(Closed) Has anybody committed a major faux pas with the ILs and moved past it?

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I’m not sure if this counts, but one time, Mr. D’s boss took us out for drinks and I ended up with alcohol poisoning (don’t try to keep up with the head honchos!!). Somehow, in between puking and crying, I hit Mr. D’s parents’ phone number on my contact list on my cell, and called their house at like 4 AM, sounding like I was actually dying. His mom was terrified and really worried and I don’t think I’ve lived it down, yet.

I apologized, a lot, and got the “we were just really, really worried” speech. It was horrendously embarassing and I cringe now every time the topic of conversations moves even remotely to the topic of drinking or cell phones!!

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I drunk texted Fiance (then bf) dad at like 11 pm because Fiance told me to ask him why he wasn’t coming to the game we were at. Clearly not something I should have listened to him about lol. Super embarassing.  I deleted it from my phone the next day and pretended like it never happened!

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All the time! I made major faux pas every time I see them and they do as well, we just mutually address it, apologize and most of all laugh it off. I come from a very traditional Boston family. My husband comes from the country, as in nothing I have ever experienced before. Growing up, I was fortunate to live in a cookie cutter perfect suburb that could have been an advertisement for realizing the American dream. My friends’ biggest problems growing up were being the first in four generations not to get into an ivy-league school. Seriously. Ok, this sounds snobby and I nor any of my friends are so not snobby, I guess we just had really great opportunities growing up. Anyway, my husbands’ family is from the sticks as in he remembers that his babysitter only had an outhouse – really? His family can hunt their own food. What?! I have never even seen a gun with my own eyes unless it was in a policeman’s possession. My husband’s family are the kindest, most down to earth, real people I have ever met and I LOVE them! They make me laugh and they would literally give you their last shirt off their back! For this, I love them but oh boy do I say some seriously wrong things without realizing it – and so do they! Two different worlds colliding!! One is not better than the other, just very different!  When our parents get together it is just down right hilarious! Good thing my parents are kind, non-judgmental people as well! My point is if you are able to talk about it, laugh about it and move on then you will be fine! Give them the benefit of the doubt and have a sense of humor! We’re all human! Best wishes!

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Not toward them but they say crap to me all of the time that has me wondering WTF…. *sigh* I just ignore them now. I really don’t think they get that they are offending me.

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Yes I have! I guess it’s wasn’t too horrible, but I was extremely embarassed afterwards. We were spending a week with my IL’s after attending a family wedding and towards the end I stayed up late drinking with DH, DH’s brother and my Mother-In-Law. For some reason we got on the topic of the bride (who is not a family member) and we were all trashing her (except for MIL). In my defense, the bride is really a horrible person who is bad for her groom (DH’s cousin) and was nothing but rude to all of us. But I definitley let my mouth run off and I said really mean things like how she wore trashy shoes and was low class, etc.

I felt horrible when I woke up the next day (after getting only like 3 hours of sleep) and I went and apologized to my Mother-In-Law. She was really sweet about it and accepted my apology and said something like “It didn’t even happen”. We haven’t spoken about it since but I still feel like I”m redeeming myself!

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Lol where do I start? My Future In-Laws took me to Napa to go wine tasting for my 21st bday.  I didn’t really understand that you cant actually drink all the wine you are tasting, especially if you visit 6 winerys!  Fast foward two hours, and i vomited all over my FIL’s car.  Like a lot.  It was so embarassing! They were really nice about the whole thing.  My 19 year old Future Sister-In-Law also walked in on us having sex…. The doors in my fil’s house dont lock.  I am sure i have done other things but they have always forgiven me!  I love my Future In-Laws

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I’ve definitely barfed all over the outside of my FIL’s car.  Oops.

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This past weekend was my bridal shower with the IL’s and as I read a card for one of the presents I read what I thought was written there “Dione” but it was really “Diane” as in one of his Aunt’s that I actually know quite well. I read it out loud as Dione and NO ONE corrected me, not even her, instead I kept thinking to myself something is not right and then finally I was like, oh shit, that was Diane! Whoops!

