(Closed) Has anyone had their tonsils out as an adult?

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my coworker had hers out and she said it was terrible (but maybe she was just justifying why she took soo much time off of work afterwards?). shortly after that my doctor mentioned that mine are pretty big and i could have them taken out if i wanted but it wasn’t necessary (at least not yet), so i said a big N-O! it’s definitely not the walk in the park eat ice cream for a day or two experience that kids have, but a week will probably be fine to recover.

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oh, but you should still have lots of ice cream around!

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I was 19 and even my ENT said it is worse if you are older. I had more scar tissue then a child and it was absolutely painful and miserable. At the time, I worked in retail and seriously I had no voice for about a month. Just be supportive, give lots of fluids and try to have him keep from talking for a few days. Something happened a few days after mine and I was upset and someone yelled at me so I yelled back…..Worse feeling ever.

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Yes – and it was the worst thing I have experienced in my life to date (and I’ve always been told I’m a good sick person and I have a really high pain tolerance)!  Just awful!  My doctor said that the recovery is 10 times worse in adults than kids.

It was a full two weeks before I started to feel okay again and I was taking narcotic pain meds as often as allowed (with normal pain meds in between narcotic doses).  Forcing down some applesause or a pudding cup so that I could even take the narcotic put me in tears because it hurt so badly (have to eat food first to take it).  And you have to constantly drink water/gatorade/etc to keep the wounds wet and just sipping anything hurt like HELL!

Be prepared for your FH to be absolutely miserable.  I’m sure it sounds like I’m making this sound way worse than it could possibly be but it really was that bad.

Things that were good to eat (but still super painful):
Pudding cups

Things I really didn’t like having:
Ice cream – the milky coating it left over the wounds was unpleasent
Water – got really boring when you have to drink constantly

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I had mine out when I was 24 between Christmas and New Years. 

It was WELL worth it, but yeah – swallowing definitely sucks for a week.  Things to avoid eating are dairy and anything acidic (tomato sauce, for example).  I ended up having just warmed chicken soup – too hot was hard to eat, and too cold was also. 

Jello was very soothing, too. 

It wasn’t really that bad to be honest, much better than chronically infected tonsils.  After about 10 days I was in top shape again. Best diet I was ever on 😉

Oh – the liquid pain killers are useless.  Opt for something that will put him to sleep.  Really – the best thing to avoid the hurt is to sleep.  The liquid stuff wasn’t helpful to me at all.

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I had mine out when I was 26-27 yrs old.  It was NOT pleasant but being ill all of the time wasn’t fun either.

I was out of work for 2 weeks straight.  My mom came to stay for the first week and slept in my room with me on an air mattress because the first couple of nights were just terrible. 

@FutureKMM listed some good stuff for him to eat while he’s on the mend.  I also enjoyed popsicles immensely.  But from eating so much jello then…I hate it now.

I wish him the best.

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I had mine out when I was 24 and spent two weeks recovering on my parent’s couch. I lost 15 pounds (but that may have something to do with anaesthesia making me feel terrible and affecting me for about a week or so afterwards…). Be ready for him to sleep a lot and to not have much appetite. I also was hoarse for about a month afterwards and my energy was a little low (but again, I was coming back to graduate school at full speed, teaching and going to class with no real time to rest). 

I have two other friends who had their tonsils out as adults and both of them recovered faster than I did. One was back at class on Monday (but she is one of the toughest people I’ve ever met). and the other was out for about a week. 

I feel so much better now that the tonsils are gone! It was worth it. It is not fun, but it is manageable. 

I did have trouble with the pain medication making me nauseous, but that probably was because all I was eating was applesauce and ice chips and my stomach was empty. 

Popsicles are good, I enjoyed miso soup and applesauce and other soft things to eat that did not contain dairy (dairy created mucous which did not go well). 

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omg I did…unfortunately worse feeling ever.. I lost so much weight because I refused to eat but soup, jello, and ice cream helped tremendously. We also rolled up tiny (i mean tiny) balls of bread and put them into the soup. It was definitely worth it but the recovery was horrible. DITTO on the popsicles. I was out for two weeks but that’s because after day 4-5 I coughed so hard I reopened the scab and bled pretty badly. They had to go back in and the recovery started all over again.

Wishing him a speedy recovery.

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i had mine out at the age of 24 i’m 30 now…and i’m sorry to tell you but it was horrible…i believe i was off work for almost 2 weeks and the first week was very painful…i couldn’t really eat anything but my dad made me eat scrambled eggs for protein and i drank alot of apple juice and popsicles of course…make sure he takes his pain medicine right on time…i had to be woken up every 4 hours to take my medicine or my throat would dry up and hurt 100% more! good luck!

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My sister had hers out when she was around 18 and she was mis.er.a.ble. for at least a week. Basically the only thing she was able to eat was smoothies. We’d make “smoothies” for her out of her favorite juice/kool aid flavors by pouring the juice over shaved ice (we had one of those machines that shaves ice into a snow cone texture). She was a reallllly unhappy camper and it was very difficult to see her suffering so much, but she says it was worth it in the end.

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i had mine out when i was 19 and it was the worst experience of my life 🙂

i was out of commission for 3 weeks, but it took about 5 weeks for me to feel 100% again. i started eating real food after about 3 weeks. i had them out over christmas break during my freshman year of college–the timing was perfect.

i spent weeks crushing up vicodin and putting it in juice (i couldn’t swallow pills at ALL), eating soggy cheerios, and jello. i eventually worked up to french fries dipped in in a frosty :

BUT i needed them out and it was so worth it. and the doctor also told me that my tonsils were the worst he had ever seen and he had been practicing medicine for 34 years.

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Well I had to chime in on this one!

I had mine outat around age 23 and it was absolutely horrible. Not to scare you, but it was. I don’t envy you cause, we all know how worse patients men are! I don’t remember the pain now, just the thoughts I was having, how it was the worst pain I had ever experienced so far. Maybe because it is just so long. I was off work 1.5 weeks to 2 weeks.

I remember eating instant mashed potatoes a lot. Anything soft. I was living with my parents at the time, so I remember crying to my mom a lot. I guess the only thing you can do as a wife it to cuddle him if he’s cranky, and just let him rest, and of course, be the nurse, and get him things.

I had a sore throat literally every day for about 5 months, so it was worth it in the end, and then I didn’t get a cold for like 5 years after! LOL

Good Luck, when is it scheduled?

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Just adding my two cents: I had mine out when I was 26 and it was absolutely awful. Here is what I’ll say:

(1) rent lots of movies and get a few books for when that is boring because he won’t feel like getting off the couch at all.

(2) 7-11 slurpees were the only thing I could do for a week (i’m allergic to dairy so no ice cream). My mom would go and get a few and then stick the extras in the freezer for later.

(3) ice cream – I know I said I was allergic, but it turned out that having absolutely no nutrients whatsoever was much worse (and you can’t have hot or even warm food for a while) so after a week I decided I preferred the upset stomach to the no nutritional value slurpees.

good luck!

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I had mine out when I was 24 and it was rough for a while. I was out of work for a week and a half. Make sure he chews gum and drinks A LOT! The swallowing will help. People say eat ice cream, but it irritated my throat. I ate a lot of jello, mashed potatos (with no salt), eggs and apple sauce. Tell him to get lots of rest.

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