(Closed) Has anyone been successful in naturally inducing labor a week or two early?

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Well first things first- just because your baby is measuring ahead size wise does not mean jack developmentally wise. Besides the fact that u/s weights are notriously wrong. That aside there really is no actual proven way to natually induce whether it be late or early. You can’t make your body do what it isn’t ready to do. People will tell you ” Oh I had sex/walked/drank x,y and z and BAM a baby” but it’s pretty much old wives tales, wishful thinking and just lucky timing. If you are set that you do not want to induce labor then don’t. There are worse things than a birthday around Christmas. 

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@SouthernSunshine:  Why not just wait until your body goes into labor naturally? There is really no reason to mess with nature’s normal progression. You have already pointed out that there is a  risk of C-section being required after induction.

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I agree that waiting is better. The body will only let a pregnancy last exactly the amount of time the mother’s metabolism can support the baby. Once the baby’s needs exceed the amount of nutrients that the mother can supply, then it’s labor time. Messing with this fine natural balance could mean that the baby’s brain isn’t quite fully developed. The brain uses the most amount of energy, so in a way, your baby is “smart enough” to know when it’s time to evacuate the premises! lol

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@SouthernSunshine:  I tried all the tricks to see if I could evict BabyDane by my due date:

I ate an ENTIRE PINEAPPLE.  Not the prickly stuff, and not the whole core, but enough that I got a tummy ache and chapped lips.

I ate Mexican food, Thai food, spicy food.

I had a friend pick up some fabled Lemon Drop Labor Cupcake.  I ate TWO of them.

I bounced on a yoga ball for hours on end.

I walked over 2 miles every.single.day.

We had more sex trying to get the baby out than we did to get it in there.

I used evening primrose oil.

Allllll that and NADA.  No baby.  Minimal contractions.  No labor. FML.

One week after my due date, in a fit of desperation, as a last ditch effort, I drank a smoothie that contained 2 Tbsp of castor oil.  I made it with frozen fruit, some greek yogurt, and a splash of fruit juice to sweeten it a bit.  The midwife said that mixing it with protein (like peanut butter or yogurt) would help prevent some of the known “gastroinestinal events” but I still had some pretty severe cramping.

BabyDane was born the next day!

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Fully developed baby = way more important than whether it’s baby falls on holiday.


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My mom got induced a month and a half early since she went on a boat ride and her water broke prematurely.  No C-Section and I’m pretty well developed ๐Ÿ˜›

But I was like 8 lbs and 22.5″ even a month and a half early….well on my way to being a 10 lb baby.

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@SouthernSunshine:  I would definitely suggest waiting to go into labor naturally. If you want to go natural, the chances of that happening with induction are very very slim. There’s really no harm in trying the natural induction techniques, but i wouldn’t put much stock in that. If anything, i think it’s much more important for you to be open and unafraid. You can do this! Good wishes to you ๐Ÿ™‚

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@SouthernSunshine:  Castor oil will make you have hard core diarrhea. Unless you want to be pushing more than a baby out, I would avoid that around your due date.

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@SouthernSunshine:  Well, I was a week past due, so the risks of having explosive diarrhea (and subsequent dehydration) weren’t as  dire as they would have been if the baby were not ready to be born.  Oh, and yes it tastes nasty!  I’m glad I mixed it in with other stuff to take the edge off the taste.  I only did it under the direction of my midwife, because I had heard also that it can be risky and gross.

ETA- I meant to mention that I did not have terrible diarrhea, but I did have some pretty awful cramps.  


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I have to agree with PP that “not wanting a Christmas baby” is a somewhat selfish reason to schedule an early induction….there is a whole heck of a lot of brain development that goes on in the last few weeks that goes much better in utero. If you want what is best for your baby, you will just wait and let it come on its own when it is ready..regardless of the date.    

Honestly, if this is your first baby, and you are having no health issues (high blood pressure, etc.), there’s a really good chance you will go PAST your due date, too, which is perfectly normal and not a reason for an induction.   Inductions are much more successful when there are cervical changes (effacement and dilation) already occuring, which is much more likely after your due date.  

I think all the “natural” ways to bring on labor only work if you are ready to go into labor in the first place…correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that @DaneLady did the castor oil after you were already well past your due date? 

Seriously…I would scratch the induction a week early and just be patient. Labors and deliveries go much better when they are not artificially brought on by pitocin, especially early. I can’t even believe that your OB let you schedule an early induction just for the convenience of not having a Christmas baby. If my OB would have let me schedule an early induction just for the heck of it, I would definitely have this baby out by now because my maternity leave is ticking away and I still have no baby (40 weeks tomorrow), but he is a firm believer that as long as mom and baby are healthy, you should at least wait until 41 weeks, and I have to agree with him! 

PS I didn’t mean for this post to sound rude, but I think it is really important to just let babies come when they are ready (once again, pending no health problems with either mom or baby). I would recommend you reconsider your early induction because all the natural ways to bring on labor won’t really do much if you aren’t ready to go into labor in the first place.  

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