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This one time, I thought I was calling my fiance when I accidently dialed his parent’s house. I was convinced that I had called the right number. Here’s what the conversation was like:

Me: Hi
Father-In-Law: Hello?
Me: Uhhh. Who is this?
Father-In-Law: You called me. Who is this?
Me: You’re obviously not my boyfriend.
Father-In-Law: That I am not.
Me: So, why in the hell do you have his phone?
Father-In-Law: I dont. I have my phone.
Me: No, I am calling my boyfriend and you picked up.
Father-In-Law: Yes, I picked up my phone.
Me: I’m starting to get really frustrated now. Where’s my boyfriend?
Father-In-Law: I have no idea. You called the wrong number.
Father-In-Law: Honey, I have no idea who your boyfriend is.
Me: If you stole his phone, I will track you down and kill you.
Father-In-Law: Good luck, dear.
Me: If this is a joke, Mr.Ohmybears48, I am going to slap you so hard when you get home.
Father-In-Law: Wait, did you say Mr.Ohymbears48?
Me: Yes, idiot. That’s who I’m calling.
Father-In-Law: Ohmybears48?
Me: Yeah. That’s me. Ugh.
Father-In-Law: BWAHAHAHAHA. This is John. Mr.Ohmybears48 is 555-555-5555.
Me: Oh crap. Uh, sorry?

Probably one of the most embarrasing stories ever. But he had such a great sense of humor over it. He knew me as this quiet, shy girlfriend. Now he tells everyone how I cussed him out and threatened him on the phone. 

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Busy bee

@ohmybears48:  HAHAHAHAHA. That is awesome. I think I would go cry in a corner if i did that! 

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Bumble bee
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@ohmybears48:  Soooo funny!!!

OP, FIL’s (family) and I did have a major fight about 10 months ago.  I won’t go into a ton of details, but basically I was upset with Fiance the day we were traveling to see his family.  That day I got wasted, and then voiced frustrations to FI’s sisters who in turn told his parents.  In my opinion, the things I said weren’t horrible (just more of a drunk vent), but long story short the next day his parents sat us down and said some really hurtful things about me/our relationship.  Fiance was heartbroken, I was shocked, sad, etc.  After we left we wrote everyone a long, honest email about everything, and they all responded with apologies and support too.  It took awhile for me to get to a point where it wasn’t eating me alive, although I still think about it daily to this day. 

Overall, I shouldn’t have gotten drunk and been so out of character, and FI’s parents definitely should not have made the assumptions they did and were out of line.  We all get along pretty great today, but I think the whole ordeal is still in the back of everyone’s mind and will take a long time to fully be forgotten.

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FI’s stepdad walked in on us having sex. That sucked haha

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On vacation with FI’s family and we shared a room with his cousins. On the day we were leaving, the cousins had left early that morning and Fiance and I were going to ride back with his dad.  So we had the room to ourselves for a couple hours and had gotten everything packed, so we started fooling around.  Fast forward and we’re in a 69 position with me on top and his lying on his back on the bed.  His dad knocked on the door and we didn’t hear him – turns out the door hadn’t locked and he swings it open and there we are, going at it.  I look up just as he goes “Holy fucking shit!” and closes the door.  I was mortfied.  FI was laughing.  Then we had to go down to the car and ride home with him.  Most awkward car ride ever.

That was about 3 years ago or so.  We never spoke of it.

Then last week we went out for drinks and his dad is looking at FI’s phone and starts flipping through the photo album.  FI and I take silly photos all the time, but sometimes I forget to delete them.  So I mention to Fiance that maybe he should look ahead.  And his dad goes, “I’m sure there’s nothing here that’ll top walking in on you guys on vacation.” THEN to top it off, he goes to google something in FI’s phone and my past porn searches pop up.  

I seriously wanted to just DIE. Fortunatly, FI’s dad has a great sense of humor.  But I still can’t look him in the eyes Embarassed

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