Has anyone ever had a mole/skin biopsy?

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Busy bee
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I had a mole biopsy on my back as a teenager. They numbed the area first and then basically shaved it off. It didn’t hurt, beyond the shot to numb it. Then for about a week or two, I had to keep it dressed with bandages and clean because apparently moles bleed a lot, who knew? 

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They will numb you up first so you won’t feel it. The shot stings but it’s over pretty quick.

A punch biopsy will probably have a stitch or two but it’s no big deal.

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Helper bee

Dozenss actually!  Same procedure as OP- a little shot to numb then off it goes- no more than a minute or so.  The dr will take off surrounding skin as well, to clear the margin-  so if it does come back from biopsy as “irregular” (which does not mean cancer, nor that it will even ever have turned into cancer), you don’t need to go back in.  A little bandaid and you are good to go!

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Bumble Beekeeper

Windborn :  my husband has had several and it’s pretty quick and easy! They’ve varied on whether or not he’s needed stitches. 

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Busy bee

Yup and it was totally fine. The only thing I felt was the injection from the numbing agent. It was on my stomach so a pretty sensitive area but it wasn’t bad at all, and I’m a total baby. I got two stitches and they itched a little as they healed but no real complaints! 

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Honey bee

Windborn :  I’ve never had a punch biopsy but I’ve had gosh…10+ moles removed. Some were suspicious and one was a freckle that the doc didn’t like the look of. It’s quick and you keep a bandage on it for awhile. 

I’m pasty and have lots of moles. So they keep an eye on them. I have a few more that need looking after. 

First one is a bit nerve wracking but it wasn’t as bad as I expected.  Quick and you’re outta there. It’s not bad at all. Maybe a bit of soreness and itchy. But all mine healed. Good luck try not to worry it’s really not all that bad. 

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Honey bee

Windborn :  Hopefully nothing and likely nothing. None of mine were anything and I got burned a lot when younger. And I liked to lay out. 

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Not trying to scare you, but just being honest, I had one like… 5 years ago done and it was a horrible experience. I cringe just remembering it. However, my doctor had TERRIBLE beside manner and from more bad experiences with her, I found out she literally cuts just to cut and has a time limit for each patient she sees… ugh, just horrible.

I went in for a normal looksie and she ended up wanting to cut a mole out of my back. They put this ice pack thing on it to get it so cold it felt numb. It HURT I think from the coldness and thankfully I didn’t feel anything but to this day I have a horribly ugly scar she left. The mole was fine and now I’m stuck with a scar that looks worse than the actual mole.

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I’ve had about eight biopsies and six surgeries to get little basal cell cancers removed (five were cancers, one my doc thought was a bit too irregular and didn’t want to take the risk due to my history).  Skin cancer runs in my family.   

The first time, it freaked me right out.  It turns out that it was no big deal.   For the biopsy and the surgeries, they gave me a local, did their thing, and (in the case of removal) stiched me up.  Most of the time, they put on some HGTV show and we kept up a light coversation.  Before I knew it, we were all done and I was heading home.

 Even for the ones right at my hairline on my forehead, the worst part was the inital sting of the anesthesia.  Well that, and having to sit still/take it easy for a couple of days so that I wouldn’t pop the little stitches they put in place.  I didn’t need anything stronger than the mild (non-narcotic) pain meds they gave me for any of them, and even then, it was only for about a day.

Odds are that it’s nothing.  Even if it is a little something that you end up having to have removed, the chances are overwhelmingly high that it’s easily dealt with.

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Absolutely,  I live in the Southern hemisphere & close to ozone hole. We always have to get moles checked. Everything will be fine and it’s not unusual to get a mole cut out.

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