(Closed) Half a pound away from 30 and I am SO frustrated!

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Honey bee
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Mind me asking your weight/ height?

I know without doubt that you will be losing weight, at 29.5lbs that’s a lot!!! At this point you’ve lost a lot of the excess fat, and now you’re starting to build muscle which will offset the weight lost. So essentially you’re losing fat (still but very slowly) because now you’re building muscle and building muscle means ‘gaining’ weight. Fear not, theis muscle might scare the scale, but you will still be getting smaller.

Can you try measuring yourself? Stop focusing soooo much on the total weight loss and focus more so on how good you’re doing, how healthy you’re becoming, how much better you look at feel from what you previously were (and lastly inches being shed).

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Sugar bee
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Drink at least 100oz of water a day. I know it sounds like a lot, and it is a lot, but it will help!

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Blushing bee
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vmec is right about measuring. It can really help get you through a weight loss slump. One good thing about losing slowly is you will likely be able to keep it off for good!

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Honey bee
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My vote stay off the scale for 2 weeks. Dont go near it.  Not even for 1 last weigh in. If you think you might, think to yourself how bad you felt and how frusterated you were the last time you got on. Remind yourself you’re here to get fit, look better regardless of what the damn scale tells you. Then proceed to work out. In 2 weeks weigh in but before you do remind yourself that this workout prcoess isn’t just that number there’s sooo many reasons you want to work out. Health being the number 1. Its cheesy but you just have to keep remembering why you’re working out… not the number 30.

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Bee Keeper
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That happened to me too and what I had to do was change my diet and actually eat more. I had been eating the same things over and over, my body was used to not only the food but the amount of calories. When I switched it up, the weight started to melt off again. What I did was I just ate wahtever I craved and let myself overeat if I felt like it. I know that sounds weird, but it totally worked.

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Helper bee
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Maybe start exercising outside? I just read an article that vitamin D is good for women who want to lose excess weight.

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Sugar bee
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Whenever I hit a plateau I find it helps to change things up a bit. Re-evaluate your nutrition plan and try distributing your calories differently throughout the day, and if you’re mostly doing the same workouts over and over, try mixing it up a bit and doing other things so your body doesn’t get too comfortable in a routine.

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Bumble bee
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@linguo42: I’m with ya

You’ve hit a plateau and maybe you need to start eating more frequently throughout the day but keep your foods EXTREMEMLY low in calories…like baby carrots!Also: maybe you wanna take something more out of your diet like gluten? sugar? Maybe just that extra thing will trigger weightloss again?Also: have you considered a 7-day cleanse program? It will re-up your metabolism again. And finally: Water. I know  PP said this…but seriously….ice-cold water wakes up your metabolism and fills you up:)

As far as your excerise plan is going….29.5 lbs lost already?!!?!? in 10 weeks? That is awesome honey! congrats!!!

I demand to see before/after pix! :)))

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Honey bee
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I say forget the numbers!  You will not be happy obsessing over the numbers, instead look at how much better your booty’s looking in your jeans!


29.5 pounds in 10 weeks is VERY respectable, and that’s a healthy rate of weight loss.  If you’re working out, and building muscle, the scale will start to be a bit misleading.  Muscle’s heavier than fat.  10 weeks really isn’t that long.  


Your diet sounds great.  Your exercise routine sounds great.  This is the healthy, sustainable way to lose weight!  I have yet to hear a legitimate medical professional endorse the cleanse.  That sort of thing can end up doing more harm than good.  You’re doing all the right things.  

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Blushing bee
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awesome job!  so exciting that you are seeing the proof of your hard work!  keep it up!

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