(Closed) Has anyone gotten a colonscopy at an younger age before?

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@tynakinnon:  I had one at 27. It’s not fun, but it’s really not as bad as you think it will be. Every clinic has a slightly different prep protocol, but mine was:

Monday night right after dinner: drink one bottle of magnesium citrate. This really wasn’t too bad — it tastes like really sweet soda. Drink it over ice. This didn’t really do a whole lot in terms of time spent in the bathroom. I was able to go to work the next day like normal.

After I drank that, I couldn’t eat anything until after the colonoscopy on Wednesday. I was restricted to clear liquids like water, tea, coffee (without creamer), broth, apple juice (no orange or pineapple, nothing with orange, red, or purple dye), gatorade, etc.

Tuesday night at 4pm: mix up “colon lavage solution,” (1 gallon), drink half of the gallon between 4 and 7 pm. They recommend drinking 8oz every 10 minutes. This part sucked. I read on the internet to drink it through a straw — do.not.do.that. Just chug it, seriously. My doctor said I could add a little lemon juice to the solution and that made all the difference. You’ll be in the bathroom within an hour, so you don’t want to be away from home.

Wednesday morning at 7am: drink the other half of the “colon lavage solution,” same procedure as the night before. I couldn’t have anything to drink (or eat obviously) after 10am, and my procedure was at 2:30pm.

The procedure wasn’t that bad. They’ll put an IV in and give you some good drugs. Unfortunately, I don’t respond to one of the drugs well, so I didn’t get the full effect but most people say the drugs are the best part. If they work, you shouldn’t remember much if anything about the procedure, you’ll get kind of loopy, and you’ll need someone to drive you home and get you some food.

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@tynakinnon:  I need to get one done too (i’m also 24) because of a very prevelant history of bowel cancer in my family. I hate the idea of it but once it’s done, at least you can rest easy! (at least that’s what everyone tells me!) Like you said, it’s not something you would usually think about at a young age but if the Dr suggests it, you should definitely get it done. Good luck!

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@tynakinnon:  I’ve had three, I’m 24. hinestly the prep for it is the worst part. My advice buy those wet wipes for your bottom near the end it feels like your … Um Too Much Information pooping liquid acid. …… Anyways the actual procedure is no big deal. 🙂 if you have any questions just ask me, I’m happy to answer no matter how personal. 

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@tynakinnon:  I had one at 23. My grandfather died of bowel cancer, and I’d been sick for a month or so and seeing blood in the toilet. I just had to buy a powder from the chemist and drink it. The preparation is the worst bit – it’s way more liquid than you’d normally drink in one sitting, and it goes right through you, so make no plans and be near a toilet! You probably won’t want massive amounts of food post-procedure either, so have some soup or something handy.

They found a benign polyp during my colonoscopy so I have to continue getting them in case I get more and one is cancerous.

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@tynakinnon:  I have one once a year or so (mine was rather good this year, so my GI said I may be able to skip next year). I have ulcerative colitis (as well as a slew of other health issues). I got my first colonoscopy at a VERY young age, so I’m pretty laid back about it and don’t see it as a big deal for myself, personally. 

Are you comfortable with your doctor? Do you trust your doctor? If yes, I would definitely talk your concerns over with them – it may just help reasure you. A colonoscopy is a rather non-invasive procedure. The worst part is the prep the day before, but honestly if you watch what you eat a few days before that, it isn’t very bad (I do no meat at all, minimal/no dairy, and no fried foods for a few days before). It is annoying for me, b/c it’s basically two days I have to take off of work (although I did work a half day this year the day I had to prep). When I do my prep (yours may be different, but I doubt it) it is clear liquids only. you can have as much as you want but must be clear liquids and no red or purple. Get some wet wipes and vaseline b/c after wiping for a few hours, you will hurt. 

If your doctor suspects bleeding, did they do a fecal occult test (they do a rectal exam and basically smear a bit on a little card). they can also do blood work to try to see if there is anything abnormal there. 

Anyway, if you get the colonoscopy, it typically does not last very long. In my experience, they spend more time getting the IV in than I spend getting the ‘scope – although to be fair, I am a very difficult stick. The doctor will be able to see if there is anything visible right away (it’s magnified) but can also take samples that will be sent to a lab and be analyzed. 

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My ex did. I remember him drinking this lemon flavoured liquid by the jug full then spending hours sat on the toilet.

He had polyps.

It didnt look like much fun but if needs must. 

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@tynakinnon:  My sister had her gall bladder out when she was 19. Then she developed some kind of intestinal issue. So they did serveral tests (including a colonoscopy) to figure out what was going on/rule out Chrone’s disease. Luckily she does not have Chrone’s, but she does have irritable bowel syndrome. Anyway, I think she was only 24 when she had the colonoscopy.

Then I also have a friend who had intestinal issues and stomach issues. She also has a colonoscopy (I think she was about 30) She has Diverticulosis.

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I had my first at 15, endoscopy-colonoscopy combo. The worst part is the prep, make sure you are near a bathroom. My family had a rule that one bathroom had to be open at all times for me, and my parents switched bedrooms with me for the night so I could just run right into their attached bath. You might be a little sore or have some bleeding afterwards too, depending on how aggressive your doc is with the scope.

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