(Closed) Had to share. . . the things FIs say . . .

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Honey bee
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LOL that’s so funny!

My Fiance made me laugh the other day too – he was flipping through one of my bridal magazines and pointing out dresses he liked/didn’t like. He kept saying “Oh, I like that one, but I don’t like the bottom” to all of the ones with trains.

Finally I said “What do you have against trains?”

He said “Well, won’t you step on it when you’re dancing at the reception?!”

I had to explain to him the concept of the bustle, and now he’s a fan of trains, haha!! Smile

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Sugar bee

That’s funny!  My husband and I determined that engraving our rings wasn’t worth it.  I fully expect him to lose his ring at some point! 🙂 My husband occasionally watches “Say Yes to the Dress” with me and told me that he thinks dresses with pick-ups look like “crumpled pieces of paper”.  Boys!

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Helper bee

Sometimes the boy says things and I find myself thinking “what is wrong with you, of course you need chair covers, engraved rings, etc etc…”  and then I remember… guys dont really think about those things, so maybe im expecting too much from him.  I think we all want the answer from our man that one of our girlfriends would give us, and in my case at least, thats never gonna happen!! LOL

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Helper bee
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Yeah, I just think that guys are on a WHOLE different wave-length some days…or all the time…LOL!

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Buzzing bee
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LOL, I was telling Fiance about the large moss letters I needed to make to hang on the church doors…


FI- “What?  I dont get it…moss??”

Me; “intead of wreaths…our initials”

Fiance “Cant wait to see that…<sarcastic>

as he sees me making them

Fiance: That moss is gonna be SO brown by the time you hang it in 4 days!

Me: Its preserved moss…this is the color it stays

Fiance: Oh…

after theyre done and I have them hanging off the shower rod (as our dog frantically keeps trying to eat them..)

Fiance:  Those look REALLY nice!  I love them!  Man you’re good…


<sigh>  love him

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Buzzing bee
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Umm…my husband pointed out a dress the other day and said it would make my chest look good, so I should get that. LOL He is totally not like that either! Oh well, I bet you know what dress I’m on the hunt for now. Good boobage and a cute dress? Yes please!

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Bumble bee
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Upon explaining that the civil ceremony at San Francisco City Hall will conclude with “By the powers vested in me by the State of California, I now pronounce you man and wife,” he looked at me frantically, “when do I get to kiss you?” I said he could just kiss me at the end – “I have to remember??” 

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Honey bee
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I’m rarely full of mushy sentiments, but today I just felt the urge to gush to my Fiance about how much I love him. I was basically spewing out stuff you’d say for your vows & he replies with:

“Awesome. Hey I gotta go move my car.”

WHAT?! lol I just started laughed and called him on it for NOT listening. Then he pretended he was listening & followed it with “Aww. I love you too babe”. Thanks.

The next time he’ll hear me say anything warm & fuzzy will be on our wedding day lol. Hopefully he’ll be listening. 🙂 

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Bee Keeper
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when hubby and i were considering having a wedding i was showing him the budget and he freaked out about the $5K flower budget and actually said “cant you go to coles and buy some flowers and put them together”

he really thought we could get away with $20 in flowers


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Busy bee
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haha that is SO FUNNY!

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Helper bee
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So this one is not wedding related…This morning when I woke up, Mr Paris and I had switched sides of the bed during the night.  I asked him how that happened and he said I kept pushing him over so he eventually got up and changed sides to have more room.  To which I jokingly replied, “But I’m so little, how could I push you that much?”.  (Note: I am almost a foot shorter than Mr. Paris) His reply: “You’re not that little, we’re the same width!”

Gee, thanks honey! 

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Sugar bee
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@Miss Paris, I have the same problem with Mr Moo! Only apparently what I do is lie diagonally on the bed so his choice becomes a) bunched up at the top of the bed on his side or b) bunched up at the bottom of the bed on my side. I also have a tendency to steal the duvet 🙂 

Today I had a good one. I saw these cute little DIY scratch cards (both Mr Moo and I enjoy doing the lottery so I thought it’d be a cute idea).

Me: Hey Mr Moo! What about DIY scratch cards for added fun?

Mr Moo: Yeah sure.

Me: Don’t you like them? 

Mr Moo: Ehhh….

Me: Did you even look at the picture?

*Mr Moo looks at the picture, says nothing, goes back to doing his thing*

Me: Ok then.

**10 minutes later**

Mr Moo: So what could we use them for anyways?

Me: ??

Mr Moo: The scratch cards.

Me: You mean you like them?

Mr Moo: Well I didn’t say no did I?

*facepalm*. Yes darling. But you didn’t say yes either! Turns out he just had to think about it… for 10 minutes. Love him.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2010

@MissMoo – Mr Paris is the cover stealer in our house, which is odd considering that he doesn’t like to be covered when he sleeps!

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: July 2010

@Miss Paris. Silly men! But that’s why we love them so right? 😉

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