get? Is there a common denominator here? 

hissoon :  acg90 :   luckyrabbit :  

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