Has anyone bought a ring from moissaniteco.com?

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I’m actually curious to see answers to this as well. I was just looking on that exact site a few days ago.

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Roux – Post again (or PM me) and let me know how it goes.Tongue out 

I wonder if you and I are coveting the same ring LOL!

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I would strongly advise that you put in a bit of time researching moissanite with UNbiased sources (don’t take what the vendors tell you as fact). There’s a little info to be found on the pricescope.com forums (this is a site dedicated to diamond knowledge and has many gem experts that frequent the forum). Some basic things to keep in mind are that, while nowhere near the price per carat of diamonds, a somewhat large moissanite like you mentioned is still going to cost you a good chunk of cash. One of the biggest concerns with these stones is that moissanite is NOT a very strong substance and has potential to chip. One chip, and there goes your several hundred dollars down the drain. (Diamonds, for reference, are one of the hardest substances known to man.) Moissanite also has very little resale value. The color of a stone the size you want also will not appear as colorless as a smaller one. These are only some of the things to consider when looking into any simulated stone or diamond alternative, but it really is important to try not to let the hype influence you and research things for yourself. Best of luck!

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I didn’t buy a ring from moissaniteco.com but I’m going to buy earrings from them! My engagement ring IS a moissanite, however. My Fiance found a local jeweler that sells them.

I also agree on doing your research, but keep in mind that moissanites are harder   than sapphires or rubies, other stones commonly used in engagement rings. (They are a 9.25 on the Mohs scale, diamonds are a 10, rubies/sapphires a 9).

In any event, “chipping” is not a good measure because diamonds chip as well. In fact, the harder the stone the more likely they are to CHIP (because they’re more brittle). I was surprised to find this out too. So yes, your diamond ring CAN chip, and even more so if it’s a non-round cut (has any sharp corners, like a princess cut does).

I actually chipped my moissanite center stone in my engagement ring. I am REALLY harsh with my rings/hands (always falling, tripping, smacking my arm into walls as I walk …) and since I had it insured, I just called the insurance company and they gave me a check for the cost of a new one. The jeweler set it on my ring and gave us the chipped one and reset it on a pendant. It was a tiny chip and you cannot see it at all on the pendant, and now I have both stones!

I’m happy we got a moissanite. We couldn’t have afforded a big diamond and I didn’t want to spend that much money on a ring anyway. I love my ring!

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Thanks for the info ladies! It’s nice to have some perspective (especially from someone who has one). I’ll have to see if any of my local jewelers do moissanite, it would probably be easier to judge sizes in person anyway, I don’t want some crazy big thing that looks ridiculous!

@bluebook – Let us know how the service is after you order!

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I can’t afford the earrings right now (have to pay wedding bills first 🙂 but I’ll say they were SUPER helpful in answering my emails when I almost ordered my wedding band with them!  They also sell “loose” moissanite. By the way, to find my jeweler, I went to moissanite.com and entered my address.  I would recommend a physical jeweler but definitely BARGAIN with them, they mark up moissanite way too much (and it’s been my experience you should bargain with jewelers anyway, they expect it).

Having a physical jeweler is great because anytime I drop by he polishes/replates my ring for free. Otherwise you’d be paying $15-20 each time to someone and that stuff adds up!

By The Way – here is my e-ring and band (and FI’s band, I picked the up yesterday from getting engraved).  Only the center stone is moissanite, the rest are very nice (VVS2, G) diamonds.

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I had looked into this as well because I didn’t want to support the diamond industry. However, I learned that the reason diamonds are the standard for wedding rings is that they truly last forever. A dimond ring can be a family heirloom passed down for generations… the value & longevity of moissanite over time is questionable. If what you want is a BIG stone that has the flash of an expensive diamond ring, then moissanite is a good alternative. However, for me what I wanted was a small, simple & comfortable e-ring and a small 1/2 ct diamond (for less than $1000) was perfect for me!

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I have a moissanite and I love it! I got it from moissaniteco.

Despite what SOME say, the facts remain. Moissanite is 9.25 on the mohs scale. I have bumped my ring pretty hard and no scratches have happened. It is super durable. It also sparkles beautifully.

I went with a 1 carat stone with channeled stones on the prongs. I think a lot of people bad-mouth moissanite because they don’t know the facts. I was nervous ordering online. There’s a trust that goes into that. The more I read about moissanite the more I thought it was too good to be true. I can honestly say my ring exeeds my expectations. It is gorgeous, durable, catches more light than any diamond I’ve ever seen, and the best part is it was only about 800 dollars and I know exactly where it came from.

I looked into gemstone options, but was too scared they would chip or scratch.


Here are pictures.

[attachment=692382,89843] [attachment=692382,89844]

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It’s not from moissaniteco.com, but my ring is moissanite and I LOVE it!  No one can tell it’s not a diamond.  All they do is comment on how much is sparkles.  I love it and love the fact that we didn’t have to break the bank to get me a beautiful ring.  Also, my ring doesn’t look green or grey in certain light. 

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Here’s my old engagement ring, it’s a moissanite 2.16 ctw and I loved that bad boy…. the ex-fiance is selling it, let me know if anyone is interested (i soo had to put that out there, i know he’s trying to get rid of it)

You can check out the video for it here (he got it from HSN)


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I created an account just to post on this board. My engagement ring is from moissaniteco.com and I LOVE IT! My ring is a 1.25 solitaire in white gold. I get so many compliments on my ring and how beautiful (and big) it is! Little do they know, we only paid $600 for it! 

My fiance said when he received the ring he was so jealous at how pretty it was that he decided he wanted his wedding band from moissaniteco.com also. I talked to a staff member there today regarding placing my stone in a different moissanite setting and they were very nice and helpful. I have attached the only picture I currently have of my ring. I hope this helps you!


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My ring is from moissaniteco.com also.  They were reasonable to deal with, but they start making your ring after they take your order, so it takes a few weeks for the ring to arrive.

My ring is palladium and has a 1 ct. center stone with blue moissanite sidestones.  It’s very sparkly and pretty, and walks the line between traditional and non-traditional well.  If you’re interested, I wrote a long post about how I came to choose moissanite as the gemstone for my engagement ring here:



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