(Closed) Has anyone come here to leave The Knot?

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I have kinda left the Knot. I started being very unhappy about how people were so rude to eachother. Someone posted on the Knot about how the people on WeddingBee was so much nicer, so I came here. It is true, I have not been offended yet. I still go on for some of the planning tools, like the guest list. I haven’t really used the Knot’s forms much since I have started here.

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I haven’t experienced bullying on the Knot, but I just prefer the Bee. I could never get used to the Knot’s site. It’s just not user friendly and is very clunky. The Bees are so helpful and I receive meaningful comments. I do like the Knot for their crazy detailed checklists. I’ve also been on MakeupAlley. The posters there come and go. I loved the group that was on there last year. I don’t really like the vibe of the main posters right now so I’m not on there as much.

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yeah I find the knot NOT so helpful. Some of those posters are clearly off their meds. They take things way, way, wayyyy to serious. I’m a born and raised NYer so I’m cool with a lil snark and abrasiveness but those chicks… No thank you.

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I use the knot for the november and oregon boards and the military boards only because they are more active

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ok, so I totally didn’t read all the posts, but yeah, I def agree with the PPs… the girls on TK are soooo mean! It’s like they don’t have anything better to do than rip apart everyone else! I do think it must help that WB blatantly says “avoid snarkiness..” ๐Ÿ™‚

But yeah, the local boards here are pretty dead. ๐Ÿ™ 

I guess that probably just means that there are way more active members on TK?

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I still go occassionally to look at pictures and ideas.  I am not as active on the boards though.  I had similar instances were I would post something and I got ripped apart.  One person said that just because I put “Princess” in my user name doesn’t mean I should act like one.  Are you kidding?  Princess is a nickname my DECEASED grandfather gave me.  He and I were close and I wanted him to be a part of my wedding planning.  I shouldn’t have to justify my username to anyone.

I thought it was funny that one bride over there who had posted a thread about WB being “cry babies” because we don’t like the cattiness over there had said that she was banned from posting over here.  Really you need to announce that your bitterness and cattiness is so sad and pathetic that you were banned from posting on another wedding site. 

I guess if TK had more activity I would probably still be just as active over there as I am over here.  I love all the different boards that are here though, it makes my wedding searches so much more entertaining and wasting time easier too lol.

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I joined theknot.com this morning and I left this afternoon! I asked for some advice with a difficult bridesmaid situation and I was worried about an uneveness in my bridal party (4 grromsmen, 3 bridesmaids), I had all kinds of comments that I was weird, odd and that my comments were odd, I was trying to be funny etc. I do try and keep a light humour to my posts- yes! But still..

On one board, I said that my fiancé gets on with anyone, but with my upbringing I’ve been quite picky about my friends (my parents play a huge role in my social cirlce)- I was asked why I was with my fiancé if he picks awful friends! Did I say his friends were awful?! No! Truly his friends (and he himself) are some of the nicest people around, just that a lot of the jokes they share wouldn’t go down well with my parents!I also don’t pick people to fill in the numbers, which is why I wanted to know if our 4:3 ratio would look peculiar- I don’t want a “just because I need a #4” bridesmaid!

On the other, I was told that I was planning far too early and was theng greated with comments about “listen to her, she’s wise” and “people won’t tell you to fire your briesmaid here”. No, probably not, but I don’t want to salvage a friendship which is struggling to be salvagable for the sake of a 4th bridesmaid. It’s a known fact that girls have to tell a bridesmaid that she isn’t a bridesmaid before, and I’m not the first, and that’s what I wanted advice on. Not a lecture about not “firing” a bridesmaid. At the time, she was a brilliant mate, but lately she’s let me down time and time again and truthfully everytime she lets me down 20 minutes from me seeing her it hurts.


Rant over, sorry all that this is such a long post for my first. Hopefully my experiences at weddingbee will be much nicer ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’m a little late to the party here, but I started posting here after a bad experience on TK….

Basically, the sense I got from all the threads I read on there is as follows:  These ladies thrive on “correcting” someone.  Their opinions are right, and there is absolutely no alternative.  Their way is the only way, and God forbid you are different than the norm, non-traditional, unique or disagree with them in any way, well then you’re just a “special f*cking snowflake” (I use that term because I’ve seen it used on those boards repeatedly) who expects the world to cater to them.  There is only black and white with these women, and they fail to appreciate the complexity in these obviously complex situations many troubled brides post.  As PP have pointed out, they then jump on this perceived flaw (rather than whatever question/dilemma the OP had), blow it out of proportion and gang up on the OP to belittle or insult them.  Name-calling, insulting your family, everything is fair game with them, and the mods join in on the fun.  I wish I were kidding.  If you then turn around and admit defeat and see the “error of your ways”, they switch from hostile and controlling to patronizing and condescending, while at the same time criticizing you for being hostile/controlling/patronizing or condescending yourself.  If you point this out, they split hairs and claim it’s all in your imagination, and you’re just overly sensitive.  Once again, it’s your fault for being a “special f*cking snowflake”.  

To me, this is the sign of someone who desperately wants to feel like a “special f*cking snowflake” themselves but never got a chance to be treated that way.  In my humble opinion, there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel special on your wedding day.  In fact, your hubby should make you feel special every day, that’s what love is.  Besides, most girls that post on there and get treated that way aren’t being brats or bridezillas anyway, they are coming for guidance because they truly don’t know.  And their supposed honesty and lack of sugarcoating is just an excuse for being rude — the very thing they are accusing their victims of.  Don’t you just love hypocrisy?

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Yes, I haven’t been on the know boards in a long time, and probably won’t be going back.  I go there from time to time for ideas, but that’s all.  I posted a question simply for advice and was torn apart.  They reacted as if I was causing a major offense to them personally! I love the WB, I’m just getting on here a little more now and I couldn’t be happier:)

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I did, but I got in a few digs before I left.

I was basically told that it was no wonder my Future Mother-In-Law doesn’t like me because one of my pictures is taken from an angle above and you can see my chest, which I happen to have a lot of. So the bitch…who had been there for a few years, actually used that to justify her rude comments to me. So I PM’d her and told her I was sorry she was flat chested.

Then I made a thread where I basically said I was sorry that their lives were so dull that they had to rule the forums of a wedding website with an iron fist.

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I could never get into the forums over there, the format is so cluttered, and why do people’s profiles include a detailed, animated glitter description of every life event?


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Oh god, I spent maybe… 2 weeks at The Knot before I found WeddingBee. I made exactly one post, detailing our delemma about being engaged and yet not (our proposal was untraditional to the extreme, and without a ring) and how to go about telling his side of the family since a few of our friends already knew. Many were congratulatory, but a few RIPPED into me for thinking a ring meant everything and how DARE we tell friends before our families, etc.

Terrible, terrible people. Very unhappy place to be – soooo glad I found you ladies ๐Ÿ™‚

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I actually considered going over there to check things out.  I’d heard bad things on the Bee, but just wanted to make my own judgement.  Wanna know one of the first things I found?  A thread that linked one of MY posts from WB.  Everyone on the thread was bashing me horribly (and Bees, in general).  Apparently, one of these no life having women comes over to the bee to pick out stories that she wants to make fun of with the rest of her bullies.  So, that day, she found my story.  Because of that, I hardly trust anyone here anymore and I am purposely refraining from writing a lot of stories I want to write because I am afraid I will be getting bashed behind my back on another forum.  I asked the staff at The Knot to remove the post, but they have not. 

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