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@chillinchillin:  Ugh that sucks! I know exactly how you feel with butchered hair cuts. Last time I got “layers” I got about 5 layers on one side and 2 on the other… growing that out sucked!


And I’m dealing with growing out side bangs right now. So frustrating…they just BARELY don’t fit into a ponytail or anything else. My hair naturally hangs forward into my face too!! I really didn’t know that was a “thing” until you described it and I’m like me too! I thought it was just me lol

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@chillinchillin:  I have thick ringlets so naturally it takes a professional to know how to cut my hair (curly hair should always be cut in layers). One day I cheaped out and went to a different salon. This lady cut my hair straight across the bottom, just straight across. Short too, because she didn’t take into account that it would lose about 2 inches as it dried. I asked her to straighten it. She proceeded start blow drying my hair without putting any product in it and using the wrong kind of brush. I told her to forget it, threw $10 at her, and went home with a half dry, half wet head. 

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@chillinchillin:  I had a spiral perm done some years back, I wanted a curl to control my curl.  The lady fried my hair,  It started breaking off at the roots.  My scalp felt like a mans side burns from the excessive breakage.  I WAS SOOO PISSED!!  Needless to say, I went from hair down to my butt, to very short hair.  

I do not allow anyone EXCEPT my regular beautican touch my hair anymore.  Which here lately (since she is out on maternity leave) my hair looks terrible because it hasn’t been done in over a month.  But I refuse to let anyone else touch my hair!!

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I got perms every other year from 10-17.  I loved it and my hair held it really well.  When I was 14 though, I went to a new salon to have it done (my other stylist was on maternity leave or something) and the stylist didn’t do 1/3 of the right side of my head right and it didn’t curl.  No idea why and it looked horrible.  So, I went back in the next day to have her fix it.  She left the solution on for too long and BURNED this whole patch of my hair off.  To fix it, she cut ALL my hair to chin length, but because it was curly, it shrunk an inch and a half and I had a fro.  I got called a boy for weeks! 

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Here’s a little trick for your bangs: after you wash your hair, section out your bangs and finger comb them to the opposite side that they’re supposed to fall on (so my bangs are supposed to lay from right to left, so I push them to the right) and blow dry them like that, pushing them that way as you dry them. When they’re dry, just flip them back the way they’re supposed to go.

ETA: Hair horror story! When I was 14, I wanted to dye my hair pink. The place I was going to wouldn’t do it, but my grandma’s hair dresser would. She bleached my hair with off-scalp only bleach, which left me with prety bad burns on the back of my neck and by my ears. The color was so-so (she mixed it herself). After the burns healed and the color had faded, I went and bought an on/off scalp bleach kit and dye from Hot Topic and did it myself. It turned out about 100 times better and no burns.

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Fall of freshman year of college, new city and new stylist.  Asked for my hair to be trimmed to a chin-length bob, which is how I had worn my hair for a few years.  Stylist cuts it ear length.  No, my ears do not hang low; he cut my hair significantly shorter than I asked.  Nothing like being a shy person in a new place trying to make friends and feeling self-conscious about my hair.  After that I got my hair cut at home during breaks until after college.


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i am hair dresser, i myself have never had a hair horror, i have seen my fair share in the salons ive worked in.

this is the worst one: there was an older ladythat was working with me (im gonna guess in her 60’s) that got a girl who was going into her freshman year of HS, she had super long natural blonde beautiful hair and wanted an emo style cut. (where the top is super layered but leave the length) the old lady who idk how she passed her exams litteraly cut a bowl cut around the poor girls head. cut off one side completely so it looked like a mullet, and left the length everywhere else. i was on the other side of the mirror and yelled at the lady to put the sissors down!!!!! there was nothing i could do besides try to blend out the hard line that went all the way around her head. she was bawling, her mom was bawling as well. i gave her some clip in hair extentions for free to fill in the side that had a mullet cut in the front. i have no idea what she did after she left the salon but the only thing she could have done to make it better was to get a pixi cut. 🙁 lets just say that lady got canned FAST!

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@chillinchillin:  I don’t get my hair cut very often, but when I do it is usually a drastic change, which I ask for… then I grow it out for a while, then on to the next style. I have never had the experience of someone  I know and trust just “deciding’ to give me side bangs.




I know EXACTLY what you mean by the bangs falling too far forward into your face and being impossible to style. I love the look of side bangs but I can’t pull it off because of the way my stupid hair grows!




If you like blunt bangs you could “fix” it by going with those a la Zooey Deschanel. I rocked that look for a while, but alas there is always the growing out phase when you are tired of them.




I would definitely say something to her, so she knows you are unhappy and she was out of line. If you have asked for that style multiple times in the past, maybe she just had a brain fart and thought you asked for it again. Yikes!


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Why do hair dressers do this?

Why is it SO common for them to cut off way more than you ask for?  I’m going to do a spinoff because it needs to be answered. 

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My hair is a bit of a nightmare for stylists. In college I often went to a traning salon because I could get an $11 haircut. One of the instructors there told me I had the thickest hair he’s ever seen. Not only is my hair thick it’s mostly straight on top, but underneath it’s incredibly wavy (several instructors took the opportunity to show their students what a texture change looks like). To make matters even worse, I’m allergic to most hair products so stylists can’t put anything in my hair to help them manage the thick wavy mass on my head. One student took over 3 hours to cut my hair, she was so overwhlemed she was near tears for most of the haircut.

My real problem with getting haircuts is that most people don’t know how to properly thin my hair. I’ve had several stylists get thin happy and cut huge holes into my hair. I’ve had a fist sized one over my right ear with a golfball size one behind my left ear in the same haircut, and a couple other holes over the years. One student did a really good job cutting my hair and I went back to her before she finished the program. The second time she cut the back of my hair so short it was about 1/2 an inch long and a complete squiggly mess…I had a chin length bob. I’ve been growing my hair out ever since that incident and the back of my hair still hasn’t caught up to the front. I can afford to go to a pro now and I’ve found a good one who can thin my hair properly. My hair actually looks longer after she cuts it because it’s less poofy.

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