(Closed) Has anyone ever been fired?

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Bee Keeper
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@PitBulLover:  Oh no! What happened? I know you haven’t been happy there.

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Honey bee
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Not really “fired”, I think they kinda gotta me to quit on my own..

I wasn’t getting many hours at one place I was working, so I decided to take on a second job. I got an interview at a clothing store and I explained that I would have to work two jobs and she said they can work around it. Skip forward a month later and I get a call from the manager at the clothing store. “So and so from HR is here and says that you need to open up your availability”. I said that is fine, just let me know what days you need me and I will see what I can do. Then she said, “Well, we need you to work 20 hours a week, but we need you to be available 24/7.”

I said, “I can’t afford to work 20 hours a week, which is what I explained to you at the interview.”

“Okay, well you need to figure it out. Either open up your availability or look for a job somewhere else.”

“Well, you do not give me alot of options. I guess I will look for another job.”

“Okay, your check will be available for you to pick up this friday.”

Then we hung up and I was totally confused….did I quit? or did I get fired? I still do not know, but that was a long time ago and I am in a great job now. So don’t worry, things happen for a reason!

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Sugar bee

Never been fired but I have always heard it is better to resign first. If you resign, it looks much better on your resume and in future interviews. It may even open your current employer up to giveing you apositive reference for a future job. Of course to resign if you were not going to be fired is not ideal. If it is a lay off, totally different story, stick it out as long as possible.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I have, twice.

I was with a company for almost 4 years and they were going bankrupt. I wasn’t happy and knew they were going bankrupt so I began looking for another job. They brought me in and said they heard I was looking (no idea how they found out) and said they had to let me go, because they wanted someone who wanted to be with the company “forever”. It was total BS and I was blind sided and SO hurt. Because they kept laying people off (went from 150 employees when I started down to 80) I was doing THREE jobs for one salary. I busted my ass for them and people always asked me how I managed to do it. When the whole thing went down I had so many people contact me to say what BS it was and that I was the hardest working person in their company. At least it felt good to know that people were on my side.

Unfortunately, in Canada you can be fired for any reason if you are under 5 years employment so I couldn’t do anything.

The next job I had after was for a small company and it was awful. They were not nice people, they purposely would show me how to do things wrong just so I would get in trouble. Every day they would ignore me and I tried so hard to get them to like me and it never worked. I would come in and say “Good morning!” and it would be dead silence. One day I was feeling really ill, and the manager told me “Why don’t you go make yourself throw up, you’ll be fine”. I was shocked. Also, when my grandfather died they made it seem like a huge inconvenience that I needed a couple of days off. AND they didn’t pay me because I was 6 days short of my probation period ending.  Finally, after 5 months they said it “wasn’t working out and they had to let me go”. I said “You are absolutely right” and I left. I was SO happy that I didn’t have to work in such a horrible environment.

It really sucks to say I’ve been fired, but honestly I know I’m a VERY hard worker and a great employee. It was definitely their loss.

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Sugar bee
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Yes, I’ve been fired.  🙂  It BLOWS.  I thought I was unhappy there.  I mean, I was unhappy there.  But it was because I had no work to do – they didn’t have projects for me (it was a consulting firm).  My review was a whole bunch of “would be great if she had work.”  Then they hired me a boss (I was at a satellite office) who was a BITCH.  My boss even said “yeah, she has a, um, really strong personality, I didn’t think you guys would really get along.”  So I was set up to fail, but I managed fine with her – it was just work, after all.  Then they started spying on me.  People would come to visit and ask me how I liked it there.  “I love the office and the people, but I don’t love living over here – the traffic is awful.”  Smalltalk – I had been transferred from a smaller city to a larger metro area.  Then I was ‘let go’ and got told that “they heard I wasn’t happy.”  I was SO MAD.  No one asked ME if I was happy.  I said I liked working there, I just didn’t like traffic jams. 

When I said I thought I was unhappy… once you stop getting a paycheck, you realize that you’d put up with a lot of BS to get one.  It’s enlightening. 

The end of my story is this:  I filed for unemployment as “laid off: lack of work.”  There was no way they could fight that.  I collected that for a few months and found a much better job.  7 years later I’ve moved on from there and make more than twice what I did at the place that canned me. 

It’ll work out, just hang in there.

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Helper bee
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I was, kind of. I was working part-time at a library while I was in school. They began letting go of other part-time people until I was pulling almost all of the shifts. It was fine for me, I was making more money and I liked the job. I was on contract, but as the end of it neared, my boss told me that they were going to renew me, so I kept showing up for shifts.

