Has anyone ever had a mole/skin biopsy?

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Windborn :  I’ve always driven myself home. But if you have a tendency towards wooziness and fainting you could ask him.

I say this as someone who has zero issues with shots or getting blood samples taken though. Strangely if someone else bleeds though I’ll be nauseous.

But I and my husband too have always driven home. Is it your driving leg? Not sure if you’re US or UK. 

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Windborn : 

I actually had 2 punch biopsy’s done at one time back in January on my labia! Sorry to be so graphic but one of them was near the opening of my vagina and the other was in the inner labia. I had it done because I was suffering from some type of skin disorder in that area that caused me a lot pain and could only be diagnosed through a skin biopsy. I’m 23 and have been dealing with it for 4 years, finally got the answers I needed from the biopsy and I have a treatment now that works and now I have little to no pain. During the procedure the area was numbed and it was still numb when I got home. It took around 2 hours for the numbness to go away and that’s when the pain started. I had a lot of pain and burning for the first week (the first 3 days were the worst and I minimized my movements during that time). Started to get better after the second week, and at around 6 weeks the biopsy sites had completely closed up and healed. I kept an eye on the healing process by using a handheld mirror and I saw some puss coming out of the biopsy sites during the first few weeks which was normal. The most important thing about the healing process is that you must keep the biopsy sites clean. I have a high pain tolerance too and I’d say the pain and burning was an 8/10 and remember this is my vagina we’re talking about. What I was suffering from before I had it done was a 10/10 so the pain was worth it to me because now I pretty much have no pain. So I think you’ll be fine! Getting the biopsy done could rule out skin cancer for you so that’s something to look forward to. Just rest for the first few days because those first 2-3 days will be the worst of the pain you’ll experience, if you experience much at all. Don’t wear any tight pants during the first few weeks of healing. Also you could have your husband drive just to be on the safe side. 

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I’ve had several. I had my first major surgery to my lip at 25 for basal cell.  Cant even hardly tell that it was ever done now. Have a big nasty scar on my upper spine because I had a biopsy done and it came back in the gray area between melanoma and normal. Basically he said if I left it, it would become melanoma, and it was abnormal enough that insurance would help pay for it to be done now. It was a spot that was about the size of a dime and 3 different colors. So at 28, that got cut out of my back.  Its not horrible to deal with, but its not my favorite thing. I am now 30 and have several aks that are frozen off each dermatology visit and they have suggested doing a chemo cream to my whole face. I researched it and decided that it was better to do the freezing every time.

Good luck Bee! 

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My experience was what hockeybee described. I went to the dermatologist to have a mole looked at, and they ended up just doing the biopsy immediately (numbing and shaving). Up until about a year ago (allergy shots), I was always terrified of needles. The biopsy was a bit painful, and there was blood (it was on my back though so I didn’t see it), but it was super quick. I hung out for about 20 minutes after and had a snack and chatted with the doctor…and then drove myself to work and worked the entire day at my office job (well, like 6 hours).

I do remember thinking afterwards that I should have just called in sick and relaxed. It was sore that day, and every time I’d feel pain, I’d kind of freak out lol.

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I have had several. They found both melanoma ( early and got treated promptly) and basal cell. I will shortly be going for another Mohs surgery. The biopsy itself is nothing major at all. The only part that hurt for me was the initial anaesthesia injection so if you have had an immunization before, it feels much like that. You feel nothing after the area is frozen. Some punch biopsies need stitches and some don’t.

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Windborn :  good call! I’m sure at this point you have worked it up way more in your head and you will just feel so much better when it’s over! Relaxing afterwards sounds like a good idea, though I suspect you will feel almost normal by Saturday 😊. Good luck! Please report back!

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I had one on my butt! Most awkward spot ever. The actual procedure was very quick and pain free, they numb the area before hand so you can’t actually feel the excision. The most annoying part is trying not to stretch the area afterward, hard on a place like your butt. Definitely arrange a lift just in case and you really shouldn’t stretch/bend the area so if it’s your leg you’ll want to keep it still as possible, not flex to drive. I don’t remember having any pain after, it just felt a bit tight and itchy once the scar tissue formed. Good luck but you will be totally fine πŸ™‚ 

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Windborn :  I did when I was 16. I had a mole in the middle front of my thigh, it did change a little so my mom took me to a dematologist. They numbed my leg and “punched” it out, and stitched it up. So don’t worry about pain because they numb the area. The stitches were a little annoying, I was only allowed to wear sweatpants, no jeans or tight pants until the stitches were out which sucked as a highschooler. I was really worried about the results especially because my grandma was going through breast cancer treatments but it ended up not being cancerous! I have a scar in the shape of a bug as little kids would tell me. The scar won’t go away, but its been so long that I’m used to it now and no one really points it out

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Windborn :  I literally just got two spots (one worrisome, the other just large and annoying) removed today. I was very anxious too, but it’s like everyone else said. The shots to numb you hurt a little, like any shots do. The cutting itself felt like a little pressure but that’s it. It took less than twenty minutes from start to finish, including talking to the nurse and getting on and off the gown. I drove home right afterwards. It’ll be a week ’til I get lab results back, so fingers crossed! Hope your procedure is quick and painless and turns out okay too! πŸ™‚

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