(Closed) Happy Marriage but Annual Pap Results Scared..

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The doctors are right, it is fairly common and I really wouldn’t worry about it. It could be HPV or it could be just a slightly abnormal batch of cells. Either way most abnormal cells will sort themselves out on their own, you just need to be more vigilant for a while in case it does mutate (unlikely, but always good to be careful).

HPV is unlikely to spread through toilets and such, but it can definitely be spread by heavy petting. Given your husband has been sexually active for a while it is quite likely that he would have it and could have spread it to you, but most of the time your body can combat it and will clear it in a year or two. Certain strains are more virulent than others and can turn into something nastier and more long term, but as long as you get regular checkups I am sure you will be fine. There is no guarantee you even have it either, false alarms do happen.

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HPV is generally seen as no big deal. There isn’t an established test for HPV if you don’t have symptoms, and so if your husband had previous partners it’s likely he’s the one who infected you. But most people will not ever show symptoms, so most infected people aren’t even aware they have it.

And it’s called an STI for a reason, being that you only get it from sexual contact. You’re not gonna get it from a toilet seat or towels or anything like that.

Be happy your abnormal pap was basically nothing and move on, just make sure to get yearly paps until you have two “clear”ones. 

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happysmiles1:  Abnormal pap results can come from more than HPV. I had an alarmist doctor try to tell me to go get a colposcopy and that I probably had HPV and when I told her no she tried to tell me I was being irresponsible and wreckless. Well Instead I quit going to the gyno and went to my GP she ran the test again in 6 months and reviewed the other person’s results. She said the other doctor was an alarmist, my medical situation meant 2 things 1. Due to my malabsorbtion issues the type of abnormality could have been caused by a Vitamin A or Vitamin B deficiency, or 2. It could have been false negative, or 3. I could have had HPV picked up from yes a toilet but that is because I was on immunesupressive drugs. She told me either way give it 6-12 months before doing a colposcopy if the cells haven;t been seen before and there is not a history of a lot of sexual partners. I waited it out 12 months later I was clean and I’ve never had an issue since.

Edited to add: My doctor also believes I never had HPV she thinks it was a vitamin deficiency since I showed up low on some things on an electrolyte test at the 6 month mark that they had to correct.

a_day_at_the_fair:  Not totally true. I am on immune supressants I can pick up things you cannot. My friend is on similair treatment she’s a virgin and came up with herpes and HPV. You can pick this up from a toilet if you have a compromised immune system. 99% of the population doesn’t have this issue however so it makes the chances highly unlikely for most people.

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HPV generally isn’t a big deal. I know it sounds scary and awful but in most instances it just goes away – i had an abnormal pap on college, a biopsy, another pap 6 months later and it was gone. Your husband likely transmitted it to you because most strains have no symptoms at all. just relax πŸ™‚

and odds of getting ANY STI from a toilet or washing clothes are incredibly slim. Thy need warm bodies and fluids to live- they’re not going to pick a cold toilet seat πŸ™‚

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I have fluctuating (mildest to most severe before cancer) PAP results due to my autoimmune disorder. This has been going on for 5 years now, even before my autoimmune disorder was diagnosed.

I am not saying you have an autoimmune disorder, but this could also be due to something else. HPV is spread through skin-to-skin contact of your “bathing suit area”…so long as you don’t rub your naked self on other naked people, you are fine. your husband already has it. The body usually clears HPV within 5 years.

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I read somewhere that 80% of women in their lifetime will get HPV at some point or another. Whether or not that’s true I can’t say.

Nearly every women I know has has an abnormal pap at least once. It happens. Most bodies just fight off the infection.

I had an abnormal pap a few years back. Unfortunately, after doing many tests and getting three different opinions, I had to get surgery. The doctors weren’t sure whether or not I had cervical cancer. The type of dysplasia that I had was a more severe kind topped off with some glandular dysplasia. Lol. Lucky me! They were pretty concerned about the glandular dysplasia. But I got the surgery done and they were able to conclude that I didn’t have cancer and that they had removed all of the bad cells! 

Unfortunately because of the severe type I had my doctor said that there’s a 50% chance of it coming back in 10-15 years. So I can’t wait forever to have kids. 

But if the doctor is telling you to wait a year then there’s obviously nothing too concerning! They KNOW if something looks bad and will do something about it, like in my case. Chances are yours will go away. Just keep in mind that abnormal cells are normal (lol) and even if they become severe it’s one of the easiest things to remove and fix!

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happysmiles1:  Hey! I had this result not long ago!! I freaked out too at first but I just realised how common it is, how it usually goes away 90% within 2 years. Even if it does ago away, like a PP said above, they can take care of it. My report says “<strong style=”background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0);”>Low-grade squamous intra-epithelial lesion” which are mild changes LIKELY caused by a HPV infection. Is this the same as yours? But it’s good that your colposcopy looked normal (so did mine, and I’m told that this is a good thing). It could mean: <br />

1) The initial pap was misread and you had no changes to your cervix.

2) You have HPV present but it isn’t enough to be causing lesions / dysplasia (abnormal cell changes). When at a colposcopy, the gyne will do a biopsy if there are any abnormalities are seen. This will then determine the extent of the abmormality. CIN I = mild changes, CIN II = moderate changes and CIN III = severe changes. There are others too. But for CIN I, it isn’t considered pre-cancer so the doctor will usually not treat it and it’ll go away within 1-2 years. If not, or if it gets worse, that is when the virus is not clearing and it is a persistent infection that might need to be treated.

3) the abnormality might be somewhere higher in the endo cervical canal where it cannot be seen via the colposcopy.

Either way, although it’s hard, we just need to wait and watch for now and keep healthy. Ask your doc about folic acid and taking a multivitamin to help. 

Praying for the both of us and anyone else goin through the same! 

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happysmiles1:  I did not have an HPV test they wanted to do that in the colposcopy.The GP who did the pap said the change in the cells was the type seen in malnutrition, and that HPV wasn’t likely 6 months later and since then pap’s have been normal. I’m on a 2 year pap schedule now.

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Please don’t worry.  Abnormal paps happen all the time.  Sometimes it is just because you had your period lately and have some uterine tissue still on your cervix or if you had sex right before your pap.  I had one and my doctor never even told me about it but I haven’t had one since then.  The doctor really shouldn’t have said HPV unless you were diagnosed with it.

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happysmiles1:  Maybe I’m mistaken as I’m surprised no one mentioned it first.  I thought an active yeast infection could cause the pap smear results to come back abnormal though.

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