One random day, like a month after my original contract expired, and before my new one was drawn up, I went for lunch with a friend. Sat down, checked my phone, had an email from my boss basically saying thanks, but no thanks. No phone call, no meeting, nada. It was partially my fault, I should have known better than to be okay with no immediate contract, but I was on really good terms with my boss so I thought I was safe.

I hope everything works out for you! The biggest thing I have found is, don’t be ashamed! I was upset for the first week and embarrassed that I had been let go, but then I enjoyed my time off and started looking for something new and fun. A friend of mine had a similar experience and reaction a year prior to me, and she remembers it as an awful time in her life, because she was just so humiliated by it. She thought it reflected directly on her as a person, even though she knew she had been unhappy at the position. So don’t think it’s on you. Try to enjoy your time off, appreciate that your hubby is supportive, and then start looking for a new opportunity.

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Buzzing bee
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I have. It was in 2005 before the facebook explosion and before we knew better than the put stuff on the internet. I was 21ish and had a livejournal (oh god, now I cringe) like everyone else I knew. I had written some things about how unhappy I was at work a few times in the past. Something like a year later they found it and fired me on the spot for “speaking ill of the company.” Turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me, I found a better job a week later, which led to an even better one after I graduated that I’m still at today five years later! And I no longer drive to work hoping to get in an accident so that I can be in the hospital and not have to work!

ETA: Don’t be ashamed. Shit happens. You learn and move on and will probably be better for it. I hid for a few days from everyone but my boyfriend at the time, but afterwards everyone just said they were worried about me. I’m now even friends with my old boss on facebook and she still says she absolutely hated having to do it but she’s glad everything worked out for me.

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Honey bee
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@almostmrsj:  I was in a very similar situation. No freakin work. And people would look at me like I was crazy when I asked for work, like “why don’t you shut up and be happy that you’re allowed to be lazy?”. They moved our offices 4 times in 3 years and kept moving the parking further and further away (so you had to get to work 20 mins early just to get to your desk on time). And the bitch I worked for actually told me to do what was eventually the reason they “fired” me. It sucked, but dang it was meant to be, because I am 1000% times happier where I am now. I can hardly imagine how/why I stayed there so long.

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Bumble bee
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I was..it was in 2007 when i was leaving my ex husband and i was working for an apt complex, he became abusive with me and they fired me for “being an hazard to other employees” because they were scared of him ( he also worked for them and they fired him for ill performance a few months before this)

I lost my job, my medical for me and the kids, and i also lost my apt and had to relocate to another town, and the staff had made derogatory remarks about me and my situation after i left

However, I sued, due to discrimation of a woman in a abusive environment and for liable/slander. The employment courts ruled in my favor and they owed me half a years salary (the time i was out of work)..i did not have to settle for this offer ( i was able to go to a jury trial and ask for upwards of 100K+ for damages to my children and myself) but after 2 years of courts i just wanted to be finished with it. In the end i wanted my point to be made and it was!

But i couldnt be happier that happened! It pushed me to get away from things i did not like and now  I have a Awesome job and a awesome boss!

If it happens keep ya head up and find out what you REALLY want to do in life!

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Sugar bee
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ive never been fired but my sister was. She was an office manager and I guess she wasn’t keeping up with their demands.

She hated the job and was looking for a new job at the time. She was very embarassed for a few weeks but it turned out it was the best thing that ever happened to her. Now she found a job that she LOVES and looks forward to going to work!

I truly believe everything happens for a reason

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Yep, I have. I did something stupid but in my defense, my manager was the person who told me to do what I did and allowed it to keep happening (knowing full well what was going on) so he was canned as well. It was a total shock at first and really hard to deal with but after a few days I got over it. I was more so upset that all of the friends that I had made through my job would think less of me but I think they all soon realized that I was more collateral damage than anything else. Thankfully I really didn’t have a hard time finding another job (my current position that I’ve been in for 5 years) and we weren’t in dire need of my income so it wasn’t as horribly stressful as it could have been.

Pitt, in your case this may be a good thing. I know you haven’t been happy there so maybe this will be the kick in the ass that you need to go and find something that you enjoy. Too often people stay in shitty jobs just because they’re content. No-one likes being the new person who has to learn everything all over again but you never know, your next job could be the position that you’ve been waiting for. Good luck!

ETA: Happy to see that you’re already interviewing. You’re ahead of the game!

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I got fired from a job when my guy friend who also worked there got in a fist fight with the owner of the company haha! I was 19 and kind of relieved to be rid of it.

I was fired from an insurance job too because I had no clue what I was doing and no one would train me, so I just did nothing and waited to be fired. I was also 19. That was a bad year for jobs.

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