(Closed) has anyone been induced and NOT gotten the epidural/ almost 40 weeks not dilated

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  • poll: so what happened when you got induced??

    did not have any pain meds/ had a "natural" birth

    got the epidural because it hurt

    got the epidural and then needed a c-section


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    I have! Been induced both times, and was epidural free for my first son (second was c-section)

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    Umm considering you seem pretty well informed & have been healthy I would fire your doctor. Seriuosly! If he’s itching to induce you basically “just because” then he may not be very willing to wait on your body while IN labor! My MW has excepted moms AFTER their edd has past so don’t think it’s too late… he works for you!

    Given that… I do know a good handful of moms that had to be induced for medical need and DID have their unmedicated birth. They had very on board doctors though and most had doulas. Generally they used a more natural method to induce (foley bulb) or a very small dose of pit to initiate contractions and then used natural methods to continue labor (walking, nipple stimulation, orgasm, or making out with their hubby’s)

    I hadn’t had ANY progress prior to labor with DD (my SECOND) at 41+4, had her 41+5 & had prodromal labor starting 41+3. Well I was “maybe 1 cm” from 36 weeks until labor but I’ve read that stm are never really fully closed so that would basically mean I didn’t have any progession. lol. I was high (she AND DH almost couldn’t even reach my cervix) and I wasn’t effaced at all.

    Also, if you do decide to stick with your doctor and do the nst/bpp then I’d get a second opinion before letting your current doctor tell you something doesn’t look right. I just don’t trust doctors so quick to jump into intervention when it clearly goes against evidence based medicine…. they scare me more that natural childbirth! lol

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    @stephanie63087:  my second son was 9’14 and was basically stuck in the birth canal. After many of hours of pushing, he wasnt low enough, and to be honest, I was exhausted. 

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    I’m an anesthesiologist, so I put in epidurals for a living (well, actually in my current practice I don’t do OB, but up until a few months ago I did), and you can of course be induced without one, and if anyone tells you you can’t they’re probably wrong!

    When I see a patient, I make a point of letting them know that it’s their body and I want them to be in control of what happens to it to the greatest extent possible. I provide a service, and I’m happy to do that for patients who are appropriate candidates for epidurals (there are some health problems that contradict them), but I certainly don’t want to force them on anyone. That being said, there are a few patients (those who are highly likely to need a c-section and appear to be a difficult intubation, where a general anesthetic for a crash c-section could be dangerous or deadly for mom or baby…) who I do try to strongly persuade. But even in those cases, the epidural doesn’t need to be “run” during labor, just in place in case of c-section.

    Anyway, off my soap box… Sounds like if you’re committed to an analgesic-free childbirth you should be able to stick to your guns and have one, regardless of if you need an induction! Good luck to you ๐Ÿ™‚

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    @stephanie63087:  It sounds like you’ve really prepared and are set on an unmedicated birth.

    My #1 piece of advice: 99.9% of the time ALL women feel like giving up in transition. It sucks and is very overwhelming mentally. Recognize it & go with it! This is when most cave and I hear so often “Had I known I would have him/her just 30 minutes later I would’ve waited”. I knew when I hit transition for sure and my only mistake was continuing being told how far along I was at that point b/c it was TOUGH and I felt like I should’ve been “farther” so hearing I wasn’t was a huge blow to my confidence… Next time I won’t hear about my progress after 5-6 cm.

    Just know that you CAN do it! You body IS amazing & you ARE capable. Move move move & listen to your body. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    ETA: There are a number of mommas over on that natural birth boards on babybump app that have been induced and gone without pain meds!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ETA again: OH and just because you’re given something to START contractions doesn’t mean it has to stay going the whole time! Like I mentioned, nipple stimulation is MUCH better at producing oxytcin during labor and more effective than pit is. Making out with your hubby is REALLY effective too AND if you’re home/kick everyone out of the room and are open to try it, orgasm is the most effective! *wink wink*

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    I was induced and didn’t have an epidural as I’m not allowed one because I have a bleeding disorder. Yes it was painful – but it was as painful as I expected it to be. I believe the recovery was quite easy, after having skin to skin and doing the first breastfeed I was able to get up and have a shower. The next day I was able to be up and about, I was roomed in with two other women who had epidurals and it took them quite a while to get moving, and that was only at the nurse’s insistence. Next time I’m hoping to not have an induction and go completely natural again.

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    I was induced for both of my pregnancies. I got epidurals because it hurt, and I have no regrets.  Did it hurt more than if I hadn’t been induced?  I can’t say.  I really think it has to do with each person’s own personal pain tolerance.

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    I have a friend who was semi-induced, i.e., she was having contractions but they were not regular, and she was not dilating at all. She ended up getting pitocin but otherwise delivered naturally. She used her breast pump during labor to stimulate as well.

    However, trust your body and wait it out if you can! Who knows, you may go into labor before your doc’s induction date ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I have 3 children (well teenagers now) and all three went WAY overdue (9 1/2 -10 months) and I was induced for all three. I don’t understand why your doctor seems to be in such a hurry.

    With my first, I had an epidural and the only thing it did was make my feet numb 1/2 an hour after she was born! For the other two, the only thing I used was some nitrous oxide to take the edge off…as soon as you take the mask off the ‘feeling’ fades.

    While it is definitely painful when induced since you go into ‘hard’ labour, there is no reason why you would need an epidural. Just concentrate on relaxing and breathing And everything will be fine.

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    @stephanie63087:  Keep on your plan to not induce unless the doctor can verify that there is an actual issue with continuing to wait.  And try to relax (I know, easier said than done.)  Due dates are all over the place and merely predictions.  Babies come when they are ready and yours may just want an additional few days or week.

    Getting induced is way more painful than delivering naturally with your body.  However, if your baby is in danger then you will want to delivery as quickly as possible and won’t be thinking about anything else.  Getting an epidural is not failing in any way, the chemicals used to induce labor cause extremely painful contractions that you physically may not be able to handle.  Let your body decide when it’s had enough and then ask for the epidural if you want it.  By getting induced, your idea of a natural childbirth is already over before it starts so getting an epidural would not be compromising your planned birth experience.  It’s disappointing but in the end you will have a baby regardless of whether you got an epidural.  You can always try VBAC with your next child.

    On a side note, my mother has done both ways and muuuuuuch prefers the epidural.  I was 17 and in the room when she was induced with my baby sister and she was like a wounded animal during labor; it was terrifying.  Once she got her epidural she returned to being a normal person and we could talk in between contractions.  I am sold on the epidural personally but I understand the desire to go natural and even I cannot plan for an epidural because who knows?  I could go into labor and dilate too quickly to get an epidural.  That’s why I plan to take natural child birthing classes; to prepare me for just in case my birth plan doesn’t work out.

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