(Closed) Has anyone had a colposcopy? I’m freaking out

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I’ve had one…i had an abnormal pap last year and had to have one done. The actual process isnt so bad. they basically go up into your cervix and punch out a piece to have tested. it wasnt as painful as i thought, just a little uncomfortable..you can feel the pinch but it really isnt too bad. my concern was the results..thats scared me more than anything. luckily it came back fine.

unfortunately for me, after the biopsy i did have problems with intercourse (TMI i know) after several trips back to the doctor i was diagnosed with Vaginismus. it normally occurs with people who endure sexual trauma. luckily i havent and they concluded it was due to the biopsy..That was over 8 months ago and now im back to normal. but who knew women could have sexual disfunctions…haha my fiance and i laugh about it now but it was the stranges experience of my life.

That wasnt to scare you but im chalk full of info on the biopsy and clearly other issues i was so freaked out i did tons of research. i wouldnt worry, the biopsy is a simple procedure, fast and (almost) painless. you will be just fine! Let me know if i can help!

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The procedure is very quick, similar in length (but a little more painful for me) than a pap.  You can take a tylenol beforehand, I recommend doing so.  It wasn’t horrible or anything, but it did make me feel very uncomfortable.

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the actual biopsy only takes about 10 minutes but i sat in the room forever waiting.. try not to get too worked up about it…rather than thinking about the pain or the area think about the health benefits of doing it, if something is wrong you def want to know. i actually havent been back for pap since the biopsy but im scheduled for november. fortunately i have a great (almost husband) who was willing to really work on the vaginismus part of it. i actively tried to make that better and havent had any problems in a while. i agree with mightywombat on the tylenol part, i would take one prior to going in , though for me, there was no pain after the procedure, just the brief punch of the cervix.

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I was nervous for my colposcopy too!  

Not going to lie, it makes me cringe when I think about it, but it wasn’t that bad.  The most painful part is when they cut the tissue out of you, and it is really just a quick moment of pain.  Thinking about it is giving me the same reaction nails on a chalkboard gives most people.

The most helpful advice/warning I got was from my co-worker, who also had one done.  She warned me about “peeing out spongebob”…  apparently they stick a spongy yellow substance up there (don’t know the reason, something about healing), and it comes out of you later.  

I wouldn’t want to do it again, but compared to other things, it wasn’t that bad b/c the whole ordeal and wierd feeling only lasted the day.

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I had one and it wasn’t painful at all.  The only real discomfort that I had was a bit of cramping afterward.  Try not to worry too much about it! 

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It’s really not that bad.  Seriously.

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I had one awhile ago and got all worked up about it. Turned out I didn’t feel anything (I’d taken four ibepofan beforehand). I guess everyone is different. Either way, it’s quick. I think with the injection to calm your anxiety you’ll be fine.

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Lezlers, I’m finishing medical school and have been through lots of hours of OB and GYN. First of all, your age and if this is your first abnormal pap may influence whether or not your even need to have a colposcopy.  You should discuss with your doctor if it might be beneficial to repeat your pap smear in 6 months and if it remains atypical, then go ahead with the colpo procedure. 

The abnormal pap can be just some atypical cells with out causing harm, or it can be from a virus callled HPV. The colposcopy is the best way to know. For the procedure, the doc will first put some vinegar-like fluid onto your cervix. This causes any abnormal cells to look white. Then she uses a small instrument to pinch off a small amount of the cells that turned white. It may cause some pain and bleeding, so remeber to bring a pad with you. You may experience some cramps afterwards too. 

The good news is if it is dysplasia from HPV you found it early, the other good news is that it could be nothing!  I hope everything goes ok tomorrow. Post again and let us know! Good luck girl!

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@lezlers: Iw as in the same postiion a few years ago so totally understand. You’re so lucky to have a FH that understands – my Boyfriend or Best Friend at the time did not and left, which worked out well for me ๐Ÿ™‚


The actual procedure is simple. There’s very little pain except for the quick snip they make for the biopsy, and it’s a lot like a general pap. If they have to look into your cervix it gets kind of uncomfortable (sorry for the Too Much Information, bees!), but it passes. The worst part was afterwards! I had been warned about “some stuff coming out”, but what I had was so scary I thought I had experienced some whacky miscarriage. I know, sorry for the grossness ladies, but I just want you to be prepared! I looked at a million websites online afterwards and it’s very common.


Easier said than done, but try to remain as calm as possible. I lucked out in that the  OB-GYN my physician referred me to was an incredibly sweet, soft-spoken doctor who went out of his (yes, it was a he – which I would normally geek about) way to make me feel super comfortable. Is your regular doc doing the procedure? If not, ask him/her about OB-GYNs in the area that she knows who have good bedside manner.


Good luck!! Breathe ๐Ÿ™‚

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The bedside manner does make a difference (as the pp mentioned), especially for an anxious person! I know I switched doctors after my procedure. She asked the assistant what she did over the weekend while I was laying there with my legs spread freaking out!! Anyways, the actual procedure was not too bad and I was only uncomfortable sitting for a little while.

Good luck!

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