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Bumble bee

I’m no expert, but I would think that it would be possible to do something similar without a gap if the stone was set lower, or if the prongs came more out of the halo instead of coming from insie of it.

Something like this would still count as prong set (I think) but there’s no gap between the halo and the stone 14RG-D - F 14RG-D - LD

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Sugar bee
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Your jeweller is either lazy or unknowledgeable. Tons of halos have prongs and dont have gaps.

Google ‘halo with prongs’.

The issue with this ring is that the prongs come from the bottom, and the halo is placed around them. If the prongs were built into the halo it would not have that effect. So this particular style may always have a gap, but you could easily find something similar without.

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Bumble bee
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Blushing bee
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I might believe it with this specific setting, that is a really big hole to fill.  There will always be an air gap but usually it is only visible from the sides, not from above and most other angles.  Also, I’m pretty sure the diamond in that ring is crooked.

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Bee Keeper
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That stone looks to be wrong size (too small) for that setting.

Also, the jeweler is wrong. Not for that setting maybe, die to the way it is designed, but as a general statement he is.

Halos, even those that use prongs to set the centre stone, can be built without airlines (or “gaps”). It would not matter if halo is all metal or has stones. These halos all have prongs for the centre stone:

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Busy bee
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I have a halo with no gap that is prong set. Alot of it has to do with the size of the stone (not just the carat, but the actual measurement) in comparison with the opening of the halo and whether or not it’s custom made to the stone. If it’s a store that has pre-made, set sizes for halos they are usually made at standard sizes (i.e. a halo meant to fit approx. a .5 carat stone, 1 carat, 1.5, etc). If the halo is standard and not made to fit a stone by a jeweler then there may be a gap if the stone is smaller than the halo, i.e. putting a 6 mm stone in a halo that could fit up to a 7 mm stone.

For example, my halo is a standard size for a 1.5 carat diamond, my diamond is around 1.6, so it sets slightly above the halo and overlaps the micro-pave stones a bit (so I guess the opposite of the air gap). I also had the option to have it set in a standard 2 carat halo in which it would have set much lower and would have had an air gap because the halo could accomodate a larger stone than I have.

If the halo is a standard size, then having a stone that is as close to the size of the opening as possible will help eliminate the gap. By standard size though, you would need to know the mm size of the opening – not all 1 carat stones are the same “size” since depth, etc plays a part. If you have a standard setting you are interested in, then you can ask for the measurement of the opening and then look at the certificates for the stones you are looking at to compare the sizes.

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Buzzing bee
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I think in this case it has to do with the thickness of the prongs. That’s a gorgeous setting by the way! 

With my ring, you can see there’s a tiny air gap – but the prongs are much smaller. I’m sure you could get a stone to sit so that very little gap is shown – I’ve seen many rings where the air gap is invisible. I think your jeweler is saying with this particular ring, and those thick prongs, getting no air gap would be difficult. 

I do, however, think a much bigger diamond would make the gap a lot smaller. 

Heres my ring:

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I have a halo ring that does not have any gap whatsoever. My halo is made up 2 rows of small diamonds where one row faces up and the other faces to the side. The jeweler did tell me they custom made a mold for it so that could be part of the challenge – maybe if it is a pre made halo setting it is easier to set the center diamond with a gap than to have a snug fit inside the halo?

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Worker bee
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My halo ring has prongs and no gaps also! I didn’t know there were any that were different! 🤔

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Busy bee
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well. . .here’s my halo. I see prongs, but not a gap.

actually, I’ve only ever seen an airline on the Bee, not IRL.

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Buzzing bee



I have fairly large prongs and no gap. That stone is too small / setting too large, however you want to say it. Don’t settle, hun. 

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Helper bee
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The stone is too small for that particular setting. It should’ve been custom made. There should only be a gap if you choose a setting that comes with one. Keep shopping if you’re not loving the gap!! You’d have to look at it every day 🙂

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Sugar bee
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My ring is basically a halo, though maybe not quite. The setting type is pave and so you don’t see any prongs, I like this type of setting best for a halo because all the diamonds are flush, and I just don’t like prongs.

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Bumble bee
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Yeah, I think that particular ring was meant for a 1 ct or something cause it’s way too big for the .70. It also seems pretty high too- which goes back to PP comment about shape of the stone not just carat size. 

Mine is 3/4 and like others have said- I only see a partial gap from the sides- nothing from above. Most of these people also have 4 prongs not 6 like you showed. 

I just wonder if that design can’t go lower and wider to be more flush like you’re looking for. 


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