(Closed) Has anyone done a juice fast??

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Bumble Beekeeper
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My sister did a juice fast and she lost a few pounds pretty quickly but she had headaches the whole time, and gained all the weight right back as soon as she ate food again. 

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Honey bee
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My ex boyfriend did once and it was dreadful.  It didn’t work either.

He was actually really stupid about it — he was juicing for 5 days and then we went out with his family to celebrate his mom’s birthday (small, hodink town).  He drank 5 beers, which wouldn’t bother him normally but he didn’t have any food in his system.  I came back to his parents’ house (where we were staying) earlier because I was tired, and he came back around 2 am.  I woke up to go to the bathroom and found him passed out on the floor.  I FREAKED out thinking something was majorly wrong, and I managed to get him upright.  In the process he PEED on me (not kidding), and had pissed on the floor too when he was passed out.  Needless to say I was insanely angry at him and the relationship didn’t last much longer than a few months, lol.

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I did a 3 day one. It was over a long weekend and I just bummed around the house, mostly. I was cold and didn’t have a ton of energy, but that could have been because I was being lazy! I lost 5 lbs and didn’t gain it all back right away. I was about 5 lbs overweight at the time and wanted to drop a few before a formal event.

It’s a popular thing among my coworkers. People seem to use it to get back on track more than for extended weight loss.  I haven’t done it again but I would. 

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I did it last autumn. I went through 45 days and lost 35 lbs. I loved it. I tried a lot of recipes from the Internet. My favorite was the mean green. My skin cleared up and I felt energized and satisfied throughout the experience. I do water fasts on a regular basis, once or twice a year since 15 years and found this juice fast to be extremely easy compared to a water fast. No headaches or fatigue feeling. I keep the weight more or less of so far, gained 5 lbs over Christmas, but that’s it. I would definitely recommend it and I’m planning to do it myself again later this year. Internet research about recipes is definitely helpful to switch up things, so it doesn’t get to boring with the same juice every day. Give it a try, but don’t pressure yourself to go for a determined length of time. Go for maybe three days at first, just after that, do you start to get into the rhythm of things and you might start to appreciate the health effects. Be patient with yourself and keep in mind, that this can lead to outbreaks in the beginning. Maybe don’t have big events scheduled during the beginning of the fast. Good luck! 

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Sugar bee
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I lasted two and a half days. I did a light work out on day two and couldn’t bounce back from juicing alone. My ex did it and swore by it. Maybe it had to do with our respective weights (he was overweight and I wasn’t)? 

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Blushing bee

I haven’t done a cleanse in years, but I’ll share my thoughts! They’re probably not an effective means of weight loss; however, I’ve found that they can temporarily “reset” your eating habits in a way if you do it for at least a few days. Immediately afterwards, I crave “clean” foods, but of course that doesn’t last long either! The best side effect I’ve noticed with cleanses is that my skin looks super bright and clear during/after.

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I tried once, my stomache hurt like hell by day two. I took the excruciating cramps as a sign my body was not digging it and stopped. Felt better once I ate real food again.

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I’ve never done a juice fast but I did a semi egg-fast last week to drop a few pounds before I went dress shopping. I ate egg-based meals for lunch every day and my normal low-carb meals for tea. I lost a quick 5 pounds, felt full most of the day and had loads of energy. 

Just putting it out there as an alternative 🙂

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Bee Keeper

Yes for health benefits. 

I’ve found Jason Vale apps very helpful and there’s a video each day too. I’ve done 3, 5 and 12 days. 

I need to be prepared with everything so there’s no falling off the wagon. And try to do it in a period when you can relax, sleep a lot, walk and maybe have some treats like a massage if you like them. 

Ive seen a lot of health conditions improve by a juice fast then plant based diet. My mum included!  

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moto5522 :  I did one after watching the same doco. I struggled through it for 3 or 4 days, then when I ate normal food was struck with crippling tummy pains which led to a colonoscopy. Yay! No idea if there was a relationship but my GP suggested there may have been. I’ve seen others experience more success- my sister will regularly have a juice “day” here and there. 

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I tried to do a 3 day one when I was younger, but I got so lightheaded by the end of Day 2 that I couldn’t drive, and then I cracked and ate like a sleeve of Ritz crackers and a grilled cheese, lol. On the plus side, I had a LOT of fresh fruits and vegetables left over!

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Helper bee

I tried it a few years ago after watching that movie.  Made it 3 days and decided I was done.  I would’t say I was starving but something about not chewing actual food for several days made me a little neurotic.  I don’t know if I lasted long enough to notice any benefits but I will say I am vegan now and the benefits of a plant based diet are off the charts.  I’m actually in the midst of a smoothie cleanse right now.  Very similar, but much more cost effective and “satisfying” in my opinion.  You get a lot more fiber too from using the whole plant.   Another thing I feel is worth mentioning about jucing – super expensive and time consuming.  I think I was going to the grocery store every day because each fruit and veggie doesn’t produce as much juice as you’d think, and for at least three hefty enough juices a day, that depletes your fridge pretty quickly.  Cleaning the juicer after every use is a pain.  Did I mention expensive? lol  Not sure if you already have a juicer but they are not cheap.  I got lucky because my parents already had a $300 one they bought after watching that movie and then used once and never again.  But I would have felt pretty defeated if I spent that kind of money and then found out it wasn’t for me.   A juicing fast is kind of a major diet choice, especially if you aren’t already accustomed to eating plant based.  I vote smoothies instead!

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Honey bee
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I did a 7-day one. Felt very low energy the whole time but somehow struggled through. Lost like 7 pounds but then immediately gained it back plus 3 even though I eased back into healthy eating. Definitely didn’t agree with my body.

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My husband drinks Soylent meal replacement shakes. I’ve straight up told him that unless I need a feeding tube, there’s no way I would switch to a liquid diet. I love food way too much! Soylent has a lot of calories, though, so I don’t think it achieves the same thing that a juice diet would.

I think for short-term results that aren’t necessarily lasting without lifestyle changes, juice fasts could work. But make sure you’re getting all the vitamins that you need – the water/cayenne pepper/lemon juice combo is a big NO on that front. 

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