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Have you tried taking Biotin pills?  I’ve had some hair loss due to stress.  My hair is a lot thinner than it used to be but I read thatt Biotin pills will help thicken your hair.  It’s worth a try.  Have you seen a doctor?  Any suggestions from him/her?

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@soon2beMRSgq:  Stress is definitely a factor.  I’ve had moments where I lost a lot of hair, too.  I freaked out and went straight to the dermatologist.  She said to take biotin pills, eat healthy and just be patient.  //  I know it sucks right now but I’m sure you’re the only one who notices the hair loss.  Good luck!

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If your hair has been thinning and is brittle or damaged, I would not recommend the bonded typ, as they will put considerable strain/stress on the hair you already have to carry the weight (I’m a hair dresser and MUA).  The clip ins are smart you can take them off when you’re at home and give your hair a rest, or sport a half wig if you feel uncomfortable with the amount of hair you’ve lost and need something in between while yours grows back.

Most of all, love yourself.  With ir without your hair, you are still a beautiful, unique person, and an outcropping of dead keratinized protein cannot define you.  It” grow back.  And if it’s too slow or is having trouble, then you can save yourself the trouble of having to deal with natural hair and have fun playing with the alternatives!  There are always options.  Don’t feel down on yourself or like less of a bride.  Your hubby to be still sees you as a the most beautiful bride of all–HIS!

Best of luck!! <3

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are you using extensions? I’m mixed and recently my curls have gotten tighter (not sure why-maybe because i’m getting older?) which i then retexturized (kinda like straightening). didnt work, anyway long story short- a year later when i take shower my hair coming out in straight clumps! I used a v05 hot oil treatment, deep conditioned, and started taking 3 vitamins (a womens one a day, folic, iron supplement). Within just a week i’ve noticed a BIG change!  

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My hair started falling out last August, due to medication I was taking. I’m off the medication now, and, after looking like it might be getting better, it is falling out again. My wedding is in less than 4 months. I am going to wait until July to figure out what to do. I would have bought a top piece, but they are expensive where I live, and my hair is shorter than I wish it was.  I will probably go the clip in extension route. I’m glad your extensions made you feel better, soon2beMRSgg!


Does anyone have any advice for thinness around the part? I know extensions will help with volume, but my wider part bugs me.


Also, Eden di Bianco: What a lovely thing to post! πŸ™‚

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Hey there! I left another post for hairloss, so I’ll help you out too! πŸ™‚ Go to heralopecia.com (wigs and extensions) for more info on female hairloss. My hair has been falling out since I was 17 (I’m 32 now) and I wear a human hairpiece which I bond to the perimeter of my noggin! It looks pretty realistic (at least no one has spotted it and said anything to me lol). I would suggest maybe a clip in topper for you, if it’s just your part that is bugging you. You can do all kinds of neat things for your hair depending on the extent of your hairloss.

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I’ve lost hair twice, once while in grad school (stress), and once right after going off the pill (horomone readjustment) which added skin breakouts to the mix as well… both times it totally sucked. But the happy news is, that it’s all grown back, and skin is much better. I take several supplements separately bc I’m allergic to something in most multi-V’s: 

1) Viviscal – Promotes hair growth

2) Hair & Nail Supplement – Promotes hair & nail growth

3) Vitamin D – Helps prevent hair loss

4) Vitamin C – Strengthens immune system

5) Vitamin B Complex – Strengthens Immune system, Skin & Hair

6) Evening Primrose Oil – Helps skin

7) Women’s Balance Supplement – Calming and helps stabilize hormonal fluctuations

So I recommend the above for regrowth (and try not to over brush, style, or shampoo… you may need to switch products till your hair gets back to normal) And as far as extension, I second @Eden Di Bianco the bonded type are really bad for your hair, and a pain in the arse to keep looking nice (it’s like having doll hair attached to you even if it’s real hair), and they leave your hair in poor condition when they come off. The clip in kind is the way to go. Just get 1-2 rows, and maybe a couple of small side pieces if you want extra volume. 

Sorry you’re going through this πŸ™ It will all be okay… worst case scenario maybe consider a bridal fascinator headpiece? 

