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@amoret11:  First… don’t stress! Stress is bad for your body and ironically your hair. 

Your not going bald. Everyone goes through periods of shedding and new growth every few years where for a while we lose more hair than normal but it’s only enough to be noticable not enough to thin out your hair to an extreme point. Also we lose tons of hair everyday, up to 200 strands but we don’t notice it because it happens when were in the shower, walking around, brushing our hair. If you wear your hair up then take it down after a full day of having it up that might make you notice you have lost quite a few strands just because your seeing it. I notice it a lot in the shower and after I brush my hair… I mean I lose so much hair everyday it’s crazy! My hair is really long though and I have sooo much! When you have a lot of hair you tend to lose a lot of hair and when you have long hair it looks like your losing more than you are too because it’s just so long. Does any of that make sense? It’s a lot of things that added all together really seem like they are a scary problem (I’ve been there too, I did a ton of research) but it’ll slow down. Just remember not to get too stressed. 

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Hair shedding can be caused by many things, INCLUDING stress. So first, try and relax 🙂 

If you’re truly worried, go to your doctor and have him/her test your thyroid (simple blood test). Underactive thyroids can cause hairloss in women. And that can be controlled with simple meds.

Also, it’s natural to start losing hair as you get older. You’ll notice your ponytail is a lot thinner when you’re 27 than when you were 17.

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Exactly what these bees have said! We go through shedding seasons just as cats and dogs do, and stress can make your hair fall out. 

Supplements such as Vitamin A, B,C, and E, silica, Omega 3 fatty acids, lysine and protein,  can prevent hair loss and can strengthen the hair folicle. I used to lose a lot of hair (through bleaching, colouring and straightening) and I started taking a supplement for it and it worked amazingly Smile You could also do a scalp massage with grapeseed oil or avocado a few times a week, just before shampooing your hair, which will help aid in the growth of new hairs. It’s so good (I think a lot better than some salon treatments) and it’s so cheap! Laughing Also, if you tie your hair up a lot, it could be weakening the roots of your hair. Make sure that you don’t tie it up for too long or too many days, and also get snag free hair ties. 

It sounds like theres nothing to worry about too much though! When your hair is long and thick it’ll seem like a lot of hair is falling out, but it’s normal with longer hair. 

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I have long thick hair too that I don’t colour and I go through stages when it seems like it is falling out, especially when I shower and condition it it just seems to be all coming out in my hand. My friend is the same and her hair is also really long and thick.

Try not to worry because stress doesn’t help, and if it carries on go to your doctor for some peace of mind. x

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