(Closed) Has Anyone Been Able To Kick Chocolate/Sweets Cold Turkey? Need encouragement

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I did this. I let myself “cheat” on holidays and special occasions, but generally I am low/no carb.

The trick to this working, though, is that you not only break from the sugar addiction, but the carb addiction, as well. Otherwise, you’re sitting there eating a box of Cheez-Its and next thing you know there’s a Mountain Dew in your hand.

If you cut carbs, you will get to a place where you are almost never hungry at all (Seriously. Sometimes I have to remind myself to eat. Sometimes, I even have to make myself eat! I used to be the biggest binge eater ever.) Then, when you have snacks, you won’t be going into snacking ravenously hungry. Which will allow you to be much more responsible about it.

I use the South Beach Diet plan, but there are others out there.

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Personally I find HFCS to be addictive if my chocolate has that in it I can’t eat just one and I tend to overeat other things too. If I buy higher quality dark chocolate without HFCS I can stop after one or two peices.

My dad used to be a big chocolate fiend, but since my parents started having green smoothies everyday for breakfast they find that they don’t have any food cravings at all, not even sweets. My dad’s receding gums even went back down after they started the smoothies. It is a really healthy diet for them.

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I had done a really good job of this before the holidays. Whenever I wanted a snack, I’d have grapes, popcorn, or nuts. I allowed myself to cheat over Christmas, though, and I’m STILL trying to recover! It’s not just the sugar, it’s also the carbs that suck you in. Every day I work on breaking the habit again, and I’m not going to give myself as much cheating permission over the holidays next year!

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I love chocolate, but I very rarely eat it. Instead, I use chocolate protein powder and make shakes with bananas or strawberries – so I still get my chocolate fix, but in a much healthier way. 

Dr Oz has a really good Sugar Detox Plan that will really help you kick the cravings

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I get the WORST sugar/cerb cravings! If I let myself cheat ONCE, I cheat for a whole week!

I generally find sugar-free chocolate pudding or 100 calorie Klondike bars take care of any urges I just can’t control! But drink a TON of water, and you’ll feel hungary less often!

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I always keep some around even if it’s a bit. It’s better NOT to get rid of everything because it helps you to not binge. Tasty gum also helps for those time you MUST have something sweet but don’t want to tempt yourself.

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I am giving sweets/pop/candy/chocolate/baked goods/ect up for lent right now. So far it has been a week and I am doing ok. What spurred this off is a slightly high glucose test, plus the diabetes that runs rapant in my family. 

I try and have good alternatives around, like yogurt or fruit. At least that is a better sugar than the other things. Just keep thinking of the end goal to stay motivated 🙂 if you know you can’t have one or you won’t stop, then try to remain sweets free for awhile so that the cravings eventually stop. Then introduce it in moderation.

That may not help you a ton, but know that I am in your same boat! I wish you luck!

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Instead of just going cold turkey and making yourself miserable, try switching to berries or other fruits instead. Keep some berries in a tupperware and when you get a “sweet” craving have a few. For sweet drinks switch to mint tea with some honey. Stuff like that may help! Best of luck!!

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I quit sweets when I went paleo/primal earlier this year. I do still indulge in dark chocolate, but I normally have one piece and that satisfies my sweet tooth. I agree with PP that cutting down carbs is key to cutting out sweets, and you need to have a lot of self discipline to stick to it and deal with the withdrawal. I think that once you get out of the sugar and carb withdrawal, things get a whole lot easier and you will find yourself not craving any of your normal treats and snacks.

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I started a low carb no sugar diet a couple weeks ago and it has been hard, but I think I will do a lot better with moderation when I’m finished with it. Maybe if you try to quit for a period of time, you will stick to it because you know that it will be finished relatively soon

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No… Cry

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I just have to say, I really applaud you ladies for being able to do this.  There is no way I would ever be able to give up soda, chocolate, cakes, cookies, etc (believe me, I’ve tried, I last about 5 mins).  Kudos to you and your exceptional will power.

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I kicked sugar, processed food, gluten and went vegan two yeaurs ago. It felt very natural to me. Before the big lifestyle change, I was a mozzarella sticsk/pizza/cereal/ice cream/anything sweet fiend. I am 5′ 1″ and despite eating garbage all the time and binge eating, I was still pretty small. I was 119 lbs. In clothing, I looked quite thin and healthy. But I knew I had bulges and cellulite. I should have been obese the way I ate.

I decided to make all those changes and people tried to convince me I’d be “miserable and can’t deny myself all these treats.” They didn’t get it. I couldn’t eat one cookie a day. I would keep going back until they were all gone. They would be on my mind nonstop. I was obsessed! I wouldeven eat crap like Little Debbies oatmeal and cream filled pie or dum dum pops. The junk didn’t have to be tasty. It just needed to be sugary. I ate an entire double layer 9″ cake in one day. I started it for breakfast and finished it around 10pm. Anyway, kicking sugar 100% is what broke my addiction. It’s been two years and my tastes and cravings are totally different. I haven’t had to fight the urge to eat sugar in nearly two years. Now I look athe crap I used to eat and can’t believe I ever ate that crap.

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