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I take just about anything anyone wants to give that I have room for. The only things we’ve passed on are the enormous amounts of toys that people don’t want in their houses anymore. Our house would be covered from end to end already if we took all of it in. 

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I’m hoping for some hand-me downs. I can’t imagine passing on anything unless we a) already had it or b) it came from a smoker’s home.

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I don’t think there is anything wrong with hand-me-downs. We’ll probably buy some of our big ticket things from a second hand store if we didn’t get them from a shower. If it can be thoroughly washed, I don’t think it’s a problem!

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Double check the cribs if you get one. My mom was keeping mine to give me when I was a mother myself, but so many cribs are recalled for one reason or another, and so it might not be considered safe. If you can’t figure out if it has been recalled, I wouldn’t risk it.

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I’m hoping for hand-me-downs, 2 of DH’s cousins have had babies in the last few months, so hopefully they’ll give us the outgrown clothes.

The only things I would refuse as hand-me-down would be a crib (depending on the age of it) and a car seat. DH’s parents offered us a crib they used for their youngest, who is now 13; the safety standards have changed significantly since then, so we won’t use it. And car seats expire because the plastic breaks down; and even if they aren’t expired by the tag, unless you know the history 100%, I wouldn’t take it, even being in a fender-bender they say you need to replace the car seat because it can be weakened even if no wear or damage is visible.

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I wasn’t expecting any hand me downs because both of my siblings had kids years ago. And siblings of SILs have had kids so I expected most stuff were given away.

Turns out my SIL #1 still had a whole bag of infant girl clothing and there are a couple boxes of unopened toys too. My brother #2 offered me my nephews playpens that my nephew barely used then his younger brother did not use. He did offer me his car seat but I think it’s past it’s expiration so we’re passing. If it was newer than 5 years I would take it. Also a bouncer that we’re going to take so it can serve as an extra at the grandparents when they move back. And a stroller too, again can be a extra for the ILs when they want to take baby out.
He’s driving my mom and nieces & nephews up for my baby shower and throwing everything in the car. So we’ll have to sift through and see what’s saveable and what’s not. I doubt we’ll throw anything unless it was a safety issue.

Supposingly my husband’s brother who has two girls has a bunch of stuff to give us, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

I agree with PP that I would probably pass on a crib and car seats that are 5 years older.

And I agree I would only take a mattress because it’s from my siblings! Because I know they’re clean and if it was peed on w/o a waterproof pad they would have thrown it out! Anyone else I would not take it!

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We are getting a ton of toys/activity centers/jumpers etc, 4 different baby carriers, all the girl clothes we could ever need (we are team green, so not sure that they will be helpful, but even if they aren’t we will keep them in case we have a girl next time). Some cloth diapers (from SIL).

We are passing on a car seat, because it has already been used with 2 babies, and although not expired, I just prefer to get a new one. I would take pretty much anything else from a known source (we are getting everything from good friends of ours, and SIL)

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Hand me downs are freaking awesome!  If you are gettting a crib make sure it is not a drop down, those you need to toss out because almost all states have made those illegal to have, sell or even give away. 

My SIL gave us a bunch of clothes for muchkin.  Love it!

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I love hand me downs!  One other item to watch out for, safety-wise, is bottles that are not BPA free.  

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I got a crib mattress, a bassinet, LOTS of clothes, even the crib itself was given to us from a friend who wasn’t going to have any more kids. Almost everything we had for our son was a hand me down. As long as you wash the clothes and wipe everything down really well it doesn’t really matter IMO as long as it’s not something really personal which iinfants don’t use anyway.

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I found out there’s a family bassinet that’s been passed around in my husband’s family. Our baby will be the 20th baby to use it! I think it’s awesome to be able to share that common ground with his family and it makes me feel like our child will be accepted, regardless of cultural differences.

Hubby’s grandparents first bought it from a neighbor, and it’s been used by his unlce, and his 3 children, then by 3 grandchildren, his aunt, and her 2 children, hubby and his 2 siblings, and I can’t even remember who else. It’s a classic bassinet, made of wood with numerous updates throughout the years, in bedding and fabric.

I’ve never heard of anything like this before and just delighted to be able to use it for our LO.


As for anything else, I’m not expecting anything. But we already have tons of baby gear bought by my Mom, grandmother, and aunt. I’m also not the type to wait last-minute for essentials, so we’re pretty prepared. First grandchild … we’re so excited!

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We are having babies after most of our friends are done so I’m hoping to score a bunch of hand me downs. It’s the smartest idea. Most children’s clothes is outgrown LONG before worn out.

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