(Closed) Harry Potter vs. Twilight… or both?!?

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  • poll: Twilight vs Harry Potter


    Harry Potter all the way!!

    I love both equally

    I don't like either

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    @yellowlace:Yes! Hunger Games has been filling the HP hole in my life LOL I can’t wait to see the movie!

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    @bookworm88:Exactly, I’ll for sure read my kids HP and I’m definitely looking forward to it!

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    I need to check out this Hunger Games after hearing everyone talk about them.

    And yes I will read HP to my kids too!

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    I LOVE Harry Potter – both the books and movies. I actually can’t imagine not growing up with Harry Potter, always waiting for the next book and the next movie.. I’m kind of sad it’s over! I feel like I learned so much reading Harry Potter and that it’s a great book for both kids and adults. The writing just makes it really beautiful and still easy to read (for the most part), while the story is thought out so well.. I’m just really in love with JK Rowling ๐Ÿ˜€

    Never been much into Twilight. I didn’t read the books, and didn’t see the movies. From what I’ve heard, it’s not the type of book that would entertain me, and the type of thinking that I want to support. 

    Everyone can have their own opinion, and I can’t say anything about grown women deciding to read Twilight or watch the movies, but I feel like young girls might be too easily impressed with the book and I’m scared they’re gonna get twisted views on relationships. On the other hand, if they read it with adult supervision, I think they could benefit from how the story shows the dynamic in Bellas relationships with her Dad, Edward, etc. 

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    I really like both, but I like Harry Potter more! I can read and reread Harry Potter books countless times and i think the casting and the movies are perfect. The Twilight books are good, but I agree with some PPs that the movies are okay (definitely getting better as they go!) but the casting is just kind of meh. The movies (especially the first two) could have been SO much better.

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    I’m a total Pothead. lol.

    I started reading Harry Potter when the first book came out when I was in like 5th or 6th grade. The characters were the same age as me and I feel like we all grew up together. I used to pre-order the books and DEVOUR them in the first day I had them. I have read every book in the series several times. DH and I own first-edition hardbacks of all 7 books (both of us, so we have 2 sets) and Harry Potter is definitely something I want to share with my own children.

    As for comparing the two… I mean, that’s kind of like comparing Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. (Yep, just added another level of nerdiness to this post.) There is NO comparison.

    To me, Twilight is badly written, has awful 2D characters and I think a 13-year-old fanfiction writer could have sat down with an outline of the story and we would have the same result…

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    It took me forever to get into HP, but I totally love them now. Even though I recognize real problems with the writing–the storytelling is topnotch, and the worldbuilding is amazing. 

    I cannot stomach Twilight (no offense! Don’t hate!). I think I watched the first movie once, and I just couldn’t get into it at all. Plus, one of my favorite lit professors in college liked to talk about the rule-bound nature of fiction, and he always used the example of vampires. Although fictional, they act in accordance with and basically confirm all the “rules” of vampires. Obviously the Twilight vampires break all the rules, and I’m just not down with that. 

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    Harry Potter rules! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    I like both! I prefer the books for both but maybe like Harry potter alittle more. I read twilight before the movie was announced and it took me a few chapters to stop rolling my eyes. I enjoyed a laugh at the spelling mistakes and redundant narration but the Cullen’s finally drew me in till I forgave the rest. Harry potter on the other hand is excellent writting and really engaging! I find it a tiny bit harder to enjoy the movies after I read the books but still pretty good although rushed.


    I tried the hunger games and couldn’t get past chapter 1. Too depressing.

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    I love HP, but never even gave Twilight a fighting chance. I guess it was all the hype and annoyance of working at Barnes & Noble during the Twi-craze that put me off so much. Vampires just don’t cut if for me. The Count is more of a vampire than Edward.

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    Harry Potter. 

    I have never read the Twilight books or seen the movies.  I guess it just didn’t spark my interest.

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    If we are comparing the movies as I haven’t read the books for either, It is an insult to even consider comparing Harry Potter with Twilight. lol Don’t get me wrong I love vampire stuff but the movies are just aweful. I watched the first two and then shut off the third like ten minutes in, its just so blah. Harry Potter is once in a lifetime!

    Now if Jacob had played edward I may have been more inclined to watch breaking dawn, at least Jacob is hot. lol 

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    I love Harry Potter; I like Twlight. 

    Twlight can not even be compared to Harry Potter.  I like Twlight and appreciate it for what it is (IMO, it is fluff)  It is a fun and easy read I enjoyed reading the books (all-though IMO they were poorly written and the story is not fully flushed out) and the movies are some-what entertaining.  I think Twlight is a fad that will fade eventually. 

    Harry Potter I will read and watch the movies over and over again for years to come.  Each time I read the books I find new things and connections woven into the story.  I think it is a great, well written series and will stand the test of time.   

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    I refuse to watch or read either… my friends drive me NUTS with both of these! I even found Fiance secretly watching Harry Potter the other day haha, I just don’t get it!!

    ETA: oops just read that you had to have read or seen both.. my bad. I have been forced to sit in the same room while the movies are playing, so I have seen parts of them.. but I still dislike them! I think if I absolutely had to pick one, it’d be Harry Potter just based on how annoyed Twilight makes me haha

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    Love Harry Potter, loathe Twilight.

    I personally feel like the two can’t even be compared to each other.

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