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Blushing bee

I am really sorry you are going through this. Hair loss is a big deal no matter if you are a guy or a girl. 

I had he problem a couple of years ago due to emotional problems and the more hair I lost the more anxious I got. It was really stressful to see my hair thining. I thought people were looking at my hair all the time…

I took vitamins and used special shampoos. I did all test imaginable (hormone dosage, blood screens) but the doctor told me there was nothing else to do other than wait for it to go away…

Hang in there and use whatever you need to to feel better πŸ™‚

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Me me me me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It happened because of a combo of the depo shot and crazy stress. I saw my gyno, MD, and a dermatologist about it. Here’s what I ended up with. 


1. Nioxin shampoo and conditioner for thinning hair.

2. biotin supplement.

3. prenatal vitamins.

4. rogain for men (unless you’re pregnant- if thats the case use the womens version, otherwise my derm. said the mens is better). 

I’ve been on this regimen (besides the rogaine) for about 3 weeks now and I’m noticing that my hair is growing more and falling out less. 

ETA: like other bees, my doctors also told me the only thing to do was calm down and wait it out. My derm. told me that because of the depo, it would be about a year before it was normal again (I stopped the depo about 2 weeks ago). Sad news, but the remedies they did give me have helped.

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I’m dealing with a bit of hair loss too. At first I freaked out and of course everyone is telling me it’s not that bad. I’m more worried about how much worse it can get down the road. I’ve always had thin hair. After my hair started thinning, meaning I can look straight in the mirror and see my scalp at the root from the front of my head to the middle of my head. I noticed how thin my moms hair got, so I’m domed based off of genetics.

I went to the doctor

I had my Iron, Ferritin, thyroid gland checked. Everything came back fine. I haven’t really changed my diet. I did get engaged but I haven’t been stressed out at all. So I guess it’s just genetically time for me, oh and I’m 29. My dermatologist recommend Rogaine, he said the men’s is better than the women’s. He said once I start to take it then I can’t stop, so I decided to try other options first. 

Products I’ve started taking.

Nature’s Bounty® Hair Skin and Nails, 250 Caplets – (this has 5000 mcg of Biotin per pill. I take 3 pills a day)      http://www.costco.com/Nature's-Bounty%c2%ae-Hair-Skin-and-Nails%2c-250-Caplets.product.11618120.html

Nioxin – Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Treatments (Thinning hair, fine and color treated) I’m sure coloring my hair isn’t helping at all, but I started getting gray hair in the 6th grade. Some women can get away with the gray look, but I’m not ready yet at 29.     http://nioxin.com/en-US/products/product-system-kit-page.aspx?id=83

Moroccan Oil – Light treatment (better for fine hair)http://www.moroccanoil.com/usa/h_us_en/moroccanoilr-treatment-light-110

I’m also planning on starting a deep conditioning mask 20 minutes monthly. I bought one from my stylist, but I can’t remember what it is. Sorry


I did take a before picture to see if these products would help. I have been taking them for over 2 months and haven’t noticed any change in my thinning in the front of my scalp. My soon to be hubby said he’s noticed less hair in the shower drain. I have also noticed less shedding. But no regrowth.

My hair is about 5″ past my shoulders, I’ve decided to buy hair extensions for my wedding. This is where I’m getting mine http://www.bellamihair.com/

I have decided that my next step will be Rogaine. My wedding is coming up in about 2 months. I would start Rogaine now, but I heard it takes three months for new growth. We want to start trying to build our family in about 5 – 6 month which I would need to stop the Rogaine if I got pregnant.

So for now I will continue taking my supplements until I find out I’m pregnant.


Oh, I was previously taking prenatal pills because I heard they were good for your hair, but my doctor said I should switch to the Nature’s Bounty with more Biotin in them.  He told me to switch back later when we are trying to get pregnant.

I will check back in a few month closer to my wedding if I have any updates.

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@soon2beMRSgq:  My ex-friend experienced significant hair loss from her eating disorder. She got tested for everything under the sun, including thyroid and hormone issues. However, the ED was the culprit. She just wore headbands and dealt with it. The doctor said it would eventually come back.

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