Has anyone been successful at early potty training?

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My daughter (now 30m) showed “the signs” at around 18 months as well, and first sat on the potty unprompted around then. We tried to go with a child-led approach, kept a potty around, and just gently encouraged her and talked about the potty and toilet when she showed interest. She had her first (unprompted) dribble of a wee on the potty at 20 months, and had several similar but sporadic successes over the following months, but it wasn’t until some months later that her motivation joined up with her abilities and she actually started using the potty regularly, initially just for wees. We always tried not to force it, as she would immediately grow resistant if she felt any pressure, but I must admit that I slipped a few times along the way as it was a struggle to hit the balance between encouraging and not forcing! Many times I stressed that I was pressuring her too much to use the potty, yet it felt wrong to force her to wear nappies when she didn’t want to. 

She’s now been completely nappy-free for two months (she started waking up dry when she became daytime-trained), and hasn’t had many accidents. 

I’m happy with how it’s all gone, but in honesty, managing a toilet-trained toddler is way more hassle than having one still in nappies! She is good at holding her wees and is able to use the potty (and recently the toilet, which she now favours) herself, but we still always have to be mindful of toilet facilities and making sure she wees before we get in the car, etc etc. Just earlier today I had to abandon my husband in the store and run home with her in my arms because she announced suddenly that she urgently needed a poo (she’s got an upset stomach) – we made it, I’m glad to report. 😀 

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