(Closed) Has anyone made their own wedding cake?

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I did not make my wedding cake – I purchased mine form a favorite local bakery.  It wasn’t a traditional wedding cake (but it was delicious.)

Do you do a lot of baking?  (Do people rave about your baked goods? Or are your baking skills limited?)  If you are fairly in experienced, will you be happy with a boxed mix? (whether that’s the original plan or the fall back.)

Do you do much cake decorating?  Are you confiddent that you won’t have any regrets (before, during or after the wedding) associated with the cake not looking exactly the way you imagine?

Do you have a favorite recipe that you want to use? (If so, that makes the situation easier!)

Do you have a large enough kitchen (at your house or somewhere else) that you’ll be able to bake, cool, decorate and store the cake easily?

Will you have any difficulties transporting the cake that you would like to bake? (Logistically or physically…. Will you have trouble finding the help/time to get the cake to the venue on your wedding day?  Is the cake you’re imagining large, intricate or delicate, and likely to be damaged during transport?)


If you’ve considered all of these things already, and you really would like to take on the cake baking, I think that would quite nice. 

It’s important to remember though – speaking with all your guests, being genuinely happy to have them share your wedding day with you, and making them feel welcome at the reception are also ways to show hospitality.  Plus, you’d be making the cake prior to your marriage, so the cake baking wouldn’t technically be your first act of hospitality as a married couple. (Not that that shoud disuade you, if it’s something you’d like to do!)

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I considered making my own cake, but in the end I decided it was not something I wanted to be worrying about. We are getting married two hours from where we live, and I was picturing a hotel room full of piping bags and boxes of cake layers. On the other hand, if you’re just wanting a simple cake and you already have the appropriate cake pans, and have somewhere to store it before the wedding, making a cake that is two or three layers and stacking them isn’t too difficult (don’t forget to add support!!). I wouldn’t do anything that involves a lot of piping or detail unless you have the space and time to do it.

One thing to consider before making the decision to do your own cake : Is this something you and your fiance will ENJOY and have fun doing together, or will it cause bickering?

Good luck!!


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My mom made our cake (3-tier carrot cake) with her ancient recipe for cake and my favorite cream cheese frosting recipe. She made the cakes a few days ahead of time and froze them, then decorated and put them together at the ceremony location.

I made our mini cupcakes which were also on a tiered cake stand, in two flavors. And I made glutten-free cake pops that we put on a pretty glass plate. It wasn’t so bad, I made all of the cupcakes and cake pops ahead of time and kept them in the freezer until the morning of. They just had to be put out on the dessert table.

I will say, though, that ours was just a reception following a Destination Wedding and the reception was in a tent at my sister’s house. In some ways this made it harder, we had to set up the tables/chairs/decor, etc. as well as the dessert table and cake. In other ways it was easier…no ceremony. I just had to run upstairs to shower when we were done!

If you’re a good baker, can make it ahead of time, and have a safe transport, I say go for it.

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I’d echo a PP who says that if you’re a good baker, have plenty of time, and aren’t going to consider your wedding ruined if your cake doesn’t look exactly like your inspiration pics, then yes, go for it.

I’m making both mine and the groom’s cake.  Three tiers each.  Mine will have ribbon at the base of each layer and fresh flowers cascading down the side, and his will have chocolate curls and alligators (he’s a UF Gator) on the tiers.

I’ve baked a LOT, and I’ve made tiered cakes before, so I’m not particularly nervous about this.  I also am leaving my job ten days before the wedding, so I have plenty of time to work on this cake.  I have a schedule drawn up and am, frankly, obsessively organized.  Of course, I still also have some extra time built in for something to go wrong.

I have a pretty good idea of what I want the cakes to look like, but if they look slightly different I won’t be heartbroken.  Plus, because I’m keeping them pretty simple (no fondant, and they’re circular, not creatively shaped, etc, etc), they’re harder to screw up.

If you’re going to do it, research.  Read about other brides who have done this.  Plan every logistic down to the last detail.  Write out a list of everything you’ll need for each cake.  Make a schedule for baking, making batches of frosting, assembly, and decoration. 

Good luck!

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Ditto to PPs. I made mine, but I’ve made quite a few wedding cakes before. Planning is key. For my cake, I made a 4 tier cake but 3 tiers were faux that I covered in fondant and decorated. The top tier was real and we cut that. I had 4 ten inch rounds in the kitchen that were cut by the staff and served. It saved me from working on the cake the night before and the morning of. I just had to go down to the ballroom and set it up in the morning. I also made my cakes and buttercreams 2-3 weeks before. Swiss meringue buttercream freezes really well, and cakes are more moist and easier to handle if you wrap tightly and freeze before you need them.

 If you’re newer to making cakes, I’d suggest doing several smaller cakes instead of a tiered, fancy pants cake. You’re less likely to be disappointed, and it will be much easier. Otherwise, I’d suggest a smaller 2 tiered cake and just rough-ice it for a more rustic, homestyle look. It’s easy to do, and looks nice if your cakes are mostly straight.

Research and plan, and it’s doable!

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  • Wedding: May 2013

I considered it but we are doing costco cheesecake and assorted baked goods instead. Dessert table for the win! 

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Even though it’s a few years out, we plan on making or own cake as my boyfriend is a chef and I want him to have a hand in the food without having to worry about making the dinner so this is the perfect solution. Itll be really fun and special to make together and I think it’s a great idea if your up for it!

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Ditto the previous posters about kitchen size, etc.  We had a bakery do the wedding cake, and I made the grooms cake, but I was decorating it at 11pm the night before the wedding – too much stress!

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@futuremrsbc:  I’ll be making my own for budget reasons. I’ve also been baking for a while now.  I do it more so as a stress relief, so lots of desserts during finals time in nursing school lol. I’m doing a few practice cakes in the months before our wedding to make sure everything goes smoothly.  I’d just say practice a few times to ease some of the stress

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I’m planning on making my own if the venue I’m visiting this weekend works out (24 hrs, including suuuper nice kitchen)


It isn’t actually that difficult, unless you want an extremely ornate cake (and even then all you need is youtube and time)

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I did a small, 2 tiered buttercream cake. It turned out pretty well, but it was a lot of work to do if you are planning on doing a lot of other last minute DIY projects (flowers, etc). I enjoy casual baking, and did a fair amount of research prior, including a trial cake several weeks in advance.

Timeline wise, the wedding was on Saturday, and I baked the cakes on Wednesday, and stored in fridge overnight. Thursday, made fillings and frosting. Cakes were separated into layers, fillings placed, and crumb coat applied. Friday, final frosting. This was NOT the plan. Friday morning I tried to work with some marshmallow fondant I made earlier that week, and it was not playing nicely (cracking, etc). I made DH go buy some commerical fondant, but then decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. Buttercream smoothed out nicely, and it worked fine. We transported it carefully (stacked) by having a friend hold the cakestand on the 20 min drive over. Friday night it stayed at our venue.  Saturday night, it was ready to go! I made personalized cake toppers (wooden dolls), and covered the cake with rose petals. 🙂 Good times.

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