Had my wallet and almost $1,000 stolen :(

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Girl, why did you have so much cash on you? Not blaming you or anything but that seems pretty rare in these days of plastic. I have had good luck with it being returned before. Leave a note with all the shops you were in. Also check Craigslist because sometimes people post lost/found there. You might also consider posting your own ad with a small reward. People will surprise you!

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Go to the Mall customer service — they have a lost and found, too. It isn’t tied to a store so if someone found it in a walk way or the food court or something, they can turn it in there.

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I thought I lost a GC once with a huge balance, turns out I had put it somewhere at home and it wasn’t in my wallet like I had thought, so I know how you feel.

I have returned numerous wallets before and I used to leave my purse in one class all the time and it would get returned to me with nothing missing, so there’s hope!

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I dropped my wallet at a restaurant while visiting Niagara Falls several years ago. It had about $250 cash and a few uncashed birthday checks in it (probably totaling $60 or so). I was sooo upset the whole trip because I lost it on the first day and it contained all of my Christmas and birthday money! I was like 12 so I never thought to not keep that much cash on me. BUT having those uncashed checks in there saved me because some nice person picked it up, mailed it to my uncle in Virginia who had written one of the checks, and he mailed it back to me in Indiana with all the money in it!


Also, a few years ago, SO had about $800 cash in his wallet that he had withdrawn to pay for repairs on his car. We stopped at the mall to grab some things from Target on our way to pick up his car, and he dropped his wallet. Some nice elderly man returned it to the mall office and they called SO to tell him his wallet had been returned. All of the money was still in it.


I found a wallet in the locker room at my gym with a huge wad of cash in it. I returned it, no question, because karma treated me well in the past and obviously because it’s the right thing to do!

So there ARE good people out there! I hope someone finds your wallet and returns it with your money and cards in it! It may come back to bite them in the butt if they don’t!Foot in Mouth

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I’m so sorry. It truly is a gut wrenching feeling. A few summers back I lost my coach wristlet at the county fair. It had cash and all my cards inside. I was most upset about the wristlets as it was gift from Fiance. I even went as far as to look in trash cans to see if someone took the $$$ and ditched the purse.

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On our way home from NC after Christmas, my husband left his iPhone in the rest stop bathroom. Realized it 2.5 hours later. We have a tracking app on it (find my iPhone) and saw it was moving, and it was about 30-45 minutes behind us. We called and texted it repeatedly. We could see the texts were read with read receipts yet they weren’t responding, so we felt the person who had it was not going to do the “right thing”. We pulled off and sat in a parking lot waiting for it to get close… I’m not even sure what our plan was going to be after that LOL but it was a damn miracle the person who picked it up was heading the same direction we were after 2.5 hours! We started “setting the phone off” (an alert comes up that says “find my iPhone”) and we are pretty sure it spooked the guy out because he finally called and said he would overnight it, just wanted me to text his personal number my address. Um no thanks. I used the opportunity to politely let him know there was a tracking app on the phone and we could see where he was. Backtracked about 10 miles (and paid a single toll 3 times

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I’m so sorry!!! I really hope that it is returned to you! I personally think it’s so despicable when people don’t return a wallet! It’s awful..

Awhile ago, I was in disneyland with my family. And my Dad found a wallet on the ground in one of the ride lines. He looked up and down this super long line calling the man’s name until he found him. He returned his wallet (full of a couple THOUSAND dollars) and the man didn’t say anything! He thought my Father had pickpocketed him! Even though my Dad returned his wallet with everything in it, of course! I was super little so I remember thinking “How rude! Dad should have thrown out the wallet!”  

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Idk where the rest of my post went! But the point was I know your purse doesn’t have a tracking device, just thought I’d throw in some good vibes. Unfortuntely cash and gift cards are untraceable (unless you happened to have wrote down all of the numbers and pins — I know some people who do that. Then you can report them stolen to the company and they’ll issue you another one). Just have to hope it fell into the hands of a good person.

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I’ve gotten purses and wallets back, but never with the money still in them… So I hope you’re luckier than me!

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@MissSweetiepie:  There are some really nice people out there! I’m hoping one of those kind hearted people finds your stuff or your wallet and gets it back to you.

I lost my wallet once in a small village in Switzerland, and didn’t realize until there was no way we could go back and search. While I was lucky enough to have stashed my passport/emergency money and cards in another bag, by the time I got home, my wallet had been mailed to my home address in Canada! There was no note and no return address, and everything but a small amount of cash was there. At first I thought it was odd that some money was missing, but then I realized that they used my own cash to mail me the wallet. It made me feel so much better, and I wish I could find that person to hug them!

Another time, I left an entire bag at a campsite in northern Ontario. I actually went back to the same site on a canoe trip a year later and my bag had been stashed in the park ranger office. There weren’t a lot of traditionally valuable items in there, but there were definitely things that would be valuable to someone going through that area! I’m shocked no one helped themselves to a butane bottle or two, LOL.

I’m pretty paranoid with making sure my belongings are safe and with me at all times now, but I’ve gotten pretty lucky in the past. I hope you have a similar experience!

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