(Closed) Has any one gotten this comment about thier Diamond?

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well…. I’m not going to pretend she’s totally ignorant or that the diamond industry isn’t dirty (yes, much dirtier than sweat shops and fast fashion). If you read up on de beer’s history and blood diamonds then, yes, diamonds have historically contributed to A LOT of deaths. now there are “ethical” diamonds out there but buying into the diamond marketing scheme still supports de beer’s marketing.

I say this as someone who knows that and yet still wanted a diamond ring (so I know I’m still part of the problem). I made myself feel better by choosing a lab grown diamond from an “ethical” vendor, but that’s really just excuses… I would never shame someone else for wanting or choosing a natural mined diamond. at the same time, I’m not going to pretend that the diamond industry isn’t just a global cartel that’s caused a lot of suffering.

I would ignore that girl and try to avoid her at all costs. she’s rude, inappropriate, and presumptuous. she doesn’t know if you’re wearing a moissanite or CZ. I just disagree with writing her off as ignorant, because she DOES have somewhat of a point.

and yes, leather (especially cow leather) does contribute a lot to global warming because raising cows as a commodity has a huge environmental footprint (http://www.cowspiracy.com/facts).I still wear leather and eat meat, so (again) I admit I contribute to the problem. I’m not trying to have any moral high ground. obviously the way she’s going about promoting her values is wrong, just pointing out that she’s not completely wrong on that front either.

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I’d be snarky and tell her that I paid extra to make sure it WAS mined by poor little child laborers….

I have a diamond, but it came from Australia, and not Africa. So I’m not losing sleep over it. 

But to be honest, the amount of real “blood diamonds” on the market today is probably the lowest it has ever been in a long time.

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Mandy0721:  These are forums for people discussing the details of weddings, not harsh realities of the world. There’s no need to joke about gruesome topics here.

Steny, I don’t really know any evidence to suggest that’s true and if you have some I’d be glad to hear it. It’s definitely true that a shocking majoirty of the diamonds you see on the market that are supposedly certified to be conflict-free and from certain areas are possibly mislabelled and mixed in with large amounts of unethically-sourced diamonds. I recently read a really involved article about how poorly constructed and unregulated the certification process is with the huge amounts of unmarked diamonds coming in and out of high-volume ports daily, and I can look it up if you’re interested. But basically unless you have a lab diamond or a diamond-alternative, or you know the exact mine and all hands your diamond was exchanged from, there’s no real way to know whether your diamond is actually conflict-free, certified or no. Let me know if you want the article — I’ll have to look.

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Does she know how big the diamond and leather industries are? Doesn’t seem like going around telling individual people off is going to have a significant effect. 

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I wonder if she lives a life completely free of manufactured goods and materialistic items? 

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I mean I agree with her, I would never buy or wear a diamond because of the negative impacts on human life and the environment but I would never tell someone what to do with their own life. Especially if I didn’t know the whole story.  Maybe you had a lab created diamond, a moissy or an asha, etc. although I kinda doubt it from the tone of your post.

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These are the people that spend their entire lives bitching about what everyone else is doing wrong, and do NOTHING with their own life…I suspect she will be a “professional protester” in 10 years.

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lawstudentbee:    Is she a vegan tree-hugger type,  that spends forever telling you that your life is wrong in so many ways…..then hides herself whilst eating a bacon sanwhich?  

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Let’s just wrap this up with a  🙂

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I wouldn’t want her to be my lawyer.

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That’s law school for you. 

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You should have told her “oh ok if you want the world to change so bad, what have YOU done?”

That girl needs to chill out…

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illyana:  do you not think I know what this forum is for? Op posted about a comment made to her… just FYI this forum is actually about wedding and more just incase YOU DO NOT know!! we live in a world where people will die and kill for money, diamonds amongst other materials … Like I said if it were me I would have told the nosey classmate ..#1 she is nosey,#2 since she felt the need to dig at op I would dig right back… Maybe people should learn if they are going to dish it they need to take it..or just mind their own business